HamaKisu (濱キス) is a half-hour variety show hosted by Hamaguchi Masaru-san (濱口優)and Kis-My-Ft2, in which Hamaguchi-san trains the seven members of the idol group to be top-notch variety show personalities. Last week, they began a challenge to survive off the bounty of the ocean with the first weigh-in. Now, whichever team weighs the most by the end of the challenge wins the game.

Underwater Challenge 1The Result?

The show begins with a tally of what Tamamori-kun and Miyata-kun caught for each of their teams in the last episode, including the weights, which shows that the green team has a lead:

Last Week's Results

Will the green team also benefit from having an extra member?

Which Team Will Win?Green Team

Miyata and company get advice from shell diver Isako-san:

Advice From the Pro 1Advice From the Pro 2

Here’s what they’re going for, arranged into three rounds:

The Rounds

But those urchins sure look hard to get to:

Too Much Trouble for Urchins 1Too Much Trouble for Urchins 2

I like the score chart in the lower left corner. The underwater scenes are so hard to follow, that graphic really helps.

Underwater, with Score 1Underwater, with Score 2

Poor Kitayama-kun really has to dig in deep to get his first urchin:

Digging Deep 1Digging Deep 2

Meanwhile, Miyata-kun pops back up quickly and says it’s scary. That raises the ire of Isako-san, who calls him useless.

Miyata back up too quickly 1Miyata back up too quickly 2Miyata back up too quickly 3

Here’s Tamamori-kun going for it, and they add a little breath counter to show that even a minute of searching isn’t enough to find the sea urchins.

Additional Breath Counter 1Additional Breath Counter 2

Those urchin had better be good eating – I’ve never had one before, but it doesn’t look appetizing:

Eat Urchins?

And I’m not going to trust the reflexive “uma” for Yokoo-kun – variety show people say that about everything:


Next, it was time to go after turban snails:

Round 2

Kitayama-kun seems especially good underwater, nabbing two in one dive, and not forgetting to shout “totta do-!” (獲ったどー! – caught it!) in Hamaguchi style.

Hunting 1Hunting 2

Tamamori-kun also looks sharp, staying under for long stretches in his persistent search.

Tamamori Persistent 1Tamamori Persistent 2

Miyata-kun isn’t doing so well. I wonder why, since he only recently grabbed ten of these for his team:

Weak Day for MiyataWeak Day for Miyata 2

For the others, the challenge continues, and after Kitayama-kun gets a great catch, Isako-san tells him he should quit Johnny’s and become a shell diver.

60% on the Kitayama-Shell Diver Meter

The third target for the day was abalone – both highly prized and difficult to acquire.

Round Three

The abalone is well-camouflaged:

Looking for Abalone 1Looking for Abalone 2

Can Tamamori-kun get some?

Tamamori Tries for Abalone

What about Nikaido?

Nikaido Tries for Abalone

Miyata-kun seems to be totally out of it:

Poor Miyata

In the end, I think Kitayama-kun was the star of this episode, as Isako-san practically wants to adopt him by the end of it:

100%100% 2

But what about Fujigaya-kun, Yokoo-kun, or Senga-kun? Well, I didn’t see anything from them, so it looks like their dives were edited out.

After we got a complete count of what each team caught (which I’ll leave out, of course), it was time to cook everything up:

Cooking Time 1Cooking Time 2Cooking Time 3

Boy, they sure know how to make this stuff look tasty:

Big ImprovementBig Improvement 2

Finally, they ate their catch . . .

Chow DownChow Down 2

. . . and got weighed again:

Final Weigh-In 1Final Weigh-In 2

Which team will win?

Those scale must be accurate to a gram, because there’s no way the scale in my bathroom or in the doctor’s office would be able to measure a definitive difference after a meal like they ate.

From the preview, it looks like next week will be a repeat/condensation of Miyata-kun’s one week challenge against Tamamori-kun.

This episode went by really fast. The graphic in the corner solved the problems posed by the underwater shots. The fact that the episode was so heavily focused on Kitayama-kun, with Tamamori-kun coming in second in camera time, might not have been a problem. I think that trying to give all the members equal time would have been too confusing, and it was nice to see Kitayama-kun and Tamamori-kun doing as well as they did. I was left a bit puzzled by what happened to Miyata-kun, though.

If next week is a just a mash-up of old scenes, I probably won’t do a review on it.