VS Arashi (VS 嵐) is a game show hosted by the idol group Arashi, who compete against a different team of actors or comedians every week. This week, it’s “Ooshima Japan” – a pack of comedians dressed as the Japanese National Soccer Team:

Ooshima Japan 1

This is a pretty illustrious collection of comedic talent. First, there’s the three members  of Morisanchuu (森三中) – Ooshima-san (who is the team captain and namesake, not to mention a fan of this show), Murakami-san, and Kurosawa-san. Then there’s Kajiwara Yuuta-san from the duo “King Kong.” Kanada Satoshi-san from Han’nya (はんにゃ) is always a favorite. And last but not least is Chihara Junior-san, who has made a number of appearances on Arashi ni Shiyagare as well.

Ooshima Japan 2Arashi

So, this should be a funny episode. The question is, which side will be funnier – the comedians or Arashi?

Ready for Action

The plus one guest was Mochida Kaori-san (持田 香織), who I last saw on Himitsu no Arashi-chan a month ago here. She was relaxed there, and this is her second time on VS Arashi, so hopefully she has the confidence to be an active contributor.

Mochida Kaori 1Mochida Kaori 2

The first game was Korokoro Viking, with Ooshima Japan up first. As usual, Ooshima-san had some tips for the rest of her team, after doing extensive research watching this show.

Korokoro Viking 1Korokoro Viking 2

For instance, she decided it would be best to have male-female pairs because the boards they are manipulating might be cumbersome for a female-female pair (though you would have expected Morisanchuu to have developed some muscle after all they’ve been through). There were other points, too, though.

Korokoro Viking 3Korokoro Viking 4Korokoro Viking 5

Will Ooshima-san’s tips be useful?

Korokoro Viking 6Korokoro Viking 7

Then it was the Arashi team’s turn and . . . well, they look confident, don’t they?

Korokoro Viking 8Korokoro Viking 9

But there’s that pesky -50 pt slot:

Korokoro Viking 10

How will it turn out? Funny, that’s how. This wasn’t the funniest Korokoro Viking ever, but it’s second or third. At the end of the first game, Arashi and Mochida-san have the lead in terms of humor, partly thanks to Mochida-san’s screams:

Korokoro Viking 11Korokoro Viking 12

Next was a game that we don’t see very often, but I like almost as much as Cliff Climb – Jumping Shooter. Sakurai-san and Ohno-san were shooting first for Arashi, with Chihara-san and Kurosawa-san in goal for Ooshima Japan.

Jumping Shooter 1Jumping Shooter 2Jumping Shooter 3

Ohno-san and Sakurai-san basically claim that they’re too old for this:

Jumping Shooter 4

Ooshima-san’s memo noted that, throughout 2011, the Arashi members were left completely out of breath after shooting.

Jumping Shooter 5Jumping Shooter 6

In response to that, and to Ohno and Sakurai’s initial complaints, Matsumoto-kun dubs them (as has been done before) the “Ojisan Team” (おじさんチーム- uncle/old man team).

Jumping Shooter 7

Can Ohno and Sakurai regain their youth?

Jumping Shooter 8Jumping Shooter 9

For the Ooshima Team, it was Kanada-san and Kajiwara-san up to shoot, with Kajiwara constantly having to pull up his shorts. Couldn’t they have found a uniform that fit him?

Jumping Shooter 10Jumping Shooter 11

Aiba-kun and Ninomiya-kun were the goalies, with Aiba in the bottom goal.

Jumping Shooter 12Jumping Shooter 14Jumping Shooter 15

The Arashi guys manage to cook up some humor . . .

Jumping Shooter 16Jumping Shooter 17Jumping Shooter 18

. . . and Sakurai-san has to set up Kanada-san for one of this stock lines.

Jumping Shooter 19

I won’t tell you who won the game, but the Arashi team was still leading in humor points.

After the game, Aiba-kun tried to ask the shooters a question, but because they’re out of breath, they take a moment to respond. Sakurai-san again set them up, noting that it’s as if they’re overseas and there’s a satellite delay. He prompted Aiba-kun to ask them again, and this time they answered as if they were foreign correspondents.

Jumping Shooter 20Jumping Shooter 21Jumping Shooter 22Jumping Shooter 23

The third game was Bank Bowling. Up first for Arashi were Matsumoto-kun and Mochida-san.

Bank Bowling 1Bank Bowling 2

Ooshima-san comments about the way the pins are lined up, favoring the current triangle shape to the old star shape:

Bank Bowling 3Bank Bowling 4Bank Bowling 5

Mochida-san has managed 200 in regular bowling, but as we know very well, that has nothing to do with this game.

Bank Bowling 6

Ohno-san and Nino-kun take the second frame for Arashi.

Bank Bowling 7

For Ooshima Japan, it was Kanada-san and Murakami-san first . . .

Bank Bowling 9Bank Bowling 10

. . . followed by Kajiwara-san and Kurosawa-san.

Bank Bowling 11

After that, it was another game that doesn’t get featured as much any more – Bound Hockey. Arashi was up first.

Bound Hockey 1Bound Hockey 2Bound Hockey 3

Aiba-kun was in a totally serious mood . . .

Bound Hockey 4Bound Hockey 5Bound Hockey 6

. . . but got a bit more animated when pointing the finger at Nino-kun.

Bound Hockey 7Bound Hockey 8

Ooshima-san dubbed Nino and Aiba the “Soubusen Combi” (総武線コンビ – the Chiba-Tokyo line duo). I think she won the humor points in this round for that, and for a comment to Mochida-san.

Bound Hockey 9Bound Hockey 10

Aiba was really intense during this round.

Bound Hockey 11Bound Hockey 12

Then Ooshima Japan was ready to go:

Bound Hockey 13

Ooshima-san’s looking confident, isn’t she?

Bound Hockey 14Bound Hockey 15

What about after the game?

Bound Hockey 16

The final game was Kicking Sniper, with Mochida-san, Ohno-san, and Matsumoto-kun kicking for Arashi.

Kicking Sniper 1

Ohno-san makes a silly pun out of Mochida-san’s name (持田) and motteru (持ってる – to have), and I think I should deduct humor points from the Arashi side for that one.

Kicking Sniper 2

Mochida-san is sure riding high today:

Kicking Sniper 3

Will she be able to help Arashi in this last round?

After Arashi’s turn, Chihara-san scored a minor humor point by combining the names of Arashi’s shows into “VS Arashi-chan ni Shiyagare.” It wasn’t a big laugh, though, because he just threw it out with minimal setup, but it did make MatsuJun smile.

Kicking Sniper 4Kicking Sniper 5

Finally, the competition concluded with Ooshima-san, Chihara-san and Kajiwara-san kicking for Ooshima Japan.

Kicking Sniper 6

Will Arashi be defeated by a bunch of comedians?

Unexpectedly, most of the comedy in this episode was situational humor – humor tied to the games rather than stuff incidentally thrown out there. I think Ooshima-san was genuinely trying to win this thing. As a result, Arashi came out a bit ahead in humor points.

The Most Omoshiroi (Interesting) Arashi this time was Sakurai-san, for setting up the comedians time and again in this episode, and also for not going along with a set gag at the end.

There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that in the next VS Arashi we’re going to see a segment we’ve only seen once before – the “Bet de Arashi” segment where the members compete in taking on certain challenges and guests bet on which member will win. It was a phenomenal segment the last time they did it, and I’m glad they’re bringing it back. The bad news is that, in the upper right hand corner, it says the episode will air on October 18th. That’s . . . a long time. Are we really not going to have any VS Arashi until then, or am I misunderstanding something?

Next Episode 1Next Episode 2Next Episode 3

Well, one way or another, we will have something to look forward to on October 18th.