This week’s KisuHama Learning (キス濱ラーニング) is all about mayonnaise. They have to guess which taste goes with which brand, and they only clear the challenge if they get eight correct in a row. They started this challenge last week and I quickly realized something: I’m totally not interested. Distinguishing different brands of mayonnaise is the least useful and the least engaging thing they’ve attempted on this show, whether it’s under the name HamaKisu or KisuHama.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0002012.12.05 KisuHama 0012012.12.05 KisuHama 002


It’s not like the viewer can play along, and there isn’t much by way of interesting dialogue (though at least I can understand most of what they say, since it’s all food stuff or complaining). And as they begin their nineteenth try after eight hours, it doesn’t look like the Kis-My-Ft2 members are having much fun with this, either.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0032012.12.05 KisuHama 0042012.12.05 KisuHama 0052012.12.05 KisuHama 006

Honestly, it’s better to watch them have fun while struggling instead of just being constantly frustrated. Or, if it’s something frustrating, let it be something worthwhile. This is just tedious.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0092012.12.05 KisuHama 010


As we kick things off with Hamaguchi-san taking the first try in the nineteenth round . . .

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0112012.12.05 KisuHama 0122012.12.05 KisuHama 013

. . . the only thing that can keep my interest up is hunting for good expressions on their faces. Since I only ever use Miracle Whip anyway, I really don’t care which brand of Japanese mayonnaise is sour or thick. I guess there might be people tuning into this show for consumer advice like this, but . . . .

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0152012.12.05 KisuHama 016

Hamaguchi-san succeeds, passing the baton over to Tamamori-kun:

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0172012.12.05 KisuHama 0182012.12.05 KisuHama 019

Then it was Yokoo-kun, who came up with the answer in a blink:

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0212012.12.05 KisuHama 0222012.12.05 KisuHama 023

They flashed through the next few . . .

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0242012.12.05 KisuHama 0252012.12.05 KisuHama 0262012.12.05 KisuHama 027

. . . but took their time with Kitayama-kun, who got the SSK half-calorie mayonnaise.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0282012.12.05 KisuHama 029


Now, it’s all up to Nikaido-kun to get the last one, which is definitely between the two Masuda brand types – sweet and salty/spicy. Surely that should be easy, since a brand wouldn’t make their two flavors difficult to distinguish, right?

2012.12.05 KisuHama 030


But, of course, we’re only eight minutes into the episode, and they didn’t preview any other challenges in the beginning. on top of that, Nikaido-kun hasn’t exactly established a good track record with these tasks, no matter what they actually entail. With the English and kanji, I suggested he work on his study skills, but if he fails on this, I have no idea what to recommend. In fact, I’m not even sure it’s such a bad thing if he can’t tell different brands apart. Save the brain space for something more useful.



2012.12.05 KisuHama 031

Well, as expected, he fails. His first instinct is right, but he doubts himself. Maybe that’s his problem – a lack of self-confidence reinforced by continued failure. Anyway, the challenge continues. Fujigaya-kun gives him an angry look.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 032


We see the twentieth round flash by with some triumphant yells . . .

2012.12.05 KisuHama 033


. . . and then it’s Fujigaya-kun’s turn, and he’s looking tired and pissed.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0342012.12.05 KisuHama 035

He also doesn’t look very certain:

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0372012.12.05 KisuHama 0382012.12.05 KisuHama 039

How will it go? I’m going to leave out any further results, and just present to you a final assortment of screencaps:

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0422012.12.05 KisuHama 0442012.12.05 KisuHama 0482012.12.05 KisuHama 0552012.12.05 KisuHama 057

How about a Kitayama sequence?

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0582012.12.05 KisuHama 0592012.12.05 KisuHama 0602012.12.05 KisuHama 062

Oh, and watch out for those sharp Fujigaya eyebrows. What a contrast his expression is from those of Miyata-kun and Hamaguchi-san. Again, I really think Miyata-kun and Hamaguchi-san are cut from the same entertainment cloth.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0662012.12.05 KisuHama 067

That’s it. I think I’ve already made my opinion about this episode pretty clear. So, I paid close attention to the preview of the next episode, to see if the challenge was going to be worth watching.

2012.12.05 KisuHama 0692012.12.05 KisuHama 070


Xylophone? Okay . . . that’s . . . okay. The viewer can’t play along, but it’ll make for interesting listening, and it’s more visually impressive than the recorder (since we couldn’t really see the fingerings on the recorder, but we can see what note they’re striking on the xylophone).

2012.12.05 KisuHama 071