This episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) is somewhat of a recap special, but it features all five members of Arashi in the share house set discussing past episodes and viewing VTRs of famous scenes or scenes that weren’t aired. It’s sort of reminiscent of similar episodes in their older shows when they used to run highlight reels but goof off between them. If you’re an Arashi fan, you’ll probably like this episode, because we haven’t seen them reflect on their share house escapades as a group. On the other hand, this is a language-intensive episode, and with all the clips, it’s tough to use the flow of events to understand what’s going on.

After they make a lengthy approach to the studio, their entry is pretty bland, and they settle in quickly. Then, out of all things, Sakurai-san prompts Ohno-san for an “American joke.” Ohno-san points out that there wasn’t one in the script, but Sakurai-san doesn’t let him off the hook, so Ohno-san starts to tell one . . .

. . . but thankfully the doorbell interrupts. Instead of a guest, they receive an envelope with three discs marked as “video restricted for special purposes” (a rough translation of 禁断のワケあり動画 – kindan no wakeari douga).

They immediately start with the first DVD, which focuses on the exploits of the female guests. Since it was a quick sequence of clips and translation is probably required, I won’t attempt to describe each clip. Instead, how about some screenshots for a taste, starting with Ueto Aya-san . . .

. . . continuing with Rola-san . . .

. . . and Becky-san . . .

. . . among others.

Oh, and Ayase Haruka-san:

After that, it went right into a sequence of guests getting their taste of Aiba Tea.

The first DVD ends with that epic Aiba Tea sequence. Aside from that, I think the bit with Becky-san was the best. After seeing the DVD, the Arashi guys wonder about Aiba Tea and discuss it at length. Aiba-kun feels like his name has become associated with bitterness.

Apparently to remedy this, Aiba-kun has concocted some new things to drink – potential new Aiba Teas, if you will – and the Arashi members do the pilot taste test. Judging from the responses, I think Aiba-kun’s name might be associated with far worse than bitterness after the rest of the entertainment world is subjected to this.

Of course, at key junctures, they used janken to decide who would be subjected to the drinks, and there were plenty of extreme expressions along the way.

After they apparently added an “Aiba Juice” and “Aiba Drink” into the mix alongside Aiba Tea, they started the second DVD. This one had moments for each of the members, starting with the excessively relaxed Nino-kun:

For MatsuJun, it was more about what was said about him behind his back, especially the shortening of his name to “J”:

With Aiba-kun, it’s all about the “happenings” around him and how he has to constantly repeat “ゴメンネ” (gomen ne – oops, sorry) or just “gomen” (sorry/pardon me).

They ultimately get up to a count of 36 times he said it, and decided to consult a counselor about his behavior:

Ohno-san is revealed to be different from the other members in a very particular way – he likes to head out the same door as the person he’s paired up with for the episode instead of his own door.

I didn’t really get what Sakurai-san’s video was about, and I don’t think he appreciated it, either.

After that DVD, they realized that Ohno-san had a conundrum to resolve, because this time he had to pick one of their doors to exit the set. In all the previous episodes of HNA, he had only been with one other Arashi, so that was easy. Who does Ohno-san like the most in Arashi?

I think I’ll leave that result as a surprise. After that, it was time for the last DVD – this one on dangerous stuff withheld from broadcast. The first bit was with Yokoyama-kun:

After that, the culprits were Nino-kun, Ohno-san . . .

. . . and the final clip to cap it off involved this English-speaking fellow:

With all the DVDs watched, it was time to leave . . .

. . . but when Ohno-san tried to sneak through the door of his chosen Arashi member, things got difficult for him.

And I think that leaves no question about who the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi for the episode was – Ohno-san. He had many of the best faces during the taste test and was central to the other parts outside of the DVDs.

I’m a bit ambivalent about the episode as a whole, but it was pretty entertaining if you just compare it to other share house segments. The VTRs were packaged in a way that made them easy to digest. Somehow, though, the episode still felt quite slow except for the taste test bit. As I’ve said before – if Aiba Tea (or now its derivatives) is the highlight of the show, then it’s a slow episode. There were aspects to it that made up for the downsides, though – especially the presence of the entire group.