The number one single last week was “MONSTERS” from The MONSTERS – a temporary team of SMAP‘s Katori Shingo-san and solo Johnny’s member Yamashita Tomohisa-kun put together for their drama of the same name. The single sold 160,139 in its first week, which was certainly stronger than I expected (looking for 120k-150k), and also above what you’d expect given the weakness in the drama’s ratings.

Kobukuro‘s “Kami Hikouki” (紙飛行機 – paper airplane) took the number two spot, selling 40,068. Kobukuro’s fans are strongly tilted towards album-buying, so the sales figures for their singles don’t really reflect much.

Boyfriend was at #3 with “Kimi to Dance Dance Dance” selling 37,800. FTISLAND was right behind, with 35,260 copies of “Polar Star” sold.

Watanabe Mayu-san’s “Hikaru monotachi” broke gold in its second week, adding a strong 16,498 at #8 for a total of 108,405.

Momoiro Clover Z was right behind at #9, as “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi yo” sold 14,038 in its second week, bring its total to 87,783.

Kis-My-Ft2 took #15 with “Ai no Beat” adding 7,743 in its third week, making the running total 287,105.

At #16, AKB48’s “UZA” has reached a five-week total of 1,210,198.

Shoujo Jidai’s “Flower Power” managed a relatively strong second week at #18, adding 6,997 for a total of 36,062.

Barely hanging on at #30, the four-week total of NMB48’s “Kitagawa Kenji” hit 350,108.

In albums, Mr. Children nabbed the top spot easily, selling 530,235 copies of “[(an imitation) blood orange)]”. Double platinum is nothing to sneeze at, but I have to admit that I was expecting a number starting with six.

Another double platinum is in the works at #2, as Matsutoya Yumi-san’s 40th anniversary album sold a remarkable 138,888 in its second week, bringing its total to 475,122. By the time I write this, it will probably have passed the 500,000 mark.

Shoujo Jidai’s “Girls’ Generation II – Girls & Power -” took #3, selling 116,963. While short of the numbers they put up at their height, it’s still a respectable number. Their sales numbers have yet to stabilize, so it’s impossible to predict what sort of number they ought to be aiming for.

“THE ONE” from UVERworld ended up just shy of gold, taking #4 with 95,441 copies sold. This is in-line with performance on last year’s “Life 6 Sense”.

JUJU’s compilation albums continue in the top 10. “BEST STORY ~Life stories~” was at #6 with a total of 223,935 and “BEST STORY ~Love stories~” got #9, now totaling 200,560.

Kato Miliyah-san’s “True Lovers” took #7, selling 19,850 for a two-week total of 78,716.