Except for Doctor X turning in a whopper of a finale, getting a 24.4% rating, there wasn’t anything spectacular as the most of this season’s dramas concluded. With the new year just around the corner, most of my interest is on the coming season, even as I try to catch up on and wrap up the shows from this season.

You can get information on all of this season’s dramas (and plenty of prime time variety shows) at the most recent of the TokyoHive ratings articles here.

Prime Time Shows

Doctor X  (01-07 avg.) 18.2%, (08 – Finale) 24.4%

Priceless (01-08 avg.) 17.6%, (09) 17.4%

Aibou 11  (01-09 avg.) 16.4%, (10) 17.8%

Akumu-chan  (01-10 avg.) 11.5%, (11 – Finale) 11.2%

MONSTERS  (01-07 avg.) 11.3%, (08 – Finale) 13.5%

Tokyo Airport  (01-09 avg.) 9.0%, (10 – Finale) 10.5%

Ooku  (01-09 avg.) 8.5%, (10 – Finale) 8.3%

Perfect Blue  (01-10 avg.) 8.1%, (11 – Finale) 8.3%

Koukou Nyushi  (01-11 avg.) 6.7%, (12) 8.1%

Resident  (01-09 avg.) 6.4%, (10 – Finale) 8.5%

Late Night Shows

Poison  (01-11 avg.) 3.5%, (12) 4.0%

Piece  (01-11 avg.) 2.1%, (12) 1.7%

While Priceless has held up well, there were a lot of disappointments this season. At the top of the list are MONSTERS and Ooku, which suffered from weak writing and inadequate characterization. The premises of both series had great potential, but the execution fell flat.

I think there was confidence that Doctor X would be a success, but this much of one? I think it’s strength was quite a surprise, especially since its premise and first episode felt remarkably lacking.

Piece was technically an improvement over Sprout, I think, but it just didn’t sit well with the audience the previous dramas in that timeslot had targeted. It was initially very daring, though perhaps too unsettling, then became more formulaic in the central episodes.

So, as I look towards the next season and the interesting descriptions of the dramas coming up, I can only hope that the writers have resolved to do better in the 2013, otherwise even the best ideas in the world can fall flat.