This week on Himitsu no Arashi-chan (ひみつの嵐ちゃん) features the “share house” segment followed by “mannequin must-item” – in other words, a typical HNA. The share house guest is actress Kimura Tae-san (木村 多江), but before we get to her, Arashi members Ohno-san and Ninomiya-kun have to get settled in. Instead of coming out onto the set, though, Nino-kun tosses out a cone:

Out Pops a Cone

Ohno-san decides to go into his door to pull him out, but Nino enters through Ohno’s door instead.

Change-up 1Change-up 2

Ohno and Nino are both frequent contenders for Most Omoshiroi Arashi, and it looks like Nino-kun’s grabbing the early lead. He challenges Ohno-san to level it out by telling an interesting story (面白い話 – omoshiroi hanasahi).

Omoshiroi Hanashi 1

Last time Ohno-san did this the story was a flop, so how will it turn out this time?

Omoshiroi Hanashi 2

Kimura-san enters bearing a pot of something. Does this mean that they won’t spend time cooking?

Kimura TaeKimura Tae 2

Ah, no, actually she just prepared the soup stock (dashi – ダシ).

It's Dashi

She needs something to drink and Ohno-san immediately offers Aiba Tea (相葉茶), to which Kimura-san responds “コレが有名な!” (kore wa yuumei na! – That’s famous!).

Aiba Tea Time

Does this mean Aiba Tea is doomed? Well, everybody is still curious to try it to see whether it’s really as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and Kimura-san does too:

Aiba Tea Time 2Aiba Tea Time 3Aiba Tea Time 4

Ah, good – a solid reaction. She says that she it’s like vomit (or makes her want to vomit?) and it seems to give her an unpleasant sensation as she rushes to drink something more wholesome to get the taste out of her mouth.

Aiba Tea Time 5Aiba Tea Time 6Aiba Tea Time 7

Then things settle down into the usual chit-chat. They recall the last time she was on, back before the “share house” format, when she, MatsuJun and Nino learned how to dance to “Born This Way“:

Born This Way 2Born This Way 3Born This Way 4

That was one of the best HNA segments ever as far as I’m concerned, and I wish there was less sitting around and more of that. No luck this time, though.

The talk had some interesting moments, but most of it didn’t seem worth pulling out a dictionary for. There was an interesting reenactment of Kimura-san reading a picture book to her child (played by Ohno):

Reenactment 2Reenactment 3Reenactment 4Reenactment 5

Nino-kun’s reactions were almost as funny as Ohno’s:

Reenactment 6Reenactment 7

In the end, Ohno-san complained that it was too dramatic for him to sleep:

Reenactment 8

Then, it was time for food, and Kimura-san reveals what was in the pot.

Dashi 2

Now that’s some serious broth! Kimura-san says it’s great for men to be able to cook, and that she likes to see it, but while Ohno gets behind the counter, Nino doesn’t take the hint, forcing Kimura to physically maneuver him:

Getting Nino to Cook 1Getting Nino to Cook 2Getting Nino to Cook 3

Kimura-san gives the instructions while the two Arashis take care of the manual labor.

Cooking 1Cooking 2

Apparently, Ohno-san doesn’t like it when he can recognize the body parts involved in his food – especially the chicken feet in the soup.

Cooking 3Cooking 4

Nino-kun, of course, taunts him:

Cooking 5

Then Nino and Ohno talk about a drinking trip they made with MatsuJun.

The Drinking Trip

Here’s the nabe (鍋) they end up cooking:

Nabe 1Nabe 2

And that pretty much does it. I think . . . the highlight of the segment was the Aiba Tea. Which leads me to a new rule – if the best part of the share house segment is when the guest drank the Aiba Tea, the segment was absolutely boring.

Then it was time for “mannequin must-item.” The guests were fellow Johnny’s idol and V6 member Okada Junichi-san (岡田 准一), comedy duo Football Hour‘s Iwao Nozomu-san, and Heisei Nobushi Kobushi’s Yoshimura Takashi-san (吉村崇).

Mannequin Must-Item 1Mannequin Must-Item 2

Nino-kun mentions his time as a V6 backdancer, but Ohno-san’s situation was different. Okada-san says that Ohno was in the same class as him in Johnny’s.

Mannequin Must-Item 3Mannequin Must-Item 4Mannequin Must-Item 5

But there are other aspects of their early history in Johnny’s that Ohno-san doesn’t seem to remember:

Mannequin Must-Item 6

Picking up from the worst lead-in to a plug ever from the host (Okada the comedian), V6’s Okada-san introduces his movie:

Movie Plug 1Movie Plug 2

Moving on, the must-item was:


Oh. Overalls. I . . . have never worn overalls. And for good reason. I have yet to see someone in overalls and think “wow, that person looks good in that outfit.” How will they manage it?

Nino Comments 1

Okada-san has a history with overalls, wearing them constantly in his early years, and suddenly Ohno gets all excited because he remembers Okada wearing them.

Okada's Overalls 1Okada's Overalls 2Okada's Overalls 3

The judges were Rola-san, Yaguchi Mari-san, Shigemori Satomi-san, and Nishikawa-sensei.

The JudgesThe Judges 2

After that, all that was left was the judging. Thanks in part to the must-item and to Okada-san’s presence, this segment was more amusing than usual.

The Most Omoshiroi Arashi for the episode ended up being Ninomiya-kun, after all. His reactions, his normal intransigence, and his style in the mannequin part all contributed. Ohno-san had plenty of amusing moments, too, but lost points for his outfit, which Nino-kun had a good hearty laugh at.