I think there’s also going to be a lot of shaking up between the dramas, since a lot of their premises looked good initially, leading to a lot of 10%+ ratings on the first episodes, but viewers will have to decide which show executes on its promise the best. I’ve had trouble picking between them myself. I’m going with MONSTERS and Piece, and am leaning towards adding Ooku because the subtitlers on that series seem to be among the quickest to get subs out. Other than that, I’m still weighing Perfect Blue (which also has consistent subtitles), Doctor X (looks good on subs so far), Resident (no subs in sight), and Priceless (Jounetsu_8 just picked it up and episode 1 subs are up). I’d love to track Aibou 11, too, but there isn’t even a hint that anyone is going to sub it.

You can get information on all of this season’s dramas, at the most recent of the bi-weekly TokyoHive articles here.

Prime Time Shows

Doctor X  (01) 18.6%, (02) 17.6%

Aibou 11  (01) 19.9%, (02) 17.3%, (03) 16.5%

Priceless (01) 16.9%

MONSTERS  (01) 13.8%, (02) 13.4%

Akumu-chan  (01) 13.6%, (02) 10.7%, (03) 12.9%

Tokyo Airport  (01) 14.0%, (02) 9.4%, (03) 9.3%

Ooku  (01) 11.6%, (02) 10.6%, (03) 7.9%

Perfect Blue  (01) 9.0%, (02) 7.1%, (03) 9.2%

Resident  (01) 8.4%, (02) 6.2%

Koukou Nyushi  (01) 7.7%, (02) 6.3%, (03) 7.0%, (04) 4.9%

Late Night Shows

Poison  (01) 3.7%, (02) 3.5%, (03) 3.0%, (04) 3.3%

Piece  (01) 2.5%, (02) 3.4%, (03) 2.0%, (04) 1.8%

Doctor X is still going surprisingly strong. While I like Yonekura Ryoko-san, I didn’t really see anything to special recommend the show – it leans heavily on stereotypes and doesn’t seem to have anything out of the ordinary. I’ll keep looking for its merits, and if I find anything outstanding, I’ll probably end up reviewing it.

The battle for the top looks like one between Doctor X, Aibou 11, and Priceless. Let’s see if Kimura Takuya-san can pull out a come-from-behind win.

MONSTERS, Akumu-chan, and Perfect Blue look like they’re holding relatively steady.

Like I said in my previous ratings article, there’s every reason I should have been interested in Tokyo Airport and Koukou Nyushi, yet they bored me with their first episodes, so I’m not surprised to see them having trouble retaining the first episode audience. Still, since they both have an interesting premise, I doubt they’ll completely collapse.

I’m still not sure what to think about Ooku and Resident. We’ll see.

Poison’s chugging along fine in late-night, but Piece has taken a tumble compared to its predecessors. I think the remarkably darker tone of Piece, and difficult subject matter, might put off some of its natural audience. I will, of course, discuss this more in my reviews. It looks like the subtitling of this series is picking up, so I should be able to close the gap with the show.