This week on Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) featured the “Share House” segment followed by “The Last Mission.” In other words, I was sorely tempted to skip the first half because I really wanted to see the second. But hey, there’s something to be said for delay of gratification.

Our Arashi members for this episode were Aiba-kun and Matsumoto-kun, and they entered in a completely relaxed mood. They talked about the fact that neither one of them has done the share house segment with Ohno-san.

Before they’re even a minute in, the doorbell rings. I guess someone sensed that they didn’t have much to talk about.

The guest was Naka Riisa-san (仲 里依紗), who was in the drama Lucky Seven with MatsuJun and is in Resident~5-nin no Kenshui this season.

For some reason, her facial features remind me of Nino-kun’s, almost like she’s his younger sister. Some of her expressions also remind me of him.

The talk kicked off with Riisa-san’s experience working with MatsuJun, and continued from there.

Riisa-san is an engaging speaker, but I had very little idea what it was all about. She talked quickly and at length. I didn’t get the feeling that the topics were too significant, though – friends, lifestyle, and the like.

They congratulated her on her 23rd birthday, which was spot-on this episode’s air date.

She doesn’t like birthday parties or all the trappings thereof, so they decided not to do any of that, but they did talk about how she felt about turning 23. That somehow turned into talk about “アッシー” (asshi-) which I had to look up, and means “a man who drives a woman around for free; man used by a woman for his car.” There’s such a thing? It’s so common it gets distilled into a two-syllable word in Japanese?

According to Riisa-san, with an アッシー, she’s a “woman in good condition/circumstances” (都合のいい女).

Somehow, that talk moved to tech talk. I hesitate to try to explain how one topic led to the other, since I’m not entirely sure I’m translating properly, but I think you can draw some logical links between the two.

On to the food, they had “佐世保バーガー” (Sasebo burger) on the menu.

They got down to cooking, though it doesn’t seem Riisa-san normally cooks this dish. MatsuJun proposed janken as a way to assign tasks, and had to give Riisa-san guidance about how to prepare the avocado.

But then he made a total hash of the eggs:

What a mess! They have other stuff, including gyoza, prepared as well, and however the burgers turned out, they had a real feast to eat. Frankly, the burgers looked more than sufficient on their own (of course, I’d pick out all the veggies – that’s just the way I am – but it still looked hefty with all the bacon, cheese, egg, and patty).

Aiba-kun actually stuffed a gyoza into his, and named it . . .

After the meal, there was a special arrival:

Very Nino-like, Riisa-san suggested not opening the veranda door for the delivery men.

They opened it anyway, and here’s the result:

Okay, once they start sleeping, I stop paying attention. I’m sure the mattresses were comfy and all, but it’s time for “The Last Mission”.

They kicked it off with a message from Sakurai-san, who is normally a part of this segment, but escaped this time.

Of course, Aiba-kun is the second most-frequent victim, and promised not to lose this time.

The penalty for the first game (again) was to show how they would really kiss someone. The actual game was . . . I don’t know what to call it . . . pedestal tug-of-war maybe?

The guest fighter was Japan’s strongest K-1 kickboxer, Musashi-san (武蔵).

Umm . . . no offense to the Arashi boys, but they don’t have a chance, do they? So, who will lose – MatsuJun or Aiba-kun? Or will Aiba-kun pull off an unbelievable miracle?

The second battle was to see how long they could hang from a bar without dropping, and the penalty was to do PR for a minute. Aiba-kun doesn’t appear to have much confidence.

This time, the guest was much more manageable – comedian Kojima Yoshio-san.

Who’ll fall first?

The final penalty was, as usual, to take part in the act of a famous comedic duo. The game to avoid that fate was the same one Aiba-kun failed miserably in last time – dashing in place, with the last person to score 500 steps losing.

The opposition is also the same – Nakayama Kinnikun. Nakayama-san got second place last time, and wants to win it outright.

Naturally, I think Aiba-kun would be best with the comedy duo, so I’m hoping for another fail from him in this game. How will it go?

Unfortunately, the duo that the loser has to join is one of my least favorite – COWCOW. Oh, well.

It was a good episode. Naka Riisa-san brought plenty of energy to the first segment, though being unable to understand the conversation made it a bit difficult. They didn’t really do much except for talk, eat, and sleep, so it certainly wasn’t the most exciting share house ever. The Last Mission made up for that, though. I have to give the Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi to Aiba-kun, since in every single game, it seemed like it was his to win or lose. MatsuJun did what MatsuJun does – consistent to a fault. The burden was really on Aiba-kun to make it interesting.