A normal week on Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) consists of one segment where two member of Arashi host a female celebrity (currently the share house segment), and another segment which involves some sort of game involving a more mixed group of guests. This is a normal week, and the guest for share house is Nakashima Mika-san (中島 美嘉), followed by the “Otona wa Dekite Touzen Show” game segment.

Himitsu no Arashi Title

This is the first time Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san are handling the share house segment together, and they enter in a rush, out of breath, as if they almost didn’t make it.

Making an Entrance

Then they discover that they both take the same seat when hosting with the other members, and need to rearrange themselves.

Seating Issues 1Seating Issues 2Seating Issues 3

Nakashima-san arrives, and Sakurai-san comments that she looks like a foreigner.

Nakashima Arrives 1Nakashima Arrives 2Nakashima Arrives 3Nakashima Arrives 4

The normal confusion with seating ensues . . .

More Seating Issues 1More Seating Issues 2More Seating Issues 3

. . . and Nino-kun recalls working with Nakashima-san on “Ryusei no Kizuna“, though they’re surprised to learn that it’s been four years already.

Ryusei no Kizuna 1Ryusei no Kizuna 2Ryusei no Kizuna 3

What Nakashima-san doesn’t remember at all is meeting Sakurai-san at karaoke:

Karaoke 1Karaoke 2

She does enjoy karaoke, though, and even goes alone.

Hitori mo IkuHitori no Iku 2

Ninomiya-kun goes for something to drink, but doesn’t even offer Nakashima-san Aiba Tea. Is that joke dead? She has water instead.

No Aiba Tea

She surprises Sakurai-san by saying she doesn’t drink red wine. She apparently has the image of a red wine drinker.

Red Wine Drinker?Red Wine Drinker? 2

Sakurai-san asks her about her current obsession, but she doesn’t really have anything. As far as habits, she reads books and watches foreign dramas.

My Boom Nandesu ka? 1The WorstForeign Dramas

Sakurai-san follows up by wondering whether she watches “Sex and the City” (I guess this is another image thing), and when she immediately says she doesn’t, he seems relieved.

Sex and the City 1Sex and the City 2

After that, I tuned out to the talk, though I got some screencaps of interesting expressions from Nakashima-san:

Nakashima Expressions 1Nakashima Expressions 2Nakashima Expressions 3Nakashima Expressions 4Nakashima Expressions 5

What can I say? It was a boring conversation, but she had my full attention. Anyway, the conversation blended into mealtime, complete with menu:

MealtimeMealtime 2

The Arashi member played the same gag on Nakashima-san that Sakurai refused to do in the most recent VS Arashi:

Familiar Gag 1Familiar Gag 2

Sakurai-san comments that Nakashima’s tsukkomi (comeback/reaction) was cute:

Cute Tsukkomi 1Cute Tsukkomi 2

Much eating follows:

Eating 1Eating 2Eating 3Eating 4Eating 5Eating 6

We discover that Nakashima-san is a bit of a fussy eater (so am I – I’m not criticizing), even rejecting bread at one point. When the topic of tomatoes comes up . . .

Tomatoes 1Tomatoes 2

. . . and she says that she hates them . . .

Tomatoes 3

. . . the Arashi members quickly decide that the way to remedy this is with janken (rock-paper-scissors). Sure enough, Nakashima-san loses.

Janken 1Janken 2

She really doesn’t like tomatoes, tries to stuff it in Ninomiya’s mouth instead, and ultimately makes another face after tasting it.

Doesn't Like Tomatoes 1Doesn't Like Tomatoes 2

Then it’s time for her to plug Resident Evil 5 (or Biohazard 5 in Japan), where she plays a zombie:

Zombie Desu 1

With that, share house ended. In the end, even though I found Nakashima-san an engaging guest, the topics of discussion were entirely boring.

Luckily, we had the Otona wa Dekite Touzen Show to look forward to.

Otona wa Dekite Touzen

Manabe Kaori-san (眞鍋 かをり) joins Nino and Sakurai on the Arashi team:

Arashi Team

Hakata Hanamaru-san (博多華丸), Hakata Daikichi-san (博多大吉), and Yashiro Hideki-san (八代 英輝) were the opposing team.

Guest Team

The first challenge went to Nino and Hanamaru:

First Challenge 1

In it, they had to correctly name three Italian dishes – something I was completely unable to do (trying to play along, as usual):

First Challenge 2First Challenge 3First Challenge 4First Challenge 5

Next, it was Manabe and Yashiro . . .

Second Challenge 1Second Challenge 2

. . . and they had to say “arigatou” in four other languages – English, French, Italian, and Thai. I had trouble with Thai (my deepest apologies to the people of Thailand – I will study).

Second Challenge 3

The last pair was Sakurai and Daikichi . . .

Third Challenge 1

. . . who had to demonstrate a judo pin (I don’t know what it’s technically called, and definitely wouldn’t be able to do it properly):

Third Challenge 2Third Challenge 3

Finally, it was the three-on-three match:

Final ChallengeFinal Challenge 2Final Challenge 3

The question? Name the 47 divisions and prefectures (都道府県 – todoufuken) of Japan (without repeating). While I’d have no problem naming all 50 states in the U.S., my number on this one is too embarrassing to mention. Again, I have some studying to do.

And that was that. Aside from the judo, it was definitely possible to play along, and that’s what I look for in a quiz show. Of course, the judo bit was interesting to watch, too, but for other reasons.

The Most Omoshiroi Arashi was definitely Sakurai-san, because he drove the conversation and activities during the share house segment, and also for his interesting attempts at judo.