Arashi and AKB48 now officially have company in the 500,000+ club, as SKE48 took the number one spot in singles this week, with “Kisu Datte Hidarikiki” (キスだって左利き) selling 511,472. I managed to hear the title song, and it is the very picture of a stereotypical AKB family song. No chances were taken with this song – definitely not on the vocals, which were depressingly unremarkable and fully scrubbed, but also not in the music. I’ve heard AKB songs that push their own boundaries, but this one was aimed dead center. It might be the most boring song I have ever listened to.

Prince of Enka Hikawa Kiyoshi-san (氷川きよし)’s “Saigo to Kimeta Onna Dakara” (最後と決めた女だから) took number two with 56,512 sold. Considering it will probably hover around the ranking for months, selling a few thousand a week for the rest of this year, this probably counts as a good showing with an easy road to gold. I took the opportunity to listen to it as well, and while listening to Kiyoshi is always a pleasure because of the subtleties in his singing, this was a smooth ballad lacking in the fireworks that I usually prefer.

“Kageboushi” (カゲボウシ) from Porno Graffiti (ポルノグラフィティ) sold 29,111 to get to number three.

Bump of Chicken‘s “firefly” was at #4, selling 14,213 for a two-week total of 93,149, aiming for gold next week.

AKB48’s “Gingham Check” held #6, now totaling 1,267,769.

KAT-TUN was right behind, with 11,862 copies of “Fumetsu no Scrum” sold in its second week, bringing the total to 168,921.

It’s worth mentioning Nakashima Mika, who was recently the guest on Himitsu no Arashi-chan. Her “Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Nara” was at #9, selling 10,746.

At #12 was “24karats TRIBE OF GOLD” from EXILE TRIBE, now with a total of 186,053.

Kanjani8’s “Aoppana” held #14 for a total of 230,939.

“Hashire! Bicycle” from Nogizaka46 still makes an appearance in the rankings at #19 with 3,815 new sales.

Kis-My-Ft2 took #20, selling 3,619 for a total of 343,766.

In albums, Superfly grabbed the number one spot by selling 119,249 copies of “Force.”

That kept SKE48 from getting both the number one single and the number one album this week (and I guess that has to be considered a minor disappointment for them). Instead, “Kono Hi no Chime no Wasurenai” was at #2, just shy of Superfly with 110,613 albums sold.

Kobukuro stayed strong with “All Singles Best 2” selling an additional 56,294 in week three, bringing the total to 567,049.

Finally, Nishino Kana‘s “Love Place” was at #6, adding 28,266 for a total inches away from platinum, at 249,495.