After the mayonnaise malaise of the last two episodes, KisuHama Learning (キス濱ラーニング) turns to something a bit more striking – xylophones.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0002012.12.12 KisuHama 0012012.12.12 KisuHama 002

As with the recorder challenge, the Kis-My-Ft2 members have to perform some grade school standards, each taking a couple of measures. They clear the song if they all do perfectly (well . . . they seem to get a lot of allowance for messing up the tempo, but hitting the wrong note is an absolute no-no).

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0032012.12.12 KisuHama 004

There are eight songs ranging from about the fourth grade level to a couple of high school pieces.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 005

Oh, and much to the dismay of the Kis-My-Ft2 members, Hamaguchi-san will be joining them again to make a round eight instead of seven (since just having the seven of them do it would require one person to take an extra part). In the recorder challenge, Hamaguchi-san not only did very badly, but also had an infuriating habit of laughing when he made a mistake. On top of that, it’s tough for the KMF2 members to get angry with him.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 006

Recognizing that he did a bad job last time, Hamaguchi-san reassured them that he’s had recent practice – doing another xylophone challenge earlier this year.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 007

The instructor for the day, Ishikawa-san shows them how it’s done with a rendition of Khatchaturian’s “Sabre Dance” – certainly a piece with a very prominent xylophone part.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0082012.12.12 KisuHama 0092012.12.12 KisuHama 0102012.12.12 KisuHama 011

They all get practice, and have to employ both hands effectively to play the tunes smoothly.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0122012.12.12 KisuHama 013

The first song is “Donguri Korokoro” (Rolling Acorns) – a popular children’s song.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0142012.12.12 KisuHama 015

It’s about as simple as songs get . . .

2012.12.12 KisuHama 016

. . . but Nikaido-kun continues to be Mr. Fail, messing up even on this round, playing entirely the wrong notes:

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0172012.12.12 KisuHama 018

As they reset, we’re introduced a bit more to the layout of the instrument, which has three and a half octaves to play with.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 019

Okay, let’s try this again:

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0202012.12.12 KisuHama 0212012.12.12 KisuHama 0222012.12.12 KisuHama 023

It was Yokoo-kun’s turn to mess up, from a combination of tension and pressure. Looks like it’ll be a long slog after all.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0242012.12.12 KisuHama 025

After they finally managed to get it together on that one, the second song was “Ookina Furudokei” (Big Grandfather’s Clock), which should be fairly familiar.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0262012.12.12 KisuHama 027

Tamamori-kun gets the hard part. That’s good, because he’s proven quite reliable with musical instruments. If I remember correctly, he performed flawlessly in the recorder challenge.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0282012.12.12 KisuHama 0292012.12.12 KisuHama 030

But that leaves seven other people who might mess up – albeit on easier parts.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0312012.12.12 KisuHama 0322012.12.12 KisuHama 0332012.12.12 KisuHama 034

In the next song, “Sanpo” from “My Neighbor Totoro”, they face chords (和音 – waon). In this case, that just means striking two notes at the same time. From the way they reacted, though, you’d think this was a dangerous novelty. Did they think they were going to get thought this playing one note at a time?

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0382012.12.12 KisuHama 039

Fujigaya-kun is poised stoically, but his outward confidence might not :

2012.12.12 KisuHama 040

But Nikaido-kun can’t even pretend:

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0412012.12.12 KisuHama 0422012.12.12 KisuHama 043

When surly Fujigaya-kun makes a mistake, though, Hamaguchi-san doesn’t waste the opportunity to snap back at him:

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0452012.12.12 KisuHama 0462012.12.12 KisuHama 0472012.12.12 KisuHama 049

It doesn’t take long before Hamaguchi-san himself commits a fault, though. He blames it on the fact that all the keys are brown (I guess he’s used to color-coded xylophones?).

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0522012.12.12 KisuHama 053

Innocuous-sounding “Sanpo” turns out to be a major roadblock.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0542012.12.12 KisuHama 0552012.12.12 KisuHama 0562012.12.12 KisuHama 057

By the end of it, we get stats as to how many fails each member has. Only Miyata-kun and Tamamori-kun are in the clear. Hamaguchi-san, Fujigaya-kun, and Nikaido-kun are tied for worst with two mistakes apiece.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 058

And so it goes . . . .

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0592012.12.12 KisuHama 0602012.12.12 KisuHama 0612012.12.12 KisuHama 062

Two hours and six minutes have passed from the start, and they finally get to their fourth song . . .

2012.12.12 KisuHama 063

. . . which is the “Mickey Mouse March”.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 064

Sounds easy, right? Well, there’s a new musical element for them to practice in this one – the tremolo:

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0652012.12.12 KisuHama 0662012.12.12 KisuHama 0672012.12.12 KisuHama 068

While they practice, Ishikawa-san treats us to a rendition of “Winter Wonderland”.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0692012.12.12 KisuHama 070

How long will it take them to master the “Mickey Mouse March”, keeping in mind that they still have four tougher songs to deal with after that?

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0712012.12.12 KisuHama 0722012.12.12 KisuHama 074

Will Tamamori-kun have to take over as teacher, as Ishikawa-san can’t stop laughing when they mess up?

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0752012.12.12 KisuHama 0762012.12.12 KisuHama 0772012.12.12 KisuHama 0822012.12.12 KisuHama 083

Well, I can tell you that this doesn’t end in this episode (it would have taken painful editing to fit eight performances into twenty minutes of airtime, anyway). As usual, the challenge continues next week.

This episode was . . . okay. It was certainly better than mayonnaise, but xylophones are still not the most exciting focus for a variety show, and a far cry from the more impressive challenges in HamaKisu. The previous series was dominated by physical challenges. This one has kept them in rooms and studios, and it seems like a waste of potential. I hope they find better challenges soon.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 085

This past Friday, December 14th, there was a one-hour special in which the comedy duo Oriental Radio did the 100 yen shop English challenge against KMF2. As before, some of the English looks like its on solid ground, but some of the examples they flashed on the bottom of the screen (especially the one where the English choices were “first lucky bag” and “handsel bag”) will probably leave me scratching my head.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 086

I’ll review it in a few days, but since I’m going to be heading out for Christmas in a couple of days, it might take me a bit longer to get to it, as I settle into my vacation location.

2012.12.12 KisuHama 0882012.12.12 KisuHama 089

Looks fun, though, and understanding the show won’t be as difficult as it normally is.