This week on KisuHama Learning (キス濱ラーニング), the Kis-My-Ft2 guys continue learn English words in a 100 yen shop that they really wouldn’t need to know if they visited a dollar store. After all, if you really went to a store, you don’t actually need to name everything you want to buy. So, while it’s nice to see them learn English, I’m not really sure this is the English that they really need to learn. Oh, well, you take what you can get, I guess.

Last time, we found out that they know more words for stationary in English than I know in Japanese, though that was only with a cram study session before they started the challenge. Credit where credit’s due, though, they definitely won’t be forgetting the English names of the items they were forced to pay for as punishment for getting them wrong. So far, they’ve been at it for three hours and fifteen minutes, they’ve taken on the challenge fourteen times without being able to clear a list of ten items, and they’ve borne a total cost of 11025 yen (around $135).

I love this one:

The way Miyata-kun pronounced the answer, though, was horrible. It was “chopu steak.” Unfortunately, Yamamoto-san, who popped up to clarify the pronunciations last time, didn’t appear to straighten that out.

How about this:

Considering how bad I am with them, “muddler” is about right. Yokoo-kun got this answer, but I would have never guessed what he said was “peeler.”

Despite his weak pronunciation skills, Miyata-kun tends to get a lot of the answers, so he knows his stuff. This time, though, we did get a pronunciation fix:

Wait a minute! Where’s Yamamoto-san? They got a new person this time! As you might have guessed, she’s worse. She made a hash of “aluminum foil” – doing a shockingly bad job of “foil.”

Even I don’t know this one:

You know what I’d probably call it? “That sesame thing.” Yup, definitely. They were given a hint that it’s the same word used for the thing that grinds coffee beans . . . but that’s called a coffee grinder, right? Well, apparently I’m missing an entire part of the coffee experience.

A coffee mill, huh? Strikes me that the hint was completely useless.

The pronunciation woman came up again, but she again didn’t do a very good job. The problem is while she’s got the stresses right, the rhythm of the words is off and she drops the long “e” at the end of “sesame.”

Well, the boys have to buy fifteen of those sesame mills (because it’s their fifteenth try – failure just keeps getting more expensive for them):

Time for attempt number sixteen:

I thought Kitayama-kun did a good enough job of “turner”, but they had the woman pop back up, and to her credit, she did an even better job.

I can’t believe Nikaido-kun didn’t get this one (and his attempts to say the words were completely unintelligible):

It looks like he has the worst success rate. Miyata-kun has the best rate, with Kitayama-kun close behind.

That’ll be sixteen flyswatters:

With the stakes continuing to go up, they take some more time to study:

At the start of their eighteenth try, let me ask everybody this: what’s a cruet?

Again, I think you can guess what I’d call this, right? “That thing you pour soy sauce with.” A bit verbose, I know, but it gets the point across.

I thought paper towels came in big rolls and small boxes like this contained tissue paper:

Apparently, they package things a bit differently in Japan. In the eighteenth round, they’re getting closer than ever to success. Can they make it?

No. No, they can’t. Because Tamamori-kun called it a “brome” instead of a “broom.” That’s eighteen brooms, with Tamamori-kun’s average going down and Miyata-kun getting a very respectable 85%.

Then they had to get nineteen bottle openers . . .

. . . and Senga-kun ran out of money, so Hamaguchi-san had to make a loan.

Okay, who had the plunger on their vocab list?

Even though Senga-kun was pushed to answer (getting it wrong), it turns out it was on Nikaido-kun’s part. He’s . . . really bad at this sort of thing, isn’t he?

Twenty plungers, and Nikaido-kun needs to take out a loan, too.

They started the next round easy – it’s the same in Japanese as it is in English:

Fujigaya-kun got that without trouble. Next . . . Senga!!!

Light ball? Really?

And so it goes:

There’s eight more minutes of program time left. Can they clear a round before they have to leave?

I have to object to this one:

It’s trash can, surely. And this one:

It’s a frying pan, not a fry pan. I don’t blame Tamamori-kun for having trouble with this:

I’ll leave what happens after that as a surprise.

Well, it was once again a fun episode because it was so easy to follow. With the stakes higher, it was more exciting than last week’s run. The wrong choices was also often amusing.

The only disappointment was the lack of utility of the English they were being made to learn, but that has nothing to do with entertainment value. And the format – making them buy the items when they named them incorrectly – could only work in this sort of store and with these sorts of items. So, like I said at the beginning, you take what you can get.

Next time, they’re going to be learning their own language (specifically kanji) by eating sushi. Sounds delicious, but they don’t look to happy about it in the preview shot: