SMAPxSMAP is an hour-long weekly variety show hosted by the idol group SMAP. It typically consists of a Bistro SMAP segment, in which the hosts form two teams of two competing to come up with the best meal for the guests, various other segments, and a performance at the end. Normally, I prefer the “various other segments” over the Bistro SMAP part, because Bistro SMAP involves a lot of talking, and I don’t usually understand much. This time, though, there are two Bistro SMAP segments, so why out of all the SMAPxSMAP episodes would I pick this one to highlight?

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 000

Well, it’s because of the guests, you see. The first one is with young idol group Sexy Zone – the group a full generation younger than SMAP from the Johnny’s agency. So, this is a real meeting of the generations, and it also helps the symmetry that both groups have five members. Most importantly, though, the fact that SZ is fairly young means that the conversation is relatively easy to understand. The second Bistro SMAP is with Hugh Jackman and Les Misérables co-star Amanda Seyfried, so that part will be even easier to grasp.

First, the members of Sexy Zone introduce themselves with prompting from Nakai-san:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0012012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 002

I must say, they’re looking spiffy. The red tint on Shori-kun’s collar caught my eye, and kept on catching my eye. Normally, I’d be annoyed because it’s distracting, but I like the effect.

Marius-kun draws the usual curiosity about his background and surprise at his age:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 003

Considering how nervous he must be, and how the SMAP guys (especially Nakaki-san) never avoid doing some ribbing, Marius-kun handled himself pretty well.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0042012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0052012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 006

Kento-kun had some noteworthy comments about how delighted he was to backdance for Hey! Say! Jump, after noting that Yamada-kun was his reason for joining.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 007

In terms of just getting words out, though, I think Matsushima-kun seems to be the most fluid, though he often rushes the words out. At one point, he was talking about Katori-san’s movie NIN x NIN Ninja Hattori-kun (which a very young Chinen-kun also appeared in), but in a rush failed to get the full title out, leading to a frown from Katori-san.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 008

Kimura-san doesn’t let Marius-kun off easy when he talks about his mother. The kid’s comments clearly come out a bit awkward, but it looks like he’s used to stumbling a bit over words, and takes it with good grace.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0092012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0102012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 011

Marius-kun actually gets to do a little ribbing back at the SMAP guys, asking them whether they’re tired of doing the program after 16 years (perhaps implying that the next generation is ready to take over if they are).

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 012

In his normal way, Katori-san basically responded, “yeah, I’m tired.” He elaborated with a clever response that drew applause.

Shori-kun commented on being in Hungry! with Goro-san, and a certain sushi related promise (if I understood that right).

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0132012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 014

Nakai-san grabs the cue cards from the prompter and has Goro-san write his phone number for Shori-kun, and some hilarity ensues when Nakai-san flashes the number to the audience. That continues when Kento-kun mentions something about Goro-san’s dancing.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0152012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 018

There’s still a lot of conversation in this episode that would benefit from translation and subtitling, and I think this would be an excellent episode for some intrepid subber to make more accessible.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0192012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0202012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0222012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 021

One interesting topic was “impressive words/quotes that Johnny-san said to them.” Marius-kun started things off with a real surprising one – “I’m sorry” (アイムソーリー). The exact story of this will have to wait for translators, but it had to do with a late night call.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0252012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 026


It was a surprise because, as Nakai-san pointed out, Johnny-san used to be really scary. Apparently he’s toned-down a bit in his old age.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 027

Fuma-kun’s Johnny-san quote was “sing” (歌ってよ – utatte yo).

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 028


The rest were a bit more difficult. I think Shori-kun’s was “you’re especially cool (kakkoi).” Kento-kun and Matsushima-kun had more involved quotes.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0292012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 030

SMAP recollections about Johnny-san don’t seem to come as easily. They remember having to procure their own clothes/costumes, though. They either had to buy them on their own or a senpai literally handed it down to them.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0322012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 034


Kusanagi-san recalled Johnny-san mistaking him for twenty-four when he was fourteen. That’s . . . a tough one to credit.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 035

Anyway, since this is Bistro SMAP, they have to do some eating. Kusanagi-san and Inagaki-san cooked up this array:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0362012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 037


The Sexy Zone members were careful to consume everything as politely as possible. Of all of them, I think Kento-kun was the most casual about it.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0382012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 039

Inagaki-san says that he’s known Marius-kun his he was little. Once again, I’d be thrilled if someone could translate the explanation for this. Seemed to have something to do with Marius-kun’s mother, but I’m not sure.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 040


Otherwise, the eating portion just involved a lot of “umai!” and “oishii!” as usual.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0412012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0422012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 044

But then Katori-san did his thing. In every episode of Bistro SMAP, he dresses up in some amusing way related to the guests. This time, he actually dressed as a Sexy Zone member and performed part of “Sexy Zone”. Kento-kun’s reaction to this was great. He was totally delighted, especially by the fact that the costume was exactly right.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0452012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0462012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0472012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 048

The segment ends with Kimura-san correcting Matsushima-kun’s pronunciation . . .

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 050


. . . and then a plug for Sexy Zone’s concerts in Osaka and Yokahama from January 2nd to 6th. Interesting for them to come to SMAPxSMAP to plug those concerts instead of doing so to promote their album a month ago. Go figure.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 051

We got a brief humorous aside from Katori-san (don’t ask me to explain it) . . .

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0522012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0532012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 054


. . . then the second Bistro SMAP with Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 055

After the talk with SZ, this one simply couldn’t generate the same excitement because it had to be filtered through a translator, and was kept fairly simple. Besides that, there just wasn’t as much common ground to work with as there was with SZ.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0572012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 059

Thankfully, they didn’t spend much time talking, and instead chose to do battle instead!

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 060


It was a simple push-the-other-guy-off match. Hugh Jackman was allowed to pick his competition, and he went with blue – Inagaki Goro-san. Really, Goro-san had a tough time in this episode.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0612012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0622012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 063

After Goro-san, Jackman took on the remarkably flexible Katori Shingo-san. This was crazy fun.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0652012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 066


Then, finally, it was the match we were all waiting for – Kimura Takuya-san against Hugh Jackman:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0672012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 068

Did I say that was the match we were waiting for? What about Kimura-san against Amanda Seyfried?

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 069


Kimura-san and the audience couldn’t stop mentioning how cute (kawaii) Seyfried was.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0702012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 071

And then they ate . . .

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0722012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0732012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 075

. . . with Mt. Fuji in the background:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0802012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 081

But the show’s not over yet, folks! No, SMAP has a third set of guests – Princess Princess.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0862012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 087

Princess Princess is rather a bit before my time, since they were active from 1983 to 1996. They just reunited after a sixteen year absence.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0882012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0892012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 090


After all the action, this was a really slow way to end the show.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0912012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 092

But, of course, it was just a lead in to the performance, which the two groups collaborated on:

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0932012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0942012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0952012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 096

Honestly, the first song was painful to listen to. Looked good, though.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0972012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 0982012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 099

The thing is, the lead singer of Princess Princess has a texture to her voice that doesn’t mesh well with the vocals of SMAP. The result was very muddy.

Her voice is impressive, but she made no effort to moderate it to harmonize – singing full power all the way.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 1002012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 1012012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 1022012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 103

In the latter half of the second song, they let her take it solo for a bit, then Kimura-san joined her. That wasn’t too bad.

2012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 1042012.12.10 SMAPxSMAP 105

So, I think the Bistro SMAP parts were both good fun, and the main reason to watch this episode. I really hope it gets subtitled – especially the SZ part – because I really want to know the details. For sheer entertainment, though, the Hugh Jackman part was better than the SZ part. Seeing Jackman having fun with them was the best thing I’ve seen on a Japanese variety show in a while, and was probably the best segment with a Hollywood guest I’ve ever seen.