The top single for this week was AKB48’s “UZA”, selling 1,128,696 copies. That’s down from their recent singles, but as long as they continue to sell above a million copies in the first week, I can’t bring myself to draw any conclusions from this decline.

Nakayama Yuma-kun took #2, with 45,017 copies of “Missing Piece” sold. I was looking for 50,000, but there was no way to calibrate expectations since this was his first solo attempt. With a stronger song or a higher profile tie-in, I’d expect that he could get 50,000 on a future single without trouble.

The third spot went to AAA, with “Niji” selling 40,025 in its first week.

Koda Kumi‘s “Go to the top” was at #13 in its second week, with total sales now 63,331.

Halloween Junky Orchestra might be aiming for gold, as “Halloween Part” tacks on 8,563 at #14 in its third week – again more than 10% of first week sales – for a total of 78,429.

SKE48’s “Kisu Datte Hidari Kiki” celebrates its seventh week in the standings at #16, scoring a total of 578,338.

KARA held in there with “Electric Boy” at #25 in its third week, bringing its total to 70,161.

Rounding things out at #30, “Ikujinashi Masquerade” from Sashihara Rino w/Anrire added 4,023 for a three-week total of 79,945.

In albums, Arashi took the number one spot, with “Popcorn” selling 701,260. That was above my expected range of 670-700K, so this was a positive surprise for me. Yay! I plan to review the album, but I’m still letting the songs sink in at this point. My first impressions tend to be much harsher than my eventual feel for albums.

I was happy to see Ieiri Leo-san hold #2 with her album “LEO” adding 17,737 for a two-week total of 50,092. That was again just enough to keep Taylor Swift at #3, with “Red” selling 16,869 for a total of 48,942.

Yamashita Tatsuro-san ticked up from #6 to #4 as “Opus ~All Time Best 1975-2012~” continues its march to double platinum, adding 15,069 in week 6, bringing the total for the album to 474,733.

Kanjani8 took #5 in the third week of “8EST” sales, with the grand total reaching 345,873. It’s trending strictly average on the curve, and might run short of my year-end expectations if there isn’t a significant boost into the holiday season. Still, it’s a good showing for the group, and it will be nice to see them make a well-deserved appearance on Kouhaku this year.

Kobukuro‘s “All Singles Best 2” continued in the top ten at #9, now with a total of 669,253.