The number one single this week was “Catch Me – If you wanna -” from Tohoshinki, selling 137,028 copies, which is roughly on-par compared to their singles from last year.

No Sleeves’ “Kirigirisu Jin” (キリギリス人 – Grasshopper Man) was at #2 with 62,790 copies sold.

At #3 was Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku’s “Ume” (梅 – plum) with 41,423 sold.

Yamada Ryosuke-kun’s “Mystery Virgin” took #7 in its second week, selling 13,592, bringing its total to 202,454. That’s a relatively soft second week, but considering the unexpectedly strong first week, I suppose it’s not much of a surprise that the pullback was more than usual.

“Reason” from Yuzu held #9 with 10,292 copies sold for a two-week total of 52,215.

ONE OK ROCK was at #11 with “Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps” adding 9,445 to bring its total to 53,257.

Golden Bombers was right behind, with their hit “Dance My Generation” reaching 147,206 copies sold after three weeks.

And it has finally happened – AKB48’s “UZA” crossed over their more recently released “Eien Pressure”. “UZA” took #15 in its twelfth week, now with a total of 1,242,794. “Eien Pressure” was at #21 with a seven-week total of 1,185,730.

SKE48’s “Kisu Datte Hidarikiki” remarkably reached #17 in its eighteenth week (even with events, you would have thought they had exhausted buyers by now – but no). It is inches away from 600k – now at a count of 597,383.

In honor of their appearance on Himitsu no Arashi-chan, I’ll mention that bump.y’s new single “COSMO no Hitomi” debuted at #23 with 3,365 copies sold.

Momoiro Clover Z was at #27 with “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi tachi yo” boasting a nine-week total of 121,752.

The album standings have become less interesting as some of the big names have left the top 10. SID’s 10th anniversary BEST album took the top spot with 45,012.

I guess it’s worth noting that One Direction took #4 on the back of appearances in Japan, including on Music Station. They sold 16,267 copies of “Take Me Home”, which is in its tenth week and now has an Oricon total of 98,785 copies sold – just shy of gold.

Ikimonogakari’s “Baradon” was at #6, bringing its total to 212,536.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ “MIRACLE” grabbed #7 in its fourth week, now totaling 228,542.

EXILE’s Best Hits album took #8, adding 10,979 in week seven for a total of 650,582.

Finally, “Funky Monkey Babys 5” held in there at #10, reaching a four-week total of 139,454.