This week’s number one single was “Ai no Beat” (アイノビート) from Kis-My-Ft2, selling 258,909. I was looking for 250k minimum, and they broke the platinum line as expected. The pleasant surprise line for me was 300k, and that was unfortunately out of reach this time – but that’s why it would have been a surprise.

At #2, 2PM’s “Masquerade” (マスカレード) sold 130,242 copies in its first week – a pretty good showing by any measure.

“Powder Snow ~Eien ni Owaranai Fuyu” (永遠に終わらない冬 – Neverending Winter) from 三代目 J Soul Brothers took #3, selling 94,762 copies. That’s not bad for them, but I tend to look for 100k from EXILE-related singles as a general rule. The other EXILE-related group on the charts, The Second from EXILE, was at #14, adding 6,802 to sales of “Think ‘Bout It!” for a two-week total of 112,963.

“Sexy Love” from T-ARA was at #4 with 40,835 copies sold. “White Angel” from Fairies was behind them at #5, but with 19,303 sold.

The -48 family took three spots in the top 30. NMB48’s “Kitagawa Kenji” added a lackluster 19,106 in second-week sales at #6, for a total of 336,157. AKB48’s “UZA” was right behind at #7, selling 18,008 for a three-week total of 1,191,881. SKE48 took #16, with sales of “Kisu Datte Hidarikiki” now totaling 585,882 after nine weeks on the charts.

Halloween Junky Orchestra doesn’t look like its going to leave the top 30 until it has secured 100,000. “Halloween Party” was at #17, selling 4,837 in week five for a total of 94,796. Two more weeks should do it.

Barely hanging on at #30 was “Missing Piece” from Nakayama Yuma, tacking on 2,098 in its third week for a total of 52,200.

In albums, Sexy Zone took the top spot, selling 86,451 of “one Sexy Zone.” My expectation had been for a narrow pass of 100,000, but that was with no measure of the thirst for albums among SZ fans. I got a copy, and will review it once it arrives (should be today or Friday, but Thanksgiving always throws shipping schedules off).

KARA was in at #2 with “Girls Forever” selling 73,224 copies. This can only be considered a huge disappointment. KARA has released albums in November the past two years, and in 2010 they were certified double platinum (500,000) and in 2011 triple platinum (750,000). This album will probably break gold, but not go much farther beyond that. If pop groups were stocks, I think KARA has officially crashed. Still solvent, though – most groups would be thrilled to sell 70k in their first week. They’d better do something to make sure they don’t lose any more ground, though.

JUJU put up a pair of amazing second weeks on a pair of compilation albums. “BEST STORY ~Life stories~” added 64,240 for a total of 169,109 and “BEST STORY ~Love stories~” added 55,099 for a two-week total of 152,666. Getting more than 50% of first week sales in the second week is remarkable.

Arashi held #5, with “Popcorn” now totaling 805,070 after three weeks.