Ohno Satoshi-san and Matsumoto Jun-kun face a pack of female comedians in this special episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん). When I say “face”, the two of them have to be a bit wary, considering what happened the last time Morisanchuu decided to bring their friends over for a romp.

Ohno-san and MatsuJun enter and give each other a welcoming hug for the Christmas special. It’ll be the first time they’ll be doing the share house segment together.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0002012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0012012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 002

They talk a bit about the episode where all five Arashi members appeared in the share house, where Ohno-san expressed a preference for MatsuJun. Then, as always seems to happen when the Arashi members haven’t done this segment together, they have to figure out the seating. As it turns out, Ohno-san and MatsuJun both tend to take the same seat.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0032012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0042012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 005

Then the topic turns to what happened the last time Morisanchuu appeared, and decided to bring seven extra guests. Foremost in MatsuJun’s mind was the Arashi-sama game where the guests forced the Arashi members to do things that were a tad embarrassing – like proposing to one of them. Ohno-san notes that it sounds like a batsu-game-ish thing, which it is.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0062012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 007

The bell rings, but they don’t budge, talking a bit about the Momoiro Clover episode first.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 008

But eventually the crowd beckons . . .

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0092012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 010

. . . and there’s no avoiding their fate. They try to close the door after five get through, but no dice.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0112012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 012

The guests this time are Morisanchuu (Ooshima, Murakami, Kurosawa), Harisenbon (Haruka and Haruna), Itou Asako, Oashizu (Mitsuura, Ookubo), Baabee – I guess this should be Barbie?, and LiLiCo. Everyone is thumbs up in my book except for Baabee and LiLiCo.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0132012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0142012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 015

MatsuJun notes that it’s his first time meeting LiLiCo-san, and he points out that she’s not really an entertainer. His tone says what I basically had in mind when I saw her – why are you here?

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0162012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0172012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 018

Murakami-san was apparently under the impression that it was BYOB, because she brought enough to drink for everyone, and started breaking them out immediately. Looks like the entertainers were wise to the contents of the share house refrigerator and wanted to avoid even the offer of an Aiba concoction (since if they’re offered it, as comediennes, they can’t turn down a challenge like that, I guess).

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 019

LiLiCo decides to tell everyone how to do kanpai (cheers!) Swedish style (since Sweden is her mother country).

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0202012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 021


Ooshima-san is apparently weak to alcohol (at least, for comic reasons) and seems to get tipsy quickly.


2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0222012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 023

The two big MatsuJun fans, Ooshima-san and Itou-san, take positions as close to him as possible without being disrespectful:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0252012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 026

MatsuJun tries to prompt Haruna-san for the “ja ne~ yo” gag, comparing her to Kadono-san and then to Michael Moore. She doesn’t bite, though, saying that she can’t do work today.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0282012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 029


With the small talk over, they decide to exchange Christmas gifts, with each guest bringing one and picking which of the two hosts to give theirs to.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 030

I guess I should leave who gives what to whom as a spoiler, but I think the first one is pretty obvious – Ooshima-san gave hers to MatsuJun:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0352012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0362012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0372012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 038

I guess it’s something therapeutic, and they decide to test it out on Baabee.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0402012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 041


Oh, and the other MatsuJun fan, Itou-san, gave her gift to him as well. It was a sleepy-time teddy bear with a device that played soothing or alarm sounds, including one option that was recorded by Itou-san herself.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0422012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 043

I’ll leave the rest out – partly to keep the surprise and partly because just listing gifts gets tedious. Will Ohno-san be able to catch up on the gift tally?

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 047

And what did Haruna do to earn a rebuke from Ooshima-san, leading to a hilarious blubbering (and wonderfully tonal) apology.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0482012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0492012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0502012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 051

Ohno-san can’t quite match Haruka-san’s teeth:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 052

There’s no hiding LiLiCo’s gift, since MatsuJun was forced to wear it for the rest of the episode:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 056


Seems like the first batsu game of the evening rather than a gift.

For the next phase, Arashi reciprocated. Who will get the gifts from MatsuJun and Ohno-san? There will only be two lucky women.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0572012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0582012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 059

How do they decide which of them get the gifts? They go with which one of them is wearing underwear in the color that the gift-giver prefers!

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0602012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 061

It was probably already clear, but by now, the Arashi pair had to feel as if they had lost control over their own show.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0662012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 067

I guess Haruna didn’t have the right color:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 069


MatsuJun’s gift is worth mentioning – a Santa Claus outfit! The recipient, Murakami-san, immediately dashes off to put it on. Which leads me to the question: if they didn’t know who was going to get it, how is the outfit the right size for her? (or, did they replace it with one that fits backstage?)

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0702012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0712012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 072

As Murakami-san gets ready, Haruna-san gets all the attention as she tells a story and sings. She seems to be having a good episode.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0732012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0742012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 075

Then a mysterious guest arrives . . .

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 077

. . . who the Arashi members don’t recognize . . .

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0782012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 079

. . . but their guests sure do. They even applaud her arrival.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0802012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0822012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 083

You see, she feeds them:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0842012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0852012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 087

Well, she was part of a comedy duo, too, but it seems like her main role is good cooking.

After a chat over food, it was time for what the guys had been dreading – the Arashi-sama game:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0922012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 093


Just to remind us, we get a clip of MatsuJun’s proposal from the last time they did this:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 094


The women draw sticks to figure out who will get to make a request of the Arashi members first . . .

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 095

. . . and Itou-san ends up the lucky one, so MatsuJun will be her target.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 096


She decides that she wants MatsuJun to name three points he likes about her.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 097


I completely agree with the first one he mentions – she has Arashi choreography down perfectly. She did “Wild at Heart” to acclaim from Ohno and MatsuJun during the 24-hour TV telethon.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 0982012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 099

After hearing the points, Itou-san is teary with joy.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1022012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 103

MatsuJun comes up with a special rule after that, but I didn’t quite get it – not sure about the definition of the verb hiku (引く) in this context. Whatever it is, the rule has to do with the game instantly ending.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1042012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 105


Ookubo-san was the next one to get a chance for a request, but there was an objection from Matsumoto-kun.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1062012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1072012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 108

That led Baabee-san to get it:

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1092012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 110

I think she wanted MatsuJun and Ohno-san to fight over her. No comment.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1122012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 113


Then it was the time for the third and final round . . .

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 1142012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 115

. . . which Haruka-san won.

2012.12.20 Himitsu no Arashi 116


As is traditional, she wanted a proposal. But who from?

It was a fun episode, but it went a lot slower and seemed a lot tamer than the last time. The comediennes were actually quieter. I think Harisenbon were clearly on their game, and Itou-san was sharp, but Morisanchuu were comparatively lacking in energy. As for the rest, I really didn’t think they contributed much at all, and better people could have been found to fill those four slots.

But the atmosphere was still interesting, mainly fed by the fact that we didn’t know what was going to happen next. There was always the possibility that something crazy would happen (like using underwear to decide who would get gifts . . .) and that chance is something that is usually absent from share house because the guests are more . . . you know . . . they have appearances to keep up. Just the mere chance of the bizarre made this more exciting than a normal episode.

The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for this episode was Matsumoto-kun, without question. He clearly took the lead throughout the episode and, more significantly, kept that crab thing on his head the whole time after he received it. There was just no ignoring that. Ohno-san had some interesting parts, but I think MatsuJun was a more constant presence through the whole hour.