This is “Johnny’s Journey – Hey! Say! JUMP Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri Futarikki France Juudan Kakuekiteisha no Tabi” (縦断各駅停車の旅 – flying through/cutting across local trains trip) and it features two members of Hey! Say! Jump traveling across France in trains without any guidance. When we last left them, they had missed their intended stop, ended up in Orléans, and showed exactly why the “without any guidance” part will be the fountain of much amusement for the viewer.

They ended up in Orléans because Chinen-kun failed to stay awake while Takaki-kun napped . . .

. . . and the result was . . .

Chinen-kun notes that they’ve almost closed a loop similar to the Yamanote Line (山手線 – a major rail loop in the Tokyo Metropolitan area).

Takaki-kun doesn’t look or sound happy at all.

While Chinen-kun seems to have some humor in him, he also stares at the map in disbelief.

They leave the station in search of a hotel.

But before we go any further, it’s time for a debriefing room scene with Yabu-kun and Hikaru-kun. Since they didn’t appear last time, I’ll lay off of any criticism of the segment. This time, it’s Takaki-kun’s turn to draw a question from the dispenser.

The question seems to throw him into a state of distress:

Ah, it’s a request for a one-off gag – my least favorite form of Japanese humor. I understand Takaki-kun’s dismay entirely. How does it go? Well, first I have to give points to Chinen-kun for suggesting that it should be a France gag.

Beyond that, Takaki-kun sure got a firm stance before starting, but . . .

. . . but there’s a reason why I don’t like these one-off gags – they’re too cheesy, and mainly simply depend on the embarrassment of the person doing them for their humor. Anyway, with that gag out of the way, we go back to Takaki and Chinen roaming the streets of Orléans at night in search of a hotel.

First, they find a hotel that’s already lights-out for the night. At the next place, the guy answers them in English, saying that there are no rooms available. Chinen-kun says “okay” in a heartrending voice filled with weariness. Taking pity on them, the hotel receptionists suggests other places – one apparently right across the street.

Takaki-kun’s English was solid here, and they met with success in time for midnight.

When they got to the room, though, they were met with a surprise – just one double bed.

Takaki-kun knows which side he’s going to take – both:

Just joking, of course. It’s Takaki-kun’s turn to do the daily diary entry:

He does mention Chinen-kun falling asleep when he shouldn’t have in the diary – accompanying that line with a (>_<) emoji. He also complains that Chinen forgot to say sorry about that, adding (笑) – laugh/smile – to that line as somewhat of an indication that he’s not surprised. I’m not entirely sure how to read the last line – something on the lines of him forgiving Chinen or Chinen being excused/let off.

The next morning, they try to figure out what to do, once again unfolding that map. It does my heart good to see people still using big paper maps.

Unexpectedly, they start looking towards Lyon in Southern France. That would put them closer to their final destination of Nice, but isn’t it too soon to be closing that gap?

I was sort of hoping that they’d take the opportunity to take a look around Orléans, but they apparently disregarded the entire city – the city where Joan of Arc gained her fame – considering it a cruel mistake on a bad night. On the other hand, Takaki-kun proposes an interesting alternative plan, bringing them back to the Indre-et-Loire department (the region that Tours is the capital of) to see some of the prominent château of the region. In particular, it looks like he wanted to aim for Chenonceau, which was misspelled on the trip map.

So, they finally emerge at Saint-Pierre-des-Corps – the station where they should have made their transfer to Tours.

After taking the picture at the station sign, they got on a train for Chenonceau. The way Chinen-kun talks, it’s apparent that he’s down on energy and still sleepy.

Sure enough, he sleeps on the way and Takaki-kun has to wake him up. I really wish they’d ask Chinen-kun if he had difficulty sleeping during this trip during the debriefing scenes – at least it’d be relevant.

Chenonceau proves to be an even smaller station than Pontorson was, and there’s no help in sight for the two wanderers.

Then Takaki-kun spots an unusual crowd:

They decide to investigate . . .

. . . and it turns out that one of the women can speak Japanese. Unexpectedly, she’s a fan of hero series like Kamen Rider and Ultraman.

Chinen-kun notes that Nagano-san from V6 was Ultraman Tiga, and it turns out she likes Tiga a lot.

At that point, Takaki-kun decides to say “I’m Japanese idol” in English.

She doesn’t quite believe it at first, so they write their group’s name and their own names down for her. She appears to recognize the names, and gets quite excited.

Takaki-kun says “thank you” in response.

And there were pictures:

In all the fun, they forgot to ask about the château, but they find it without much trouble.

At this point, I was tempted to count how many times they were going to say “sugoi” (amazing) and “dekke~” (huge). Takaki-kun especially has a propensity for using the latter word at every turn (albeit the thing he’s looking at when he does is always quite large).

The shot of the château used for the narrator’s explanation is better at conveying its magnificence.

Some interior shots for your consideration:

And then they emerge to get a view from the balcony.

Next, they try to plot their course to Lyon, and decide that they have to head for Nevers.

As they sit on the platform, Takaki-kun reflects that it’s been an amazingly long day, and I have to admit that he’s right. This has felt like the most complete episode so far.

On the train, they look through the guide for details about Lyon . . .

. . . but where the heck do they end up?

I wondered if that the accidental trip to Orléans was actually deliberate at the end of the last episode. Seeing this episode, with them just backtracking to Saint Pierre des Corps, I lean toward it being a genuine mistake. Consider how weary Chinen was in this episode, and it’s pretty clear that he’s not sleeping soundly in France. With them finding themselves at Riom at the end of this episode, maybe they really are this clueless. Still not sure, though. Anyway, hopefully there will be more reflection about upon this second mistake.

This was a good episode. They saw yet another great landmark and spoke to some more of the locals, and ended up in even more trouble. We found out that Takaki-kun, like Kitayama-kun, has no trouble introducing himself as a Japanese idol and, also like Kitayama-kun, has trouble getting the locals to believe him. We also discovered that Chinen-kun is either having trouble getting proper sleep in an unfamiliar environments (I think we’ve all experienced that to a greater or lesser degree) or he still needs a kindergarten-style nap-time (or, as Churchill preferred to put it in his memoirs, a siesta).

Looks like things are trending in the right direction. I still wish there was a chance of them running out of money, but with the cost of the hotel room at Orléans not even mentioned, it looks like that particular struggle is out of the picture.