The previous episode of Sprout (スプラウト) ended with Miyuki (Kojima Fujiko) disappearing, which means that Souhei (Chinen Yuri) has to go search for her . . .

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. . . and get his best buds Arata (Yasui Kentaro) and Takeru (Tanaka Juri) to do so as well – with the viewer knowing that Takeru also has feelings for Miyuki.

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It sounds like she didn’t go far, though.

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Miku (Morikawa Aoi) talks it over with Hayato (Lewis Jesse):

Sprout Ep 10 012Sprout Ep 10 013

When she tells Hayato that Souhei and Miyuki had a fight, he remembers seeing Souhei and Miku together.

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Once again, though, the story depends on these teenagers not telling one another about the issues they have with each other. It’s all about keeping feelings secret until . . . well, until they decide to disappear for a while.

Sprout Ep 10 017

I’ll have to make a note of that – romantic plots depend heavily on lack of communication. Oh, looks like Souhei’s finally found Miyuki:

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Does she look like she’s ready to talk?

Sprout Ep 10 021

Well, she does talk. She was, of course, testing Souhei. But is this a pass or fail?

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Miku delivers the news to Hayato, but the fact that she seems more concerned about how Souhei’s feelings than Miyuki’s welfare leaves Hayato cold.

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Hayato looks like he’s about to communicate what he’s thinking to Miku, but naturally decides to keep his mouth shut and turn away. Love as a guessing game.

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We get a little flashback about the significance of the place Souhei found Miyuki.

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And then a repeat of it in the present, with different results. Actually, rather the opposite results.

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I wonder if this is really in-character for Miyuki. Would she really be willing to give up Souhei, when she has been so protective of him and jealous of Miku’s encroachment?

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At the same time, Hayato is putting light years between himself and Miku:

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Souhei, at least, has something to say to Miyuki:

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But suddenly, it looks like Miyuki understands what’s happened. As if she had an epiphany, she starts talking and making sense:

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Perhaps she was thinking this all along, but was unwilling to admit it? That doesn’t explain the way she acted and her expressions in earlier episodes, though, so I think she only recently came to this realization. I still can’t figure Miyuki out, but that’s fine, because the guy who’s been her boyfriend for years can’t, either.

Sprout Ep 10 065

Somehow, she’s managed some character development, separating her identity from Souhei’s . . .

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. . . but we really didn’t get to see that, did we? How will Souhei react to her words?

Sprout Ep 10 069Sprout Ep 10 071

This was easily the most difficult scene in this series for the actors, and it’s the story’s pivotal scene. It had to happen at some point – here it is. And the actors did a pretty good job of it, too – just the right blend of emotions. Given only this one chance to do her character justice, Kojima-san succeeded.

Sprout Ep 10 070

Does a similar moment lie in the future for Miku and Hayato?

Takki (Hashimoto Ryosuke) once again displays unusual empathy, diagnosing immediately what’s wrong with Souhei, and prescribing – what else? – games as the remedy:

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In the end, Souhei concludes that Takki is the perfect person to talk to . . .

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. . . and he’s probably right.

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It’s probably a sign of how low my expectations have become that I came away from the episode thinking, “well, at least something happened.” To be fair, though, we saw some really good acting this time around, and the time passed at a better pace than usual. No snail crawl.

Thanks to arisu_subs for the wonderful subtitles.