So, here’s how things ended up based on the averages of the episode ratings provided by TokyoHive (source). This is mostly a post for the sake of completeness. MONSTERS and Doctor X both posted extremely strong finales, but those were already recorded in the previous ratings update. The other dramas had finales in-line with their season averages (though, proportionally, I suppose Piece’s finale bump was also significant, being a third of its season average).

Prime Time Shows

Doctor X  (series average) 18.9%, (Finale) 24.4%

Priceless (series average) 17.6%, (Finale) 18.7%

Aibou 11  (01-11 avg.) 16.6%, (11) 17.4%

MONSTERS  (series average) 11.6%, (Finale) 13.5%

Akumu-chan  (series average) 11.5%, (Finale) 11.2%

Tokyo Airport  (average) 10.0%, (Finale) 10.5%

Ooku  (series average) 8.5%, (Finale) 8.3%

Perfect Blue  (series average) 8.1%, (Finale) 8.3%

Koukou Nyushi  (series average) 6.9%, (Finale) 7.5%

Resident  (series average) 6.6%, (Finale) 8.5%

Late Night Shows

Poison  (series average) 3.5%, (Finale) 3.1%

Piece  (series average) 2.1%, (Finale) 2.8%