This is the final episode of HamaKisu (濱キス), but don’t worry, it’s just changing its name to “KisuHama Learning” (キス濱ラーニング) and will be back under that name next week. There’s a website キス濱ラーニング.com which doesn’t have much on it for now, but bears the distinction of being the first website I’ve ever visited that doesn’t use the latin alphabet in its address – something that only recently became possible. It comes out as gibberish in the address bar, though, showing the raw code – I hope they fix that.

Anyway, on with the show. What will we get as a grand finale? A teary graduation? Or something more surprising? Maybe both:

HamaKisu Finale 003HamaKisu Finale 001HamaKisu Finale 002

The plan for this episode seems to revolve around one word – kandou (感動 – being emotionally moved). Of course, any variety show star would have to be ready to display that kind of reaction at a moment’s notice. What sort of stimuli does Hamaguchi-san have planned?

HamaKisu Finale 004HamaKisu Finale 005

First, there’s the graduation scene:

HamaKisu Finale 006HamaKisu Finale 007

Notice the kandou meter we get in the corner, just to give us a reference about what to expect (of course, any meter like that will eventually reach 100%).

HamaKisu Finale 008

Nikaido-kun implies that it seemed like a dokkiri (prank). How prescient of him.

HamaKisu Finale 009HamaKisu Finale 010

Hamaguchi-san himself tries to set the scene properly, looking quite serious and saying that he would have preferred it if was a dokkiri.

HamaKisu Finale 011HamaKisu Finale 012

When the Kis-My-Ft2 members fail miserably to do things properly, though, he comes out with it:

HamaKisu Finale 013HamaKisu Finale 014

And I really share Hamaguchi-san’s sense of dismay. Has he taught them nothing about variety shows in the past six months? (Just a note: since they presumably don’t know that the end of this show will be followed by the new show, they are understandably uncertain about the implications of this ceremony.)

Tamamori-kun mumbles something about motivation and Hamaguchi-san has to ask him to speak up.

HamaKisu Finale 015HamaKisu Finale 016HamaKisu Finale 017

All Hamaguchi-san wanted from them was a simple “yay!” but he’s not going to get it.

HamaKisu Finale 019

Senga-kun seems to be getting in the right mood, at least:

HamaKisu Finale 020HamaKisu Finale 021HamaKisu Finale 022

Miyata-kun, however, manages to bring the average kandou level down:

HamaKisu Finale 023

During a set change, the cameras keep recording the Kis-My-Ft2 members, and we find out that Kitayama-kun is very good at turning on the tears.

HamaKisu Finale 024HamaKisu Finale 025HamaKisu Finale 026HamaKisu Finale 027

Then, it’s VTR time, focusing on Tamamori-kun’s development:

HamaKisu Finale 028HamaKisu Finale 029HamaKisu Finale 030HamaKisu Finale 031HamaKisu Finale 032HamaKisu Finale 033

That gets the kandou level up to 40%, with Tamamori-kun finally getting the mood of the situation.

HamaKisu Finale 034

Kitayama-kun has no trouble at all, and the others look ready to audition for a drama, too.

HamaKisu Finale 035HamaKisu Finale 036HamaKisu Finale 037

The next VTR was Kitayama-kun’s:

HamaKisu Finale 038HamaKisu Finale 039HamaKisu Finale 040HamaKisu Finale 041HamaKisu Finale 043HamaKisu Finale 044HamaKisu Finale 045

After a little check on everyone . . .

HamaKisu Finale 046HamaKisu Finale 047

. . . it’s time for Fujigaya-kun’s VTR, featuring an off-shot between him and Nikaido-kun:

HamaKisu Finale 049HamaKisu Finale 050HamaKisu Finale 051

At this point, Senga-kun can barely get words through his choked-up voice.

HamaKisu Finale 053HamaKisu Finale 054HamaKisu Finale 055

This is hilarious. It looks like they’re only doing VTRs for Tamamori, Kitayama, and Fujigaya. That’s fine, since seven VTRs of stuff we’ve already seen would really make the show drag. It’s time to hand out the degrees:

HamaKisu Finale 056HamaKisu Finale 057HamaKisu Finale 058

Next, Hamaguchi-san tries to get them up to 100% on the kandou meter by making a moving speech.

HamaKisu Finale 059HamaKisu Finale 060

After seeing this, I think Senga and Nikaido should do a comedy drama, and maybe Yokoo, too. Fujigaya and Tamamori were unfortunately stone-faced throughout the events, with Tamamori looking like he was holding back tears – I guess that counts as 100% for them, but I expect more. Kitayama-kun qualified for any drama he wants, as you might expect. Miyata was borderline, but I kept getting the feeling that he was on the verge of laughing.

HamaKisu Finale 062

But after the graduation . . .

HamaKisu Finale 063HamaKisu Finale 065HamaKisu Finale 066

. . . it’s time to reveal the dokkiri!

HamaKisu Finale 067

You see, the Kis-My-Ft2 members didn’t know that the show would continue under a different name next season – they thought they were done for good. We flash back to the moment when Kitayama-kun was at his emotional peak, this time looking at the expression on Hamaguchi’s face.

HamaKisu Finale 068HamaKisu Finale 069

Here’s the setup for the dokkiri, an hour and a half after the graduation scene, with the staff of the show eating together and hidden cameras all around.

HamaKisu Finale 070HamaKisu Finale 071HamaKisu Finale 072HamaKisu Finale 073

What’s going to happen? The dokkiri is all about the way Hamaguchi-san decides to tell them about “KisuHama.” Here’s a taste of their reaction:

HamaKisu Finale 074

Even Hamaguchi-san didn’t know the name of the new show, and I think his “eh?”, laugh, and “majika?” pretty much sum everything up:

HamaKisu Finale 075HamaKisu Finale 076HamaKisu Finale 077

Well, there you go. This was an excellent way to conclude the adventures of the past six months. The new show will be at the same time, in the same place, and it looks like we’re still going to get on-location challenges. So, I’m a happy camper, and I’ll plan to review the new series as long as it’s available.

HamaKisu Finale 078