So, score it four out of five weeks in fall where the number one single sold less than 100,000. At least we’ll start getting out of the doldrums next week, with Arashi and AKB48 kicking off the winter buying season.

The number one single this week as the appropriately named “Go to the top” from Koda Kumi-san, selling 54,559 copies.

Super Girls’ “Akai Jounetsu” was at #2 with a razor’s edge difference in sales – 53,607.

Halloween Junky Orchestra saw a very strong second week in sales of “Halloween Party” at #5, adding 13,284 (more than 20% of first week sales) for a total of 69,866.

“Ikujinashi Masquerade” from Sashihara Rino with Anrire took #12, selling 7,519 in a respectable second week, giving the single a total of 75,922.

KARA was at #13 with “Electric Boy” seeing 7,490 in sales for a two-week total of 65,382. This was a pretty good second week tally considering the first week numbers.

SKE48’s “Kisu Datte Hidarikiki” remained in the ranking in week 6, taking the #15 spot for a running total for 570,150.

Kimura Kaela-san’s “Sun shower” debuted at #16, selling 6,492.

“Beautiful Life / GAME” from Fukuyama Masaharu-san was at #19, giving it a total of 164,047 over three weeks.

Hikawa Kiyoshi-san’s “Saigo to Kimeta Onna Dakara” took #24 in its sixth week, now at a total of 88,071, steadily inching its way to gold.

Finally, “Gingham Check” from AKB48 held onto #28, managing to stay in the top thirty until it could hand the baton over to “UZA”. Its nine week sales total is 1,289,298.

In albums, Kanjani8 retained the top spot, with “8EST” selling 32,656 to give it a two-week total of 331,041 – a respectable 10% second week.

Within 1% of that top spot, Ieiri Leo-san (家入レオ)’s “LEO” sold 32,355 at number two. Getting a chance to hear a bit of what she had to offer, I have a positive first impression, and intend to take further opportunities to hear her work.

Ieiri-san just managed to hold Taylor Swift at bay, as “Red” took the #3 spot with 32,073 copies sold. This has to be the closest 1-2-3 I’ve ever seen in the album sales.

Yamashita Tatsuro-san continues to go strong at #6, with “Opus ~All Time Best 1975-2012~” adding 20,342 for a five-week total of 459,664.

Kobukuro was also still in the top ten, grabbing #8 with 11,454 more copies of “All Singles Best 2″ sold to bring the total to 660,066.

And with that, let the flurry of big numbers begin!