Last week’s number one singles was AKB48’s “Eien Pressure” (永遠プレッシャー), selling 1,073,499. It had  a weak day two, which suggested that they would barely scrape past 1 million, but recovered to come close to the top of the adjusted range (975k to 1075k). This represents underperformance compared to the numbers they have previously set (which would have suggested 1225k to 1375k ), but is within the pattern set by the last two singles. They’ll need to recover in their next two singles, though, or the trend is going to look pretty grim. They’ll be less juggernaut and more behemoth.

EXILE ATSUSHI’s “Melrose ~Aisanai Yakusoku~” took #2 selling 92,168, which is a good showing for a solo effort.

GLAY took the third and fourth spots with “Justice [from] Guilty” and “Unmeiron” (運命論 – fatalism) posting 46,031 and 45,718 respectively.

The fifth spot went to “MONSTERS” from The MONSTERS – the temporary unit of Katori Shingo-san and Yamashita Tomohisa-kun, adding a respectable 22,624 for a two-week total of 182,763.

“Brave It Out” from Generations moved closer to gold, adding 9,093 at #11 in its third week for a total of 88,230.

Kobukuro’s “Kami Hikouki” tacked on a very good 7,629 at #13 for a total of 47,697 after two weeks.

Momoiro Clover Z are inches away from their second gold single, as “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi yo” took #15, bringing its three-week total to 94,636.

AKB48’s “UZA” continued at #20 even as their new single topped the charts. It’s total is now at 1,215,079.

“A Christmas Song” from Monkey Majik and Oda Kazumasa-san started its run at #22, selling 4,621.

Watanabe Mayu-san’s “Hikaru monotachi” was right behind them in its third week, now totaling 112,877 in sales.

Kis-My-Ft2’s “Ai no Beat” was at #24 with 291,265 copies sold in four weeks.

At #29 was NMB48’s “Kitagawa Kenji” with its five-week total at 353,160.

In albums, this is the first week where I’ll have occasion to mention every entry in the top ten (keeping in mind that I only keep track of the top ten in albums).

The undisputed leader this week was “EXILE BEST HITS -LOVE SIDE/SOUL SIDE-” with 382,217 in sales for EXILE. If they follow the non-idol curve, they’ll break double platinum in week three or four, while with the idol curve, it takes a bit longer.

YUI took the second and third spots, as “Green Garden Pop” and “Orange Garden Pop” sold 116,712 and 115,943 respectively.

Mr.Children‘s [(an imitation) blood orange] sold 82,272 at #4 in its second week, bringing its total to 612,507. That’s somewhat weaker than expected, though still 15% of first week sales. Typically, non-idol albums do better than 20%.

Matsutoya Yumi-san’s 40th anniversary album continues very strong at #5 in week three, adding 74,419 for a total of 549,541, breaking double platinum.

BIGBANG’s “Special Final in Dome Memorial Collection” had 45,910 sales at #6.

Hamasaki Ayumi-san’s “again” was up next, selling 34,402 copies.

“Girls Generation II” from Shoujo Jidai sold 24,296, taking #8 in its second week for a total of 141,259.

HY was at #9, with “Route 29” selling 18,092.

And last, but not least, Arashi’s Popcorn held in there at #10, adding 17,442 and bringing its six week total to 847,671.