Ooku ~Tanjou~ (大奥 ~誕生~ – Inner Palace ~Birth~) presents an alternative history in which the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu dies, leaving only a daughter as heir. To keep the country from plunging back into the chaos of a generation before, Iemitsu’s death is kept a secret in the hope that his daughter (played by Tabe Mikako) will eventually give birth to a male heir who can take over. The hero of this story – Arikoto (Sakai Masato) – is brought in as a consort for the female Shogun.

When we last left the two main characters, they were in love with each other, but about to be separated because Lady Kasuga (Aso Yumi) was unsatisfied by the results of their pairing. She decided to bring in a new man for the Shogun, who would take Arikoto’s place. This led to a depressing scene in which the Shogun and Arikoto expressed despair, behaving like they had no power over the situation.

Ooku Ep 05 000Ooku Ep 05 001

I have no idea why they didn’t feel a greater sense of agency, and that puzzle will become all the more acute by the end of this episode.

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Meanwhile, there’s also the idiot who Kasuga brought in. We see a bit of his earlier life, in which we see him thinking in the most brutish way possible – how best to take advantage of the woman who is infatuated with him.

Ooku Ep 05 005Ooku Ep 05 006Ooku Ep 05 007

In the Ooku, he’s utterly awkward, presenting himself boorishly and speaking in an uncouth manner.

Ooku Ep 05 008Ooku Ep 05 009Ooku Ep 05 010

The previous consorts are aghast when they see the behavior of the new guy, but Arikoto doesn’t show any emotion, and nor does he say anything unkind about the young man.

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Arikoto is his normal restrained and considerate self when speaking with his replacement, but he has a grim look as he walks away.

Ooku Ep 05 017

For large sections of this episode, we just watch the newbie acting pathetically:

Ooku Ep 05 018Ooku Ep 05 020Ooku Ep 05 021

Lady Kasuga seems thoroughly satisfied with her plan, though, as she decides to assign his training to Arikoto, in what she no doubt sees as perfect symmetry and an excellent joke.

Ooku Ep 05 024

And so, Arikoto is forced the train someone who lacks all the refinements of civilization in Edo period Japan.

Ooku Ep 05 025Ooku Ep 05 026Ooku Ep 05 027

Gyokuei (Tanaka Koki) sees this as unnecessary cruelty against his master and looks like he once again wants to seek vengeance.

Ooku Ep 05 028Ooku Ep 05 029

Gyokuei basically admits his desire to seek violent retribution against Arikoto’s replacement, but Arikoto doesn’t tolerate those kinds of sentiments from his young companion.

Ooku Ep 05 030Ooku Ep 05 031

The next day, the Shogun’s new consort is all dressed up, and seems to be gaining confidence.

Ooku Ep 05 032Ooku Ep 05 033Ooku Ep 05 034Ooku Ep 05 036

Once Arikoto leaves, Gyokuei makes his stance on the circumstances clear, almost threatening Arikoto’s competition.

Ooku Ep 05 038Ooku Ep 05 039Ooku Ep 05 040

Arikoto does get to meet the Shogun . . .

Ooku Ep 05 041Ooku Ep 05 042Ooku Ep 05 043

. . . but not much comes of that except that the realization that not much has changed between the two of them . . . yet.

Ooku Ep 05 044

The Shogun makes her displeasure known to Kasuga, but Kasuga simply accepts the fact that people will hate her, as she continues in her demonic drive to protect the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Ooku Ep 05 046Ooku Ep 05 047

That same drive means that when she hears that Masakatsu’s family has arrived, she immediately orders Masakatsu to stay in his room. After all, Masakatsu was proclaimed dead so that he could take on the public role of the Shogun behind a mask.

Ooku Ep 05 048Ooku Ep 05 049

Masakatsu’s wife shows enviable persistence, still wanting answers about her husband from Lady Kasuga. Kasuga, of course, pretends not to be in the Ooku, leaving Masakatsu’s family waiting.

Ooku Ep 05 050Ooku Ep 05 051Ooku Ep 05 052

Masakatsu can’t help but take a peek to see how his children have grown.

Ooku Ep 05 053

Meanwhile, there’s a familiar-looking cat roaming the palace grounds:

Ooku Ep 05 054Ooku Ep 05 055Ooku Ep 05 056

And the Shogun’s new consort gets ready to meet his master:

Ooku Ep 05 057Ooku Ep 05 058Ooku Ep 05 059

At first, the meeting looks like it’s going properly, as he at least remembers to bow when she enters . . .

Ooku Ep 05 060Ooku Ep 05 061

. . . but things quickly go downhill as he stumbles, forgetting not to give his name until the Shogun asks for it. He looks up at her, sees that she’s young, and assumes that this means he can take the lead.

Ooku Ep 05 062Ooku Ep 05 063


Ooku Ep 05 064Ooku Ep 05 065

That’s a big mistake, since despite being gentle in Arikoto’s arms for so long, the Shogun still retains enough of her old fiery self, and more than enough indignation at the young man’s insolence.

Ooku Ep 05 066Ooku Ep 05 067

Beyond that, I’ll leave the rest off as spoilers. Does the Shogun accept her new mate or throw him out? Will Arikoto really just sit around and do nothing? Will Masakatsu continue to defer to Kasuga when his family shows a persistent belief that he’s still alive? And what about that cat that looks like Wakamurasaki? How will Gyokuei take it when he sees it?

Ooku Ep 05 075Ooku Ep 05 078Ooku Ep 05 079

There were good aspects and bad aspects of this episode. On the bright side, it definitely moved the plot forward and resolved some earlier loose threads. At the same time, I’m growing really irritated by the Shogun and Arikoto. Really, the only redeemable character in all of this is Masakatsu. He’s the only one I feel any sympathy for at all.

The boorish character was just a pain to watch. If we could expect him to complicate the court intrigue, that would be one thing, but he doesn’t seem capable of it. The threads of intrigue that we’ve got going right now are pretty sparse. There’s only one real villain in the picture – Lady Kasuga – and even though she’s not plotting in secret, no one can lift a finger to oppose her because she’s trying to protect the shogunate. There’s no evil character with less laudable motives, leaving very little for the main characters to do except brood over their fate. Arikoto’s replacement isn’t capable of evil plotting, so any hope that he might be able to take up the slack is pointless to contemplate.

Really, the problem boils down to the fact that the two main characters have nothing to do. More by choice than by circumstance, they aren’t agents in their own play – simply pawns to be pushed around. Five episodes in, it’s already getting late for them to redeem themselves.