This week was Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) at its most basic level – a share house segment and a mannequin must-item segment. As Ohno-san and Sakurai-san make their way from the dressing room to the studio, they’re already talking about using Aiba-kun’s latest concoctions. That can’t be a good sign, can it?

They barely get settled in before the doorbell rings and the guest, Yamada Yuu-san (山田 優) appears.

There aren’t any tricks or even seating confusion. It was all totally boring, so Ohno-san decided to head right for the refrigerator to get the new Aiba Drink, which is apparently Aloe Extract (アロエエキス). Unfortunately,Yamada-san didn’t make any really good faces, just motioning like she was going to throw up.

Much of the talk revolved around Yamada-san’s marriage to Oguri Shun-san in March of this year. Oguri-san, of course, is as close to Arashi as anybody in the business gets, so Ohno and Sakurai naturally take interest.

Sakurai-san asks her the reason for the marriage, considering she and Oguri-san had been together for years before the marriage. Her immediate answer is that she wants kids, and Sakurai-san follows up on that.


Ohno-san asks her the more straightforward question of when the marriage occurred. It was March 14th – White Day (ホワイトデー ). White Day is the reciprocal of Valentine’s Day in Japan – girls buy chocolates/gifts for the guys on Valentine’s Day and guys do the buying on White Day. The whole thing was cooked up by the Confectionery Industry in Japan – literally invented by them so they could sell more candy.

Anyway, despite Sakurai-san’s attempts to make it seem interesting with his facial expressions, this talk is getting boring. I don’t watch TV hoping to hear stars talk about their relationships or how many children they want.

It only got worse when Yamada-san revealed what she had brought along with her:

Are they actually going to start stitching?! I’m sure it’s an interesting hobby, but it makes for terrible television.

Yes, yes they are going to stitch. You’ll have to forgive me for not including a bunch of screencaps of them looking down, or of their hands working the thread. While Ohno-san continued to work on his initials, Yamada-san cooked up the meal for the episode.

Then they ate and reviewed their work.

If it isn’t already obvious, I found this a horrendously boring share house segment. There was nothing about it that stuck me as the slightest bit interesting. That’s just be, though. The three principals sure looked like they had fun:

Next up was Mannequin Must-Item. As usual, I won’t give away their outfits or who one. The guest contestants this time weren’t exactly the most inspiring bunch:

That’s model Kurihara Rui-san with Fujiwara’s Fujimoto Toshifumi-san and Un-jash (アンジャッシュ)’s Watabe Ken-san.

Well, at least the must-item is something interesting right? Please tell me it’s something totally wacky and out of the . . . a cardigan . . . oh . . .

From what I’ve seen, the Arashi members have no trouble working with cardigans, and their coordinated outfits looked completely ordinary. So, there went any interest I had in this segment.

Wait! Maybe they could have some really interesting judges! Maybe . . .

No, that’s pretty much the usual line-up. Rola-san, Tominaga Ai-san, and Nishikawa-sensei are all definitely regulars, while Hirayama Aya-san is a fresher face. All the interesting comments came from Rola-san and Nishikawa-sensei, as usual.

I think Himitsu no Arashi-chan could use some shaking up. I was unhappy with the share house format when they started with it, and I continue to think that it has a lot more downside than upside – much more potential to be boring than entertaining. As for the Mannequin segment, I prefer it when they’re competing in teams with one-on-one match-ups.

The Most Omoshiroi Arashi was definitely Sakurai-san, who did most of the talking, had the greatest range of facial expressions, and spent less time stitching.