The number one single for this week was “Kitagawa Kenji” (北川謙二) from NMB48, selling 317,051 copies. This is in-line with their previous release, “Virginity”, which sold 315,205 in its first week. Looks like we have a pretty good estimate of the current NMB48 fanbase’s purchasing power.

The Second from EXILE were at #2 (appropriately enough) with “Think ‘Bout It!” (yes, I’ve left out a lot of capital letters in this sentence – I found them aesthetically displeasing). The single sold 106,161, which is also entirely typical for an EXILE single.

What wasn’t typical was the fact that AKB48 came in at #3 in the second week of “UZA” sales, which managed only 45,177. There’s no two ways about it – that’s horrible. At the usual 10% of first week sales, they would have taken #2, but they only managed 4%! And I usually consider 5% tragic. It brings the total for this single to 1,173,873.

flumpool’s “Answer” came in at #4, selling 34,699.

Nishino Kana-san was at #6 with 21,362 copies of “Always” sold.

Halloween Junky Orchestra continues to show strength, with “Halloween Party” adding 11,530 (that’s a remarkable 20% of their first week sales, and this is the fourth week), for a total of 89,959. We’ll definitely see them break gold now – possibly before this dips out of the top 10 again.

My second support-the-kids effort for October was Dream5, and their new single “Shekimeki” came in at #10, selling 9,588 (one of them is mine). Their music is solid pop – nothing to get thrilled about – but I saw some choreography videos that made it clear how hard they worked, so I wanted to give them the thumbs-up for that.

Nakayama Yuma-kun’s “Missing Piece” took #17 in its second week, adding a solid 5,085 for a total of 50,102. Nice to see it get about the 50,000 threshold.

Finally, Koda Kumi-san was at #19 with the three-week sales of “Go to the top” now totaling 67,991.

In albums, JUJU took the top two spots, with “BEST STORY ~Life stories~” and “BEST STORY ~Love stories~” selling 104,869 and 97,567 respectively. Talk about hugging the 100,000 line!

Arashi‘s “Popcorn” hit the second week 10% line – adding 77,636 at #3 for a total of 778,896. I have to admit that I was crossing my fingers for a bit more second-week juice, after having heard the album and finding it excellent, but that was a long-shot.

Hamasaki Ayumi-san’s “LOVE” took #4, selling 64,841. I should note, though, that this was officially released a day after the other albums, so in theory it had a day less of sales, though I’m not sure if there was any practical effect.

Aerosmith got the #6 spot, with “Music from Another Dimension” selling 33,556.

Other than that, Yamashita Tatsuro-san, Kobukuro, and Ieiri Leo-san all got knocked out of the top ten – probably temporarily in the first two cases – because of the new releases.