The number one single for this week was NEWS’ “World Quest/ポコポンペコーリャ” (Pokopon-pekorya), which sold 130,899 copies. That was significantly lower than my expectations, but we really don’t have many data points to go with for the new NEWS. Looks like the 120k-150k range will be the new normal for now. I like “World Quest” more than “Chankapana”, so I have to say I’m disappointed.

“Eien Pressure” from AKB48 found itself at #2 in its second week, adding 56,216 for a total of 1,129,715. This is barely a 5% second week, so even given the first week sales, this was severe underperformance. So far, it doesn’t look like it was a very promising week for sales.

SHINee was at #3 with “1000年、ずっとそばにいて…” (Sennen, Zutto Soba ni Ite) selling 40,017 – so, not a blockbuster number from them, either.

The news was brighter for EXILE ATSUSHI’s “Melrose ~Ai sanai Yakusoku~”, which took #9, selling a respectable 15,359 in its second week, bringing its total to 107,527.

“The Monsters” from MONSTERS didn’t do badly, either, at #14 in its third week. Its total is now 191,812.

Momoiro Clover Z didn’t quite break 100,000 yet, as totals for the #18 single “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo” reached 99,603 in its fourth week.

Honorable mention to BIGMAMA, which took #19 with “Jeffrey Campbell no Skate Shoes de”, selling 4,320.

AKB48’s “UZA” continued at #20 this week, bringing its total to 1,219,320.

Kobukuro was at #22 this week, selling 3,930 more of “Kami Hikouki” to bring its total to 51,627.

“Brave It Out” from Generations continued its march to gold, at #23 in week four with a total of 91,835.

The two singles from GLAY – “Justice [from] GUILTY” and “Unmeiron” – were at #24 and #25 respectively, with 49,584 and 49,161. Can we just call it two versions and give them a combined gold next week?

Kis-My-Ft2’s “Ai no Beat” got #26 in its fifth week, making its grand total 294,561.

In albums, “EXILE BEST HITS -LOVE SIDE/SOUL SIDE-” from EXILE took the top spot for the second week in a row, taking on a very good 98,064, bringing the total to 480,281, certainly expecting to break double platinum in week three.

Mizuki Nana-san’s “Rockbound Neighbors” didn’t quite make gold, but still had a nice showing at #2 with 96,661 copies sold.

“Unlimited” from Kim Hyun-Joong took #3, managing 71,756 after strong event-driven sales, but little follow-through.

Ketsumeishi was at #4 with “Ketsunopolis 8” selling 56,179.

At #5 was “experience” from flumpool, with 50,746 copies sold.

Matsutoya Yumi-san’s 40th anniversary album continues to go strong in week four, adding 44,398 for a running total of 593,939.

Mr.Children took #7, with “[(an imitation) blood orange]” adding a nice 42,989 in week three, making the new total 655,496.

YUI’s two albums – “Green Garden Pop” and “Orange Garden Pop” – were at #8 and #9, not totaling 146,054 and 144,760 in sales.

Finally, Green Day snuck in there at #10 with “Tre!” selling 19,544.

That makes two weeks in a row where I mentioned the entire top ten on the album side.