This episode of KisuHama Learning (キス濱ラーニング) continued the challenge of the last episode, which was a tie-in to Tamamori-kun’s drama “Nobunaga no Chef”. They are presented with a dish and have to decide whether people of the Sengoku Jidai (戦国時代 – the Japanese Warring States Period from 1467 to 1600) could have eaten it.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0002013.01.16 KH Learning 0012013.01.16 KH Learning 002

In this challenge, they face competition from the comedy duo Haraichi:

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0032013.01.16 KH Learning 004

In this new round of the challenge, each team is going to get five chances to clear five straight items.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 005

The first item, bananas, went to Haraichi.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0062013.01.16 KH Learning 0072013.01.16 KH Learning 008

Well, what do you think? Did the Japanese have bananas before the 17th century?

2013.01.16 KH Learning 009

Right or wrong, the guest specialist Kimura-san pipes in with interesting facts if he has them.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0102013.01.16 KH Learning 011

Oh, by the way, the statue on the right in the next screencap is of Luis Frois, who we met as a character in the first episode of Nobunaga no Chef. On the left is the traditional portrait of Oda Nobunaga himself.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0122013.01.16 KH Learning 013

How about cheese? Well, the Haraichi pair think that the Japanese ate cheese during the Sengoku period. What do you think?

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0142013.01.16 KH Learning 015

Since this is the very first round of the show, I think it’s fair to reveal that Haraichi doesn’t immediately clear:

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0162013.01.16 KH Learning 0172013.01.16 KH Learning 0182013.01.16 KH Learning 019

It’s been six hours since they started (last week’s episode covered the first five hours), and I still wonder how it could possibly take so long for them to eat and guess. I suppose there must be some technical limitation.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 020


The first item for Kis-My-Ft2 was lemon, and they have to eat everything set in front of them, so . . . .

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0212013.01.16 KH Learning 022


How about biscuits?

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0232013.01.16 KH Learning 0252013.01.16 KH Learning 026

With the first round over, the two sides confer over the table bearing the dishes they might soon face.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 027

Really, the more traditional the food seems, the tougher it is.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0282013.01.16 KH Learning 0292013.01.16 KH Learning 0302013.01.16 KH Learning 031

And despite the fact that it’s only a thirty minute show, the recording seemed like it took forever – especially for the Haraichi guys.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0322013.01.16 KH Learning 033


The long recording isn’t a big deal for the KisuHama team, of course. They’ve spent long hours on location shots for every KisuHama challenge so far.

2013.01.16 KH Learning 034


So, they’re still sharp as they have a taste of one of my all-time favorites: Inarizushi (いなりずし).

2013.01.16 KH Learning 035

That’s not hard. It’s the fourth item that seems to get them every time (though presumably the fifth one would be even worse, if they ever got to it).

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0362013.01.16 KH Learning 0372013.01.16 KH Learning 038


So, do the following caps show Kis-My-Ft2 brooding over another failure, or gearing up for the final dish that will allow them to clear the challenge?

2013.01.16 KH Learning 0392013.01.16 KH Learning 0402013.01.16 KH Learning 041


Like I said for the first episode of this challenge, it was an entertaining episode because the viewer got to play along, ad there was no language issue because there’s just one question all the way through. Otherwise, I don’t think there were any great KMF2 moments or anything like that. As long as they’re all seated around a table, it’s tough to imagine how they’ll show us anything truly memorable.

I wonder if I should just do one review for every two episodes, since they’re doing the same thing in each pair of episodes, and I really don’t have anything new to say once I decide how well the challenge worked out (not unless we get some of those moments I mentioned above). KMF2 does plenty of other shows, and I might be able to review some of those appearances if I condense my coverage of this one. I’ll think about it.