Piece tells the story of Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) and Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma). They were briefly a couple in high school, parted ways under troubling circumstances, and meet again three years later upon the death of a classmate. The story is a mystery centered on that deceased classmate, Origuchi Haruka (Mizuno Erina), and the identity of the boyfriend who got her pregnant in high school.

In the last episode, Mizuho really got serious about investigating what happened with Haruka and found a kindred spirit in Yanai (Matsumura Hokuto).

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At the end of the episode, he suggests that maybe Setouchi (Suzuki Airi) might know something about Haruka, and that’s where we pick things up.

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Before speaking with Setouchi, Mizuho decides to ask her old friend Remi (Arai Moe) about the situation. Remi has misgivings about the entire investigation, finding it completely unlike Mizuho to pry into matters like this, especially when Haruka didn’t even tell her mother.

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Perhaps more importantly, Remi feels slighted that Mizuho never speaks to her except to ask her questions like this – a fact she mumbles about under her breath as Mizuho dodges an invitation to a get-together.

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Meanwhile, Narumi broods. There’s no other word for it, and he doesn’t do much else in this episode.

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Meeting with Setouchi, Yanai and Mizuho discover more than they bargained for. Setouchi had a stalker who left angry notes that also expressed a grudge against Haruka. Those notes stopped appearing after she started dating Koike (Yasui Kentaro), who is also present for the conversation, but then one appeared again ahead of Haruka’s funeral.

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So, it looks like the stalker hasn’t quite given up. Did he continue tormenting Haruka even after he stopped leaving the notes for Setouchi? How far did that go?

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We get a brief flashback to when Setouchi first got one of the notes . . .

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. . . and focus on the note of greatest interest. But why would Setouchi want Haruka punished? Koike and the others reassure her that she wasn’t responsible for the bullying, but I’m not so sure about that. Seems like there’s a puzzle piece missing there, or the note hardly makes sense (not that a stalker necessarily has to make sense, though).

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They conclude that the new note indicates that the stalker thought he would see Setouchi again at the funeral, so he had to be one of the people there.

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We get an inconsequential bit about how Setouchi and Koike got together. I don’t know if it’s really relevant information – doesn’t seem to be.

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And that little bit of backstory naturally comes with a flashback of its own:

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Sweet. What’s more amazing is that they’ve stayed together all this time. That leaves Mizuho with a high impression of Setouchi, and she decides that Setouchi is not the type to get on the wrong bus.

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Mizuho expresses her lack of confidence about relationships to Yanai over dinner, and he manages to be supportive without going any further than that. Odd for her to take the tone that she did, considering he has also had trouble with relationships. She almost acted like her difficulties were unique when what she said must have sounded familiar to him.

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Back at home, Mizuho remembers what Remi had said . . .

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. . . and decides to at least take a step to mend that friendship.

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Meanwhile, Narumi continues to brood, staring malevolently at the half moon.

Piece Ep 06 055

At the get-together, it turns out that the girls have a very good idea who Setouchi’s stalker might be – Sugawara (Nozawa Yuki). He grabbed some of Setouchi’s photos from a board containing photos of the whole class back when they were in school.

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So, they go to see Sugawara. Yanai decides to stay outside to avoid putting Sugawara too much on the defense and therefore too reluctant to say anything. Mizuho and Setouchi head in.

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Sugawara tries to deny that he was the stalker who wrote those notes . . .

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. . . but Mizuho sees that he still writes notes for himself on the same paper.

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And I think what happens after that is best left out as a huge spoiler. If you want to find out how this confrontation goes, watch! Is Sugawara really the stalker? Why would he have any issue with Haruka? Does he have some sort of connection to Setouchi that we don’t know about?

While it certainly left us with plot to look forward to, this episode felt choppy. A number of the interactions felt forced and awkward, including the scene with Koike and Setouchi sitting down to talk to Yanai and Mizuho.

I have no idea what the little bits with Narumi were supposed to convey. Early on in the series, he seemed like such an energetic and mobile character. Now he’s turned all sedentary. I guess they wanted to make sure we knew he’s still alive and part of the story, but they sure chose an uninteresting way to do it.

So, not a particularly good episode this time both from the standpoint of plot and of acting. The cliffhanger, though, certainly holds out the promise of development in an interesting direction in the next episode.