Here are the final ratings for the Summer Dramas I’ve been tracking. You can get information on other dramas, plus a lot more, at the TokyoHive article here. Season Averages are the official numbers for the dramas that have finished, and simple averages for the once that haven’t.

Prime Time Shows

GTO  (Season Average) 13.2%, (Final Episode) 14.3%

Iryu Sosa 2  (Season Average) 12.4%, (Final Episode) 13.1%

Ghost Mama Sousasen  (Season Average) 10.9%, (Final Episode) 11.1%

Summer Rescue  (Season Average) 9.9%, (Final Episode) 8.6%

Kuro no Onna Kyoushi  (Season Average) 9.9%, (Final Episode) 8.0%

Beginners!  (Season Average) 7.3%, (Final Episode) 5.7%

Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan  (Season Average) 6.1%, (Final Episode) 4.4%

Boys on the Run  (Season Average) 5.9%, (Final Episode) 6.3%

Late Night Shows

Sprout  (Season Average) 2.7% (Final Episode) ?

Basically, the dramas fell into two categories – those that finished strong, and those that finished weak. Clearly, GTO, Iryu Sosa 2, Ghost Mama Sousasen, and Boys on the Run were the strong ones. I have no idea what viewers saw in Ghost Mama Sousasen, but I’m still confident that I would have been blind to it.

The other shows just fizzled out (except for Sprout, which we don’t have the final number for, yet). This was most surprising in the case of Kuro no Onna Kyoushi, which took a last episode dip that kept it out of double-digit territory, despite having built up so much suspense. Maybe episode 9 answered everyone’s questions (it came pretty close) and viewers weren’t all that interested in the ultimate resolution after finding out what Toda-kun was up to.

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