Well, S class won the tournament and weren’t all forced to resign in the last episode (I trust that didn’t come as too much of a surprise). Presumably, that means they’re no longer substitutes, so why is Shimura (Fujigaya Taisuke) looking so depressed?

Shimura Depressed 1Shimura Depressed 2

His classmates wonder about it as well, and it seems like it’s been going on for a while.

Wondering About Shimura 1Wondering About Shimura 2

Overhearing their talk about him, Shimura approaches them like a zombie/mutant, quickly corners them and moves in for the kill . . .

Like a Zombie 1Like a Zombie 2Like a Zombie 3Like a Zombie 4

. . . then the reason (or one of the reasons) for his melancholy enters the room, forcing him to shy away.

Ray of Sunshine 1

Ah, so that’s what it is – Chiaki (Okamoto Azusa)’s confession to him. And with that branch of the love triangle active, that leaves Hiro (Gouriki Ayame) . . .

Hiro Brooding 1

And to think, she was in the lead only an episode ago, kissing Shimura. Now here she is, completely misunderstanding his feelings. Tachibana (Kitayama Hiromitsu) spots her, and knows exactly what she’s upset about, even though she tries to deny it.

Hiro Brooding 2Hiro Brooding 3Hiro Brooding 4

Just as I started worrying that these romantic entanglements would fill this episode, instructor Sakuraba (Sugimoto Tetta) tells them that, in addition to serving in each police station in the prefecture, they’re going to be sent to an island.

Sakuraba's Plans 1Sakuraba's Plans 2Sakuraba's Plans 3

They have to be split into two groups because . . . I guess there’s not enough room to stand on this tiny spot of land off the coast? Or maybe it’s just really silly having more cops than residents. We’ll find out when they get there. For now, Hiro volunteers, to everybody’s surprise:

Hiro Volunteers 1Hiro Volunteers 2Hiro Volunteers 3

This doesn’t lead to a cascade of volunteers, and the remaining members of the first group are picked by lottery. The lottery picks were Ishioka (Ishii Tomoya) and the people Hiro probably most wanted to get away from – Shimura and Chiaki.

On the Island 1On the Island 2On the Island 3

Hiro is entirely civil to Chiaki at the piers, but she doesn’t like to show her true feelings, does she?

Hiro and Chiaki 1Hiro and Chiaki 2Hiro and Chiaki 3

Their guide to the island is its only police officer – Kuriya – and Sakuraba’s makes him out to be a scary fellow, beating up Sakuraba just because his hiccups were annoying.

Introducing Kuriya 1Introducing Kuriya 2Introducing Kuriya 3

Naturally, their guide isn’t as intimidating as Sakuraba made him out. Shimura quickly turns to the question we’re all asking – are there even people on this island?

Introducing Kuriya 4Introducing Kuriya 5

Well, we meet one more – a woman at the station who speaks very, very loudly.

Woman Who Speaks Loudly

Are all the residents going to have little quirks like this? They go on patrol, and Kuriya says that it usually consists of him checking in on elderly people who live alone.

All Sorts of Fun

At this point, I’m hoping something interesting happens out of nowhere – like a murder, or suddenly some fugitives on the run land on the shore. For now, though, Kuriya just asks Shimura which of the female cadets is his type:

Which One's Your Type?

Sort of a tricky question for Shimura right now, isn’t it? It makes the girls uncomfortable as well, though Hiro more than Chiaki.

Uneasiness 1Uneasiness 2Uneasiness 3

They meet Kiyoko, who is apparently suffering from dementia.

Meeting Kiyoko 1

And for some reason, everything affects Hiro more than everyone else in this episode, even this meeting with Kiyoko:

Meeting Kiyoko 2Meeting Kiyoko 3

At dinner, the topic of hunting for a thief comes up, with Shimura and Ishioka volunteering instantly:

To Catch a Thief

Hiro, though, volunteers for phone duty.

To Answer the Phone

Back on the mainland, Tachibana and Fukuhara (Mizusawa Elena) are working in a police box when a call comes in for help at a pachinko parlor, but they are not allowed to help.

Tachibana and FukuharaTachibana and Fukuhara 2

Yamane (Emoto Tokio) and Sugiyama (Koyanagi Yu) are riding along with two other cops in a police car, but with trouble brewing, they’re told to just wait in the car.

Yamane and Sugiyama

It looks like the reason Sakuraba was interested in taking a bunch to the island was because he knew that they wouldn’t be allowed to contribute while working out of the regular offices. The academy chief might have said that he was going to make S class regular if they won the challenge, but that was only because he didn’t expect them to win. Now, it’s clear that they’re not as regular as everyone else.

On the island, they’re having trouble communicating with one of the locals:

Hard of Hearing 1Hard of Hearing 2

Meanwhile, Hiro is staring intently at the phone, wholeheartedly waiting for a call. And, amazingly enough, it rings:

Hiro Intent 1Hiro Intent 2Hiro Intent 3Hiro Intent 4

It’s Kiyoko again, and Sakuraba decides to take over phone duty and to send Hiro over to check things out.

Hiro and Kiyoko 1

She seems apprehensive at first, but warms to Kiyoko:

Hiro and Kiyoko 2Hiro and Kiyoko 3

After that, we start getting some seriously spoilerish stuff. It turns out that Shimura has a better nose for crime than we might have suspected – possibly something he inherited from his father.


It was nice to finally have some police-related activities for the characters. With the main conflict of this story being the search for a thief, it felt a bit more like what I thought it would be going into the season. I thought they would be doing more field work, which is so much more interesting than what we’ve been seeing so far from the series. I hope they continue in this vein from here on, since the academy antics were beyond stale.

After they got to the island, this episode was smooth and engaging. With the end, we’re promised more movement on the main plot of the series – the issue between Shimura, his father, and the academy chief. I’m not sure we’ll get it, but with only a few episodes left, they’ve got to do something with it, right?