The full title of this show is “Johnny’s Journey – Hey! Say! JUMP Takaki Yuya & Chinen Yuri Futarikki France Juudan Kakuekiteisha no Tabi (縦断各駅停車の旅 – flying through/cutting across local trains trip). As the title indicates, it features two members of Hey! Say! Jump traveling across France in trains without any guidance. If you’re hunting for this episode, you’ll probably find it easiest with J’J and either Takaki or Chinen’s name in Japanese (高木 and 知念 respectively).

In this second episode, Takaki-kun and Chinen-kun have to do what they failed to do in the first episode: get out of Paris. It begins with a recap of last time’s triumphs and travails.

Very early on day two (5:20 A.M.), they leave their hotel, and try again for a train west to Mont Saint-Michel.

Looking at the big boards for the train they want is no help, so it’s back to the information booth. Takaki-kun wisely goes with English to communicate, and achieves great success without Chinen-kun having to pull out the iPhone and its translator app.

The man kindly writes out the route for them. It will take ten hours and they’re making two stops on the way. First, they go from Paris to Rouen, then from Rouen to Caen, and finally from Caen to Pontorson. After getting the instructions, Takaki-kun breathes a sigh of relief.

The announcer explains that they would have been able to get to Pontorson directly using the TGV bullet trains (similar to the Japanese Shinkansen), but the point of this trip is that they’re not going to do that. Hence the more interesting alternate route.

The train turns out to be a double-decker, and the boys are fascinated by this, and by the train door. I think they’re overdoing the reactions a bit – either that, or it’s really, really good that they’re on this trip because they clearly needed to get out more.

They get settled in on the upper deck with Takaki-kun declaring the seats “オシャレ” (oshare – stylish). I get the feeling this is a word he uses often.

And they’re off! It’s a pretty empty train though – I guess getting the early train is a good idea. On the way to Rouen, they exchange light banter, inspired by the scenery.

Quickly enough, they’re at Rouen. And while there are sights in Rouen like the local Notre Dame Cathedral, seeing those sights isn’t what you do if you’re in a French city walking around aimlessly early in the morning.

What do you do? Well, exactly what Chinen-kun and Takaki-kun did – follow your nose to the bakery. Notice the croissant door handle.

Bread in hand (and in mouth), they start hitting the sights, heading for the tallest towers in view.

The trouble with tall towers is that camera angle options are limited – the camera person has to get on the ground and aim up.

They make it back to the station in time, though they had to rush.

On board, they take a nap after the morning’s excitement. I swear, in some ways they’re like tall kindergarteners, aren’t they?

In a flash, they’re in Caen, where they have ample time to wander around.

Well, they got the bread, so next is cheese. I don’t suppose they’ll go for wine next, will they?

I have never taken a bite out of cheese like Takaki-kun did, and that’s because I’ve never found cheese – especially fine cheese as this undoubtedly was – to be good eating on its own. I think Takaki-kun found that out.

Despite his example, Chinen took a nibble out of his, as well. That also didn’t turn out well.

Takaki-kun then threw out the least credible “umai” (delicious/yum) ever. He declared the cheese Chinen-kun picked to be the better of the two.

After that, they just relaxed until it was time to return to the station.

Finally, they’re on the last leg of their journey to Pontorson and Mont Saint-Michel. This time, their talk touched on a range of stuff, including Summary.

To wrap things up, there was the studio session with Yabu-kun and Hikaru-kun. Yabu-kun brought out a dispenser in which they placed questions they wrote. They would then take turns letting the dispenser pop out a question for them.

Only Hikaru-kun took a question this time. I think it asked where/in what he thought he was cool. He answered that it was the fact that any clothes seemed to suit him.

While Hikaru-kun was amusing, I found this way of ending things to be very weird, because it didn’t have anything at all to do with Chinen-kun or Takaki-kun. They didn’t really say much through it – it was all Yabu and Hikaru.

This was a slower episode. There really has to be a bit of struggle – struggle is a big part of what makes a journey interesting. This time, they just ate bread and cheese, and took some pictures in front of a cathedral, and while they tried their best to make that seem interesting, they were just passing through. Hopefully, when they spend a whole episode at a location, they’ll get into some mischief.

Next time, Takaki-kun and Chinen-kun will reach Mont Saint-Michel.