In the latest installment of “Takizawa Hideaki‘s Journey Cutting Through 4800km of South America” (滝沢秀明 南米縦断4800キロの旅), Tackey-san camps out for the first time. It’s already quite late, and he has to figure out how to set up his tent. Unfortunately, the instructions are in Spanish.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0012013.01.21 Takki Trip 0022013.01.21 Takki Trip 0032013.01.21 Takki Trip 004

Fortunately, tents these days are pretty self-explanatory and Tackey-san manages to put it together (though they don’t tell us how long it takes him).

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0052013.01.21 Takki Trip 0062013.01.21 Takki Trip 007

The next order of business is dinner, and he finally breaks out the 6 kg ham he bought in Santiago.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0082013.01.21 Takki Trip 0092013.01.21 Takki Trip 0102013.01.21 Takki Trip 011

I can’t say I approve of the way he heated it up, but I think he was desperate to get something into his stomach and get to sleep.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0122013.01.21 Takki Trip 0132013.01.21 Takki Trip 014

While he gave us the obligatory “oishii”, he didn’t look too impressed with the result. He also decided that he would have liked something else to eat with it. Just having ham is a bit harsh on the stomach.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0152013.01.21 Takki Trip 0162013.01.21 Takki Trip 017

One thing you can enjoy while camping that you can’t in the comfort of a city is the night sky. For those who have lived in cities all their lives (like me), those little specks he’s looking at are the stars – turns out there are a whole lot of them, after all. By the way, I’m totally envious whenever they get a shot like this – I (a sci-fi writer) have never seen a sky like that. The best I’ve seen through the light pollution is a few dozen stars.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0182013.01.21 Takki Trip 019

Even so , I know stellar basics. See those three stars in a row on the right side in the next screenshot? That’s Orion’s Belt. You’ll note that the dagger that hangs from the belt points up instead of down since Tackey-san is in the Southern Hemisphere.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 021

With that sight in mind, Tackey-san does his journal entry for the night.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0202013.01.21 Takki Trip 022

Do you suppose he’ll get much sleep?

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 023

Well, he looks fresh the next morning:

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0242013.01.21 Takki Trip 025

Maybe the sea breeze at this national park helps.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0262013.01.21 Takki Trip 027

A woman approaches him, asking him how his night was, how he likes the scenery, and whether he’s here to see the penguins. He gets translator help throughout this conversation – it’s too early in the morning for him to struggle on linguistics, anyway.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0282013.01.21 Takki Trip 029

Penguins, eh? Well, he’s going to have to investigate.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0302013.01.21 Takki Trip 031

He finds a boat that’s going to go out to get a closer look at the penguins and he readily joins in.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0322013.01.21 Takki Trip 0332013.01.21 Takki Trip 034

Out they go . . .

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 035

. . . to the island the penguins congregate on.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0362013.01.21 Takki Trip 0372013.01.21 Takki Trip 0382013.01.21 Takki Trip 039

There’re seals, too.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0402013.01.21 Takki Trip 041

And, as expected, Tackey-san continues to take great photographs:

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0422013.01.21 Takki Trip 043

But the pros also get some good shots of him . . . taking photographs.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 044

After getting his fill of the penguins and seals, Tackey-san decides it’s time to move on.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0452013.01.21 Takki Trip 0462013.01.21 Takki Trip 047

It looks good for the first bit . . .

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0482013.01.21 Takki Trip 049

. . . but pretty soon he’s glad that he didn’t open the sunroof this time.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0502013.01.21 Takki Trip 0512013.01.21 Takki Trip 0522013.01.21 Takki Trip 053

This time, he manages to hit a city before night falls.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0552013.01.21 Takki Trip 056

He goes in search of a beer.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0582013.01.21 Takki Trip 059

And finds this place, where he gets his first taste of beer in Chile. He does attempts Spanish when initially ordering, but even if they understand him, he can’t understand the responses well enough to keep it up.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0602013.01.21 Takki Trip 0612013.01.21 Takki Trip 0622013.01.21 Takki Trip 063

He sure enjoys his beer.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0642013.01.21 Takki Trip 0652013.01.21 Takki Trip 0662013.01.21 Takki Trip 0672013.01.21 Takki Trip 068

Then he gets invited to join another table . . .

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0692013.01.21 Takki Trip 0702013.01.21 Takki Trip 071

. . . where he finds out the guys are into pro wrestling (or even engaged in some masked wrestling themselves – I didn’t quite get that straight).

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0722013.01.21 Takki Trip 073


Turns out that Tackey-san is well-versed in Japanese pro-wrestling and manages to make some buddies through this.

2013.01.21 Takki Trip 0742013.01.21 Takki Trip 075

And that’s how we leave him. Where will this wrestling thing take him?

So, wow, people just totally have no trouble approaching Tackey-san. Looks like he’ll have no shortage of interactions with the people of Chile and Peru. Not only did we get him dealing with people at the park and the bar, we also saw him set up camp for the first time and do a brief wildlife documentary. So, again, it was a pretty packed episode. They didn’t even have time for the debriefing segment with Tsubasa-san.

Kitayama-kun’s journey seemed like a tougher struggle for him, and was therefore more exciting to watch. This one is more enjoyable to watch, though, because Tackey-san seems relaxed with an amiable attitude and the people who meet him clearly sense that.