The number one single for this week was Fumetsu no Scrum (不滅のスクラム) from KAT-TUN, selling 157,059. This is almost exactly what KAT-TUN managed in the first week of their last single, “To the Limit”, which sold 156,351. Consistency’s good because it establishes a baseline. Now, with their variety show “KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru” going regular, will they be able to use that as a platform to promote themselves and build on this?

Bump of Chicken took #2, with 78,936 copies of “firefly” sold in its first week. I’ve liked this group’s music for a long time, mainly because of Fujiwara Motoo-san (藤原基央)’s vocals. Having heard the song, it’s got a nice pace and lives up to expectations. The music is a bit bland, though, and feels weak between verses.

Somehow, NMB48’s “Virginity” popped all the way back up to #3 after falling out of the top 30 two weeks ago, selling 32,005 this week. Since I lost track of it, I don’t have a grand total. I’m very curious about this number, and if anyone can offer an explanation for this sudden resurgence, please comment. I suppose it must have been sales at some kind of event. I checked the SoundScan ranking, and it doesn’t even appear.

EXILE TRIBE’s “24karats TRIBE OF GOLD” was at #4, with 22,377 copies sold, bringing the two-week total to 176,419.

AKB48’s “Gingham Check” held #5, adding 19,712 for a total of 1,255,538.

“Aoppana” from Kanjani8 was at #7, selling 16,941 copies, now with a total of 224,980. This is around 8% of first day sales, and therefore slightly on the weak side, compounding an already lackluster first week. The attempt to capitalize on Kanjani8’s 8th anniversary might suffer from weak pacing, but with “Aoppana” tied to the drama “Boys on the Run,” I suppose they really couldn’t delay it.

Riding the same wave as NMB48, Nogizaka46 popped back into the top 30 at #14, with “Hashire! Bicycle” adding 7,338 to . . . whatever they had before.

Kis-My-Ft2 took #21, and “WANNA BEEE!!!/Shake It Up” now has a total of 340,147.

The world of albums was full of familiar names this week.

Perfume’s “Global Compilation – Love the World” was at #1, selling 118,186.

Kobukuro nearly kept Perfume from #1, with their “All Singles Best 2” adding 115,298 for a massive two-week total of 510,755, breaking the double platinum level.

Nishino Kana’s “Love Place” also stayed strong at #3 with 53,517 copies sold and a two-week total of 221,229.

At #4 was Asian Kung-Fu Generation with “Landmark” selling 52,803.

Tackey & Tsubasa’s “TEN” took #5, with 49,749 copies sold.

There was a big drop-off between that and Morning Musume at #6, with “Colorful Character” selling only 14,416.

T.M. Revolution’s “T.M.R. Live Revolution 11-12 -Cloud Nine-” was #7, with 11,030 copies sold.

At #10, AKB48’s “1830m” finally broke 1 million, adding 9,299 for a total of 1,002,041. Barely made it while still in the top 10.