These are the new dramas starting in October, sorted by the day they air. The list is definitely not complete, and I’ll edit it as I get more information. If the drama’s name is a link, clicking it will lead you to a description at DramaWiki. Unfortunately, most of the dramas don’t have pages yet, but you can get good descriptions for most of the dramas here. If you know a show that should be added or have any additional information on the ones I’ve got here, please mention it in the comments.



Genre: Police

Cast: Katori Shingo, Yamashita Tomohisa

TOKYO Airport (TOKYOエアポート) – 21:00 Fuji TV

Genre: Airport Drama

Cast: Fukada Kyoko, Sasaki Nozomi, Seto Asaka

Hitori Shizuka (ヒトリシズカ) – 22:00 WOWOW

Genre: Crime Drama

Cast: Kaho, Takahashi Issei, Murakami Jun


Perfect Blue (パーフェクト・ブルー) – 20:00 TBS

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Cast: Takimoto Miori, Hirayama Aya, Mikami Kensei

Priceless – 21:00 Fuji TV

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kimura Takuya, Nakai Kiichi, Karina

Double Face – 21:00 TBS

Genre: Police

Cast: Kagawa Teruyuki, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Ito Atsushi


Osozaki no Himawari (遅咲きのヒマワリ) – 21:00 Fuji TV

Genre: Drama

Cast: Ikuta Toma, Maki Yoko, Kiritani Kenta

Going My Home (ゴーイングマイホーム) – 22:00 Fuji TV

Genre: Drama

Cast: Abe Hiroshi, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Miyazaki Aoi

Single Mothers – 22:00 NHK

Genre: Drama

Cast: Sawaguchi Yasuko, Tanaka Tetsushi, Kutsuna Shiori

Nemureru Mori no Jukujo (眠れる森の熟女) – 22:55 NHK

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kusakari Tamiyo, Seto Koji, Haba Yuichi


Aibou 11  (相棒 11) – 21:00 TV-Asahi

Genre: Action/Mystery

Cast: Mizutani Yutaka, Narimiya Hiroki

Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo (東京全力少女) – 22:00 NTV

Genre: Comedy (?)

Cast: Takei Emi, Watabe Atsuro, Higa Manami, Tsukamoto Takashi


Sousa Chizu no Onna (捜査地図の女) – 20:00 TV-Asahi

Genre: Police

Cast: Maya Miki

Resident ~ Go-nin no Kenshui (レジデント~5人の研修医) – 21:00 TBS

Genre: Medical Drama

Cast: Naka Riisa, Hayashi Kento, Masuda Takahisa

Doctor X ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko (ドクターX ~外科医・大門未知子) – 21:00 TV-Asahi

Genre: Medical Drama

Cast: Yonekura Ryoko

Kekkon Shinai (結婚しない) – 22:00 Fuji TV

Genre: Drama

Cast: Kanno Miho, Amami Yuki

Doku (毒<ポイズン>) – 23:58 NTV

Genre: Suspense

Cast: Ayabe Yuji, Usuda Asami, Watanabe Ikkei


Ooku ~ Tanjou ~ Arikoto. Iemitsu Hen (大奥 ~誕生~有功・家光篇) – 22:00 TBS

Genre: Edo Period

Cast: Sakai Masato, Tabe Mikako, Tanaka Koki


Makete, Katsu (負けて、勝つ) – 21:00 NHK

Genre: Historical – WWII

Cast: Watanabe Ken, Matsuyuki Yasuko, Tanihara Shosuke

Akumu-chan (悪夢ちゃん) – 21:00 NTV

Genre: Comedy (?)

Cast: Kitagawa Keiko, Gackt, Yuka

Koukou Nyushi (高校入試) – 23:10 Fuji TV

Genre: Mystery

Cast: Nagasawa Masami, Minamisawa Nao, Nakao Akiyoshi

Piece – 24:55 NTV

Genre: Drama

Cast: Nakayama Yuma, Honda Tsubasa, Matsumura Hokuto, Nozawa Yuki, Yasui Kentaro

All of which leads me to the question: which dramas will I watch starting in October? With Katori-san and Yamapi starring, “MONSTERS” definitely makes it onto the list.

I guess “Piece” is a must as well, since I’ve sort of established a pattern of reviewing the dramas in that slot with Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou and Sprout. I feel pretty confident that it’ll be more interesting than Sprout, and after their roles in GTO and Kuro no Onna Kyoushi respectively, I have continued interest in the careers of Honda Tsubasa-san and Matsumura Hokuto-kun.

That leaves a lot of dramas with all sorts of recognizable stars. Can I choose between Kimura Takuya-san, Abe Hiroshi-san, and Gackt-san? How about Yonekura Ryoko-san, Takimoto Miori-san, and Tabe Mikako-san? I like all of them, so it’ll all depend on the first episodes and the plots. From their descriptions, some of the plots seem quite dull, but you can never tell.

I’m surprised to see two medical dramas – “Doctor X” and “Resident ~ Go-nin no Kenshui” – in the exact same time slot. It’ll be interesting so see which of the two comes out ahead in terms of ratings.

Just judging from the descriptions, it’s unlikely that I’ll be very interested in “Going My Home” (in spite of Abe Hiroshi-san), “Osozaki no Himawari” (in spite of Ikuta Toma-san), and “Makete, Katsu” (in spite of Watanabe Ken-san) even though I already hate the idea of missing their performances. If you’ve read my reviews, you know I prefer fast-paced dramas, and none of these seems to fit the bill. In the case of “Makete, Katsu,” I also tend to shy away from treatments of that period in Japanese history.

We have a few more crime/mystery series here. I was disappointed by “Naniwa Shounen Tanteidan” and the other offerings in the summer, but Koukou Nyushi looks promising. Some of the cop dramas like Double Face might also be fun.