The number one single this past week was “Seifuku no Mannequin” (制服のマネキン) from Nogizaka46, selling 232,961, making it their best first week showing to date. It was even above the most ambitious growth trajectory, which would have estimated around 229k. So, Nogizaka46 seems to be gaining steam while AKB48 is apparently losing it. Does this mean they’ll eventually end up being viable rivals after all?

“Robot” from CNBLUE took #2, selling 42,563.

At #3 was “Rinkaku” from Dir En Grey, with 22,881 copies sold.

In its third week, AKB48’s “Eien Pressure” sold 21,265 to take #5, bringing its total to 1,150,980.

“Kitagawa Kenji” from NMB48 popped back up to #9, making its seven-week total 367,472.

EXILE ATSUSHI’s “MELROSE -Aisanai Yakusoku-” found itself at #12, its total after three weeks standing at 114,544.

NEWS’ “WORLD QUEST/Pokopon Pekorya” collapsed in its second week, managing only 6,875 in sales at #13 – that’s barely 5% of first week sales. That’s remarkably weak follow-through, showing that the group is tapping into its core fanbase, but not grabbing anyone beyond it. Its two-week total is 137,774.

“Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo” from Momoiro Clover Z finally broke gold at #17 in its fifth week, reaching a total of 104,093.

“MONSTERS” was at #19, with The MONSTERS now seeing a total of 195,721 copies sold.

AKB48’s “UZA” continues to hold #20 with tenacity, hanging on to the spot in week 8 with a grand total of 1,223,175 sold.

Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “Missing Piece” popped back up to #24 this week, all the way back up from #167, and I’d be surprised if this was anything but an event-driven pop. It was good enough to add 3,249 to his total, bringing it to 69,584 after eight weeks.

Kis-My-Ft2 was right behind at #25, with “Ai no Beat” in its sixth week, totaling 297,793.

Last but not least, Kobukuro held #26 with “Kami Hikouki” selling 54,776 after four weeks.

In albums, the top spot was taken by “Baradon” from Ikimonogakari, breaking gold with 107,855 copies sold. This is a compilation album, so its always tough to judge, but this number runs far below what the group usually gets for its albums – around 160k-200k. There’s no comparison to Ikimonogakari’s only other compilation album, which ultimately broke above 1,3 million copies sold. So, I can only call this a disappointment, though not a critical one.

“EXILE BEST HITS -LOVE SIDE/SOUL SIDE-” took a breather this week – going for #2 after dominating the past two weeks. It added 54,899 to break double platinum and bring its total to 535,180.

Mr. Children was at #3 with “[(an imitation) blood orange]” tacking on another 33,301 for a four-week total of 688,797.

Matsutoya Yumi-san continues to put up strong numbers with her 40th anniversary album, right behind Mr. Children with 32,849 copies sold this week and 626,788 sold after five weeks.

“Sync” from Kimura Kaela-san continued the disappointing level set by her previous album “8Eight8”, managing 21,505 in sales at #5.

YUI’s album pair – “Green Garden Pop” and “Orange Garden Pop” – took #7 and #8 respectively in their third weeks, with totals of 163,681 and 162,331.

Mizuki Nana-san’s “Rockland Neighbors” held onto #9 in week two, with its total now reaching 110,711.