This episode of KisuHama Learning (キス濱ラーニング) was a one-hour Friday special. The members of Kis-My-Ft2 and Hamaguchi Masaru-san faced off against the comedy duo Oriental Radio (Nakata Atsuhiko-san and Fujimori Shingo-san), naming stuff in a 100 yen shop in English. Right from the start, I can tell you that it was a very easy episode to understand, and the choices seemed to make more sense on average than in the previous episodes with this game. Perhaps they got some feedback and threw out the more dubious attempts at English.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0002012.12.14 KisuHama 0012012.12.14 KisuHama 0022012.12.14 KisuHama 003

Before the start of the challenge, everyone gets some time to study. Really, given this time, there’s little excuse for failure for Kis-My-Ft2. After all, they’ve done this exact challenge – with most of the exact same items – relatively recently. They’re going to be given two choices for each item, so it’s a fifty-fifty chance even without knowing anything. Really, the only thing they needed to know about English coming in was how to pronounce the words – which they’ve been iffy at.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 004


Oriental Radio are so confident that they decide not to study:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0052012.12.14 KisuHama 006


They do look over the shoulders of the others, though:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 007

And here’s the first one:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 008


Oh, wow. I mean, the Japanese know what magic is, after all. They use the word frequently enough.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0092012.12.14 KisuHama 010


This was another one from last time, so they breezed through it:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 011

But then, on question 3, it was Hamaguchi-san’s turn, and he got stuck on this:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 013


Even the Oriental Radio guys couldn’t believe it . . .

2012.12.14 KisuHama 012


. . . and laughed as Hamaguchi-san called it a “meter”:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0142012.12.14 KisuHama 015

Then it was Oriental Radio’s turn, and right away they showed how variety show pros do it, with Nakata-san displaying a whole array of facial expressions and emotions with each item.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0162012.12.14 KisuHama 0172012.12.14 KisuHama 0182012.12.14 KisuHama 019

His pronunciation is remarkably good – at least by comparison to those on the other team, including Hamaguchi-san.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 020


He also flies through the items with ease . . .

2012.12.14 KisuHama 021


. . . and I wonder where the Japanese got the word “hocchikisu” for stapler from.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 022


But then they got to question eight and Nakata-san’s assumption about not picking what the Japanese normally called an item hit a snag:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0232012.12.14 KisuHama 024


And when he confidently answers “mud pen” . . .


2012.12.14 KisuHama 025


. . . we find out that you don’t need to actually know English to pronounce it reasonably well.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 026


Preparing to try again, the KisuHama team return to the books:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 027

Once again, the first question is an easy one:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0282012.12.14 KisuHama 029


The second one, though, was the only one where I really had never seen either option before. Of course, even without recognizing them, English sensibilities dictate that no one is going to call something “first lucky bag”, so “handsel bag” is the answer. But if you asked me to pick out a handsel bag out from a line-up of bags, all I’d be able to do is make an educated guess.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0302012.12.14 KisuHama 031

I still say that we’d call this origami paper, and probably wouldn’t call it folding paper (simply because paper, in general, can be folded). The only other option is construction paper if it has a heavier weight. The Japanese seem to disregard the possibility that we’ve borrowed some of their words over time.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 032


This was admittedly a tough one:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 033


Frankly, in conversation, no one is likely to get confused if you say “keyholder”, nor stop and accuse you of using bad English if you do. There is a right answer, but the alternative is not out of the ballpark.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0342012.12.14 KisuHama 035

The struggle continues:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0362012.12.14 KisuHama 0372012.12.14 KisuHama 0382012.12.14 KisuHama 039

Good thing they used the non-existent word “whity” here, because the technically correct word “whitey” probably shouldn’t occur on an educational program – especially in an awkward conjunction with “bleach.”

2012.12.14 KisuHama 040


This is another tough call. Again, I think people would understand what you mean regardless of which one you said . . .

2012.12.14 KisuHama 041


. . . and I would have picked “cooking sheet” myself, so apparently I need to brush up on my English.

2012.12.14 KisuHama 042


This question led me to conclude that Hamaguchi-san himself is in the greatest need of some English lessons:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0432012.12.14 KisuHama 045

You see, he didn’t realize that “inside” was a word, and was trying to parse it as a conjunction of “in” and “side”, which he had trouble making sense of. This led to great mirth for the Oriental Radio pair:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0442012.12.14 KisuHama 0462012.12.14 KisuHama 047

How will that one turn out?

Here’s another close call that has a definite answer:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0532012.12.14 KisuHama 0542012.12.14 KisuHama 055

And while my dustcloths often happen to be spare cloths, the words are not interchangeable:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 057


Another tricky but fair one:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0602012.12.14 KisuHama 061


Eventually, Oriental Radio decides that it needs to do some homework, too:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 0622012.12.14 KisuHama 063

I’ll leave the rest of the questions out for your discovery, since we’re approaching the final round here. While that’s true, I still don’t get how they could have spent 8 hours and 25 minutes at this:

2012.12.14 KisuHama 069


I mean, let’s say that they spent a whole two minutes getting to and answering each item. That’s twenty minutes per attempt, and while we see plenty of attempts, it’s way short of 25. Did they really spend that much time studying? I’ve been suspicious of the time-elapsed clock before, but this is the first time where I outright can’t believe it. Maybe they had some sort of technical difficulties in the middle of it that delayed them.

In the end, it was a thoroughly entertaining episode. The Oriental Radio duo – especially Nakata-san – did a great job making things more interesting. It was fun to have the opposing team watch and comment as the other team was up. The story of the show was Hamaguchi-san inconsistent performance, and the director latched onto this and emphasized it well. That gave the whole thing an additional storyline to work off of.

This was easily the best episode they’ve done since the change from HamaKisu to KisuHama, and it’s too bad this is a special instead of what they do normally. I really hope they see how well this turned out and try to get Kis-My-Ft2 competing against guests in the regular episodes, too.