The heroes of Priceless (プライスレス) find themselves crowded out by thermoses of their own making:

Priceless Ep 07 002Priceless Ep 07 004

With their precious living space, so ardently fought for (and over), now occupied by inanimate objects of no clear practical value, Nikaido (Karina) argues that the thermoses should be sold to a secondhand shop for whatever cash they can fetch.

Meanwhile, the one thermos that they actually managed to sell has inspired a very influential writer for a consumer goods column.

Priceless Ep 07 003

His article hits the stands . . .

Priceless Ep 07 005

. . . just as they’re getting the thermoses hauled away.

Priceless Ep 07 006 Priceless Ep 07 007

Finally, one of the kids picks up the phone, with someone wanting to order a lot of thermoses at the other end.

Priceless Ep 07 008Priceless Ep 07 010

Kindaichi gets to the phone just as the truck is pulling away from the house . . .

Priceless Ep 07 011

. . . so they have to chase after it.

Priceless Ep 07 012

The phone is ringing off the hook with orders, but every call is for hundreds. How are they going to fill all these orders when they don’t even have a factory to make anything, and only 199 thermoses available?

Priceless Ep 07 013 Priceless Ep 07 014 Priceless Ep 07 015

The result is that they have to assemble all of the factory managers they know from their old company in a very makeshift boardroom.

Priceless Ep 07 016Priceless Ep 07 018   Basically, Kindaichi (Kimura Takuya) has to convince them that the venture is legit, and it’s not going to be an overnight thing. After all, it takes a lot to get manufacturing up and running, and even with the orders, they don’t want to start work on a new product that doesn’t have legs.

Priceless Ep 07 020 Priceless Ep 07 021 Priceless Ep 07 022 Priceless Ep 07 023

They decide to go with it. After all, even if Miracle Thermos (that is, Miracle Electronics) wants to still do business with them, it’s already proven to be a bad actor willing to break contracts.

Priceless Ep 07 024 Priceless Ep 07 025


News of Kindaichi’s attempt reaches the boardroom of Miracle, but Toichiro (Fujiki Naohito) decides to leave Kindaichi alone on the grounds that even with a successful product, Kindaichi won’t be able to run a company for the long-term.

Priceless Ep 07 026


But the last time he decided to leave Kindaichi alone, Director Zaizen decided to use Enomoto (Fujigaya Taisuke) to cause trouble for Kindaichi anyway. Will this time be any different?

Priceless Ep 07 027

While Nikaido is checking on something . . .

Priceless Ep 07 028


. . . the man responsible for the thermos’ success is looking for its creators and heard they came to his restaurant:

Priceless Ep 07 029 Priceless Ep 07 030


He wants to see about their expansion – what their next product is going to be.

Priceless Ep 07 032 Priceless Ep 07 033


Of course, they don’t have one yet, and say so.

Priceless Ep 07 034


But, if they do come up with one, they’ve basically scored an offer for free promotion.

Priceless Ep 07 035Priceless Ep 07 036

It turns out Nikaido was working on a management plan all that time, and they decide to rely on her for that side of things.

Priceless Ep 07 037 Priceless Ep 07 038 Priceless Ep 07 039

Kindaichi, of course, does the salesmanship:

Priceless Ep 07 040


But he’s not the only one at work:

Priceless Ep 07 041 Priceless Ep 07 042 Priceless Ep 07 043

Enomoto tries to hide that he’s working under orders from the director, but Kindaichi sees through that.

Priceless Ep 07 044 Priceless Ep 07 045


So far, everything seems to be going swimmingly for the Kindaichi team.

Priceless Ep 07 046


Not wanting them to rest on their laurels, Nikaido proposes a new plan – make the thermos cheaper through mass production.

Priceless Ep 07 048 Priceless Ep 07 049 Priceless Ep 07 050


Considering it’s only a 10% drop in an already luxury price, and such price cuts soon after the introduction of an item leaves a bad taste in the mouth of first-adopters (who a company really has to gain the loyalty of to ensure the success of the next product), this strikes me as a phenomenally bad idea. But, once they hear that she’s already squared it with factories, making sure they’re ready to increase production, Kindaichi names her MVP.

Once factory, though, can’t go any faster:

Priceless Ep 07 051

Nikaido is not happy with this – it’s not going according to her plan.

Priceless Ep 07 052


Moai (Nakai Kiichi) apologizes to the factory manager for Nikaido’s tone, but the manager feels that his factory is simply not up to par. They need to retool to keep up with the other suppliers. Nevertheless, Moai promises that Kindaichi will not cut them out.

Priceless Ep 07 053


Nikaido wants to cut the factory out, but as Moai predicted, Kindaichi won’t allow it.

Priceless Ep 07 054 Priceless Ep 07 055

Back at Miracle HQ, Toichiro is not feeling as sanguine as he once did. Will he make a move against Kindaichi after all?

Priceless Ep 07 056


Kindaichi’s girlfriend Yoko (Renbutsu Misako), though, is thrilled by the success (which her father helped to set up).

Priceless Ep 07 057 Priceless Ep 07 058


But Yoko is still a bit worried about the relationship between Kindaichi and Nikaido, hovering nearby as the two talk over hot dogs.

Priceless Ep 07 059Priceless Ep 07 060Priceless Ep 07 061Priceless Ep 07 062

When she finally approaches them, Nikaido quickly excuses herself. Unfortunately, so does Kindaichi, leaving Yoko with a bad impression. There’s no avoiding the fact that she’s getting left out of the picture.

Priceless Ep 07 063Priceless Ep 07 064Priceless Ep 07 065

Yoko says it straight out to Nikaido when Kindaichi leaves – it doesn’t seem like Kindaichi likes her anymore, and seems to prefer Nikaido. Nikaido denies it, of course, but there’s no way it can be convincing, coming from her.

Priceless Ep 07 066 Priceless Ep 07 067Priceless Ep 07 068

Still, though, everything seems to be working out fine for the new company. So . . . what’s going to go wrong?

Priceless Ep 07 069 Priceless Ep 07 070

It sure looks like Nikaido is getting herself worked up and frustrated . . .

Priceless Ep 07 071Priceless Ep 07 072


. . . and since it’s all down to her relationship with Kindaichi, the way he gets under the blanket with her to check out what she’s doing doesn’t help.

Priceless Ep 07 073 Priceless Ep 07 074


Well, I think I’ll leave what specifically goes wrong as a surprise, since it comes pretty late in the episode, and we’ve already gotten plenty of hints. It falls somewhere between the manager of the obsolete factory and Nikaido.

It is serious enough to warrant an executive meeting . . .

Priceless Ep 07 080 Priceless Ep 07 081


. . . resulting in a very unhappy Kindaichi, who has to bring out the thermos he rescued from Miracle to illustrate his point:

Priceless Ep 07 082Priceless Ep 07 084Priceless Ep 07 086

It’s all about Kindaichi’s vision versus Toichiro’s, but perhaps this time, Kindaichi is being a bit too naive and optimistic?

Priceless Ep 07 090Priceless Ep 07 095

This was a slow-developing episode – much slower in pace than any of the previous episodes. It was necessary, though, to turn Kindaichi’s venture into a real company, and I really can’t see any way it could have been sped up easily. There had so be the stretch in the first half of the episode where things were finally going right for them to set up what happens later.

I felt that while the conflict in this episode was a reasonable one, the resolution was a bit too quick and easy. Kindaichi’s lack of awareness about Nikaido seems somewhat off, too. He seems so socially adept, it’s weird that he has such a glaring blind spot. At the same time, I’m not too sure Nikaido’s actions are sufficiently justified, either.

So, I have to call this one a soft episode. It might be good to spark a discussion in a class on business case studies, but it was too dry in the tension and emotional intensity department.