It seems as though Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん)’s run will end in March of the coming year, to be replaced by a talk show hosted by Sakurai-san and Ariyoshi Hiroiki-san. While I’ve sometimes found segments of HNA less than interesting, and criticized the share house segment in particular, the new show doesn’t sound like anything I’d want to review at all, so the loss of HNA, whatever its faults, is unfortunate.

Plus, isn’t Ariyoshi-san hosting enough shows already? I swear, it sometimes seems like he either hosts or appears as a guest on half the shows on Japanese TV. If you only watch certain shows, you might not know what I mean, but since I’m constantly looking out for new stuff, it seems like I end up bumping into him all the time. Another of his shows must be ending in March, or there’d be no way for him to add anything more to his schedule without time travel.

Anyway, we’ve still got plenty of Himitsu no Arashi-chans left, so lets see if the guys can round the series out well. The best way to do that would be to have all five of them in for a special or two, but for now, we get a pair as usual. This time, it was Aiba-kun and Nino-kun – the natural comedic duo. They enter looking cold, with Aiba-kun rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0022012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 003

They start off by looking at the photo wall, and Aiba-kun asking about the Takei Emi episode on November 29th.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0042012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 005

The participation of Gomez in that episode leads them to talk about baseball players they like, and possibly whether they would recognize them out of uniform.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0062012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0072012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0082012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 009

Nino-kun doesn’t bother to get up to greet Kimura Kaela-san at the door when she arrives, leaving Aiba-kun to do the honors.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0102012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0112012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 012

Kimura-san brought some kitchen ware over so that she can do some serious cooking.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0132012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 014

That’s later, though. For now, they settle in, and talk about Kimura-san’s own home. She’s got white walls and white carpet, but some other colorful touches. No matter what she says, it seems like the Arashi guys have been told to use the word “oshare” (stylish) as a response.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0152012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 016

The graphic at the bottom of the screen calls Kimura-san the “oshare banchou” – the stylish group leader, if you will. But she’s quick to bust that pattern. When they ask what she wears around the house, she says sweats and tee-shits, and when they follow up that those must be stylish sweats and stylish tee-shirts . . .

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 017

. . .  she reveals that it’s not so, and that even the newly bought ones seem to get holes in a very compromising location:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 018

So . . . really no point in getting stylish and expensive ones if that’s going to happen, right? Not too sure about what might cause that, but Kimura-san proposes the most likely explanation – bugs.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0192012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 020

There’s further clothing talk . . .

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0212012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0222012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0232012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 024

. . . then Aiba-kun has a plan. He goes to the back and grabs a bunch of baseball caps.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0252012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0262012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 027

Kimura-san then has to name the teams.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0282012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0292012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0302012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 031

They try on some of the caps, with Nino-kun pulling some eye-protection down on his that made him look like some sort of Ultraman (didn’t get a screencap of that, though, but it was missable).

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 033

Then Aiba-kun came up with a new quiz (you get the feeling that he’s been wracking his brain to come up with ways to make the show more interesting). This time, Kimura-san has to name the mascots of the different networks.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0352012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 036

This is really hard, even with all the clue they give. It turns out to be a guessing game, where they throw another clue in until she gets the answer. It’s theoretically possible to play along, but it’s tough.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0382012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 039

Kimura-san has to resort to looking at the label to figure out the name of the blue beagle:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0402012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0412012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0422012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 043

On, and this one is not called Psychopanda or Panda-frankenstein:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0442012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0452012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 046

The quiz was fun, and got them hungry, so it was time for Kimura-san to show off her culinary skills.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0472012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 048

She needed some help, though, so the boys played cup-and-ball with the first person to miss being the helper.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 050

I won’t reveal the result, but much cup-and-ball excitement (if the game can be called exciting) ensued even after the winner was declared.

We get a teaser for a “big disclosure” about MatsuJun getting drunk (酔っ払い – yopparai), but nothing interesting came of it (except that MatsuJun can get drunk, which is hardly a surprise).

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 056


And then they ate:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0602012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0612012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0622012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0642012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 065

Kimura-san almost forgot to plug her album before leaving – Aiba-kun had to remind her:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 066


And to conclude, they took the customary photo, with Nino-kun donning the Ultraman-inspired cap again:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 067

With share house over, it was time for The Last Mission. Aiba-kun is introduced as “Mr. Last Mission” in honor of his epic fails in this segment. Nino-kun hasn’t participated in a year.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 068

Their first opponent is the formidable Akiyama Yoshihiro-san . . .

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 069


. . . and the game is one of my favorites – Tataite Kabutte Jankenpon (叩いてかぶってジャンケンポン – striking-covering rock-paper-scissors). In this, you only win the round if, after winning janken, you manage to strike your opponent’s head with a plastic mallet before they can cover up with a helmet. The penalty for losing is the usual – the kissy face thing that’s just all about embarrassing the loser.


2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0702012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 071

There’s a familiar face in the audience, but for once, he won’t be participating.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 072


Let the games . . . begin!

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0732012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0742012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0752012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0762012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 077

The penalty for the second game will be far more interesting – they have to do 5 monomane (impressions).

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0782012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 079

The actual game is pretty good, too. They have to toss a marshmallow into the air, over a bar set to a certain height (starting with 3 meters and going quickly to 5), and then catch it in their mouths.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 080


The opponent for this round was Shoji Tomoharu-san, who appears to be excited and in excellent form:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0812012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 082

How will this new game go?

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0842012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 085


The penalty for the last game is the usual – participating in an owarai duo’s act. Aiba-kun has already suffered this fate twice before:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 086


To avoid this batsu game, they will have to avoid being the first to fall, as they hang from a bar:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 087

This round’s guest opponent is Razor Ramon HG, who I haven’t seen in so long, I was quite shocked when he appeared. I wonder if he makes much money in showbiz anymore.

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0882012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0892012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 091

Surely Arashi can beat this joker!

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0922012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0932012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0942012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 095

The owarai combi that the loser will have to join for the penalty is none other than Audrey – Kasuga-san and Wakabayashi-san in the flesh:

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 096


After the episode, we get a little teaser for the Christmas special. Looks like it’s Ooshima-san and her pack of wild women flooding the share house again. Should be fun!

2012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 0972012.12.13 Himitsu no Arashi 098

This was a very good episode. Kimura-san has a good flow to her, but I think I was most impressed by Aiba-kun continuing to try to find ways to eliminate the dull moments. He seems to be the one most focused at this sort of thing. After all, he came up with Aiba Tea and all its variants, which was the best stand-by to break the ice. So, the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi this time goes to him, for coming up with those quizzes.

The Last Mission was mainly good for the second challenge and penalty, though I’m also partial to the first challenge. It was nice to see them play something new instead of the games we’ve already gotten used to seeing.