The number one single last week was “Hikaru monotachi” (ヒカルものたち) from Watanabe Mayu-san, which sold an impressive 91,907 – very good for a solo release. If she manages to get a 10% second week, she’ll break gold in the coming week.

Momoiro Clover Z‘s “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi yo” (サラバ、爱しき悲しみたちよ) also had a good first week at #2 with 73,745 copies sold.

“Brave It Out” from Generations took #3, selling 71,932.

Shoujo Jidai’s “Flower Power” scored what can only be described as a grave disappointment, selling only 29,065 copies at #5 in its first week. Perhaps some potential buyers held off, waiting for the release of their album today to purchase both at the same time, but even then it’s going to be a significant drop-off.

Kis-My-Ft2 was at #7 in the second week of “Ai no Beat” sales, adding 20,453 for a total of 279,362. That’s a mildly disappointing second week.

2PM’s “Masquerade” was right behind at #8, with its two-week total 149,723.

An event gave Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “Missing Piece” a boost, bringing in 12,340 sales in its fourth week to pull it up from #30 to #13. It’s total now stands at 64,540. That surge was good enough to temporarily put it ahead of AKB48‘s “UZA”, which was released in the same week.

“UZA” from AKB48 held #15, cracking 1.2 million with 1,202,890 copies sold after four weeks.

Funky Monkey Babys’ “Sayonara Ja Nai” (サヨナラじゃない) was at #17 in its first week, selling 10,610.

NMB48 took #18 in the third week of “Kitagawa Kenji” sales, bringing its total to 346,620.

三代目 J Soul Brothers’  “Powder Snow ~Eien ni Owaranai Fuyu~” dropped to #24 in its second week. That was good enough to break gold with a total of 100,987, but it was a 6% second week – a bit on the disappointing side.

In albums, Matsutoya Yumi-san (松任谷由実) took the top spot with her 40th anniversary commemoration best-of album: “40周年記念ベストアルバム 日本の恋と、ユーミンと。” It sold 336,234 in its first week.

Kato Miliyah-san’s “TRUE LOVERS” got the second spot, selling 58,866.

JUJU‘s pair of compilation albums took #3 and #5, with “BEST STORY ~Life stories~” breaking 200k with a three-week total of 203,365, and “BEST STORY ~Love stories~” close behind at 181,957.

Hikawa Kiyoshi-san’s “Enka Meikyoku Collection 17” (演歌名曲コレクション17) was at #6, selling 29,003 copies.