For details on the 24-hr TV telethon, please refer to the post on Part 1 here. Part 6 began at 6:57 a.m. on August 26th, and it is the longest part, containing more than three and a half hours of program time. I will try to cover it thoroughly, but due to constraints on my time, I’ll have to be spare on the details. Here are the links to Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

A YYeTs version of the entire telethon is available on D-Addicts, though in seven parts rather than the Youku ten. I haven’t downloaded the D-Addicts copies, but judging from the timing it seems like parts 1,2, and 3 are in the first YYeTs part, part 4 corresponds to YYeTs part 2, and its one-to-one until my part 8 and 9, which should both be in the D-Addicts part 6.

The show begins with the same hosts as in part 5 – with Ohno-san and Matsumoto-kun still missing (hopefully getting some rest after having a later night than the other three).

24hr TV Part 6 001

The hosts introduce a video about the Hokuto-Kensuke family – the marathon runners for this telethon – focusing on the two sons and Hokuto’s knee pain.

24hr TV Part 6 00224hr TV Part 6 00324hr TV Part 6 004

After that bit of saccharine, we check in with the family and the current runner, Kensuke-san. Kensuke moves gingerly as he approaches the end of his part of the marathon. Those on-stage read letters to the family.

24hr TV Part 6 00524hr TV Part 6 006

Then the show turned to Ninomiya-kun’s drama “Kurumaisu de Boku wa Sora wo Tobu” from Part 2, recapping the story, but this time they introduce the author of the story – Hasegawa Yasuzo-san (長谷川泰三) – and his backstory, which is the basis for the character played by Nino-kun.

24hr TV Part 6 00724hr TV Part 6 008

He was also present for the filming of the drama.

24hr TV Part 6 00924hr TV Part 6 010

The VTR also included reflections from the stars of the drama.

24hr TV Part 6 01124hr TV Part 6 01224hr TV Part 6 013

Hasegawa-san is, of course, present on-stage when they finish the VTR:

24hr TV Part 6 01424hr TV Part 6 015

And there’s a song for him – “Nada Sou Sou” (涙そうそう) performed by Natsukawa Rimi-san (夏川 りみ):

24hr TV Part 6 01624hr TV Part 6 017

Again, it’s a song I really like. The music during the telethon has so far been exemplary.

That segment stretched for about 25 minutes, and at 7:30, they turned to Fujii Miho-chan’s trek up Yakushima, supported by Miyagawa Daisuke-san, as they passed an ancient tree:

24hr TV Part 6 01824hr TV Part 6 01924hr TV Part 6 020

The hikers stopped to talk to the on-stage personalities.

24hr TV Part 6 021

Then we got introduced another remarkable young person – a karate champion:

24hr TV Part 6 022

Ohno-san went to meet her (I think we might find out more about her later, in a more thorough segment):

24hr TV Part 6 023

The rest of the hosts, including Ohno-san and Matsumoto-kun, are now ready for action.

24hr TV Part 6 024

It was Aiba-kun’s Dart Trip next, and he went to the north coast of Hokkaido . . .

24hr TV Part 6 02524hr TV Part 6 026

. . . where he began by bothering an old woman:

24hr TV Part 6 027

She didn’t have any trouble articulating her dreams for the future, though.

24hr TV Part 6 02824hr TV Part 6 029

Then Aiba-kun meets a guy who doesn’t recognize him, but knows Arashi very well:

24hr TV Part 6 03024hr TV Part 6 031

Aiba-kun tries to give him hints as he guesses Aiba’s name, saying that the first letter is “a” . . .

24hr TV Part 6 032

. . . but that doesn’t seem to help.

24hr TV Part 6 03324hr TV Part 6 03424hr TV Part 6 035

After that, Aiba-kun is so happy to find someone who does recognize him that he immediately gives her a hug:

24hr TV Part 6 03624hr TV Part 6 037

They invite him into their spacious home, and feed him.

24hr TV Part 6 03824hr TV Part 6 03924hr TV Part 6 04024hr TV Part 6 04124hr TV Part 6 042

Where there’s Aiba-kun, there’s got to be kids – I’ve seen few people who are better with kids that Aiba (is it because they think they can outsmart him?):

24hr TV Part 6 04324hr TV Part 6 04424hr TV Part 6 045

And there are other encounters:

24hr TV Part 6 04624hr TV Part 6 04724hr TV Part 6 04824hr TV Part 6 04924hr TV Part 6 050

Next, we get a VTR featuring some sisters of the elderly persuasion who, giving us all hope, still seem quite capable and active:

24hr TV Part 6 05124hr TV Part 6 05224hr TV Part 6 05324hr TV Part 6 054

Their story is told through reenactments, photographs, and stock video, and they give their views on the theme of the telethon – the future – and on other topics.

24hr TV Part 6 05524hr TV Part 6 057

It looks like they’re pretty insistent that you’ve got to eat meat:

24hr TV Part 6 05824hr TV Part 6 059

That’s good news for me. They even give their opinions about the Arashi members:

24hr TV Part 6 06024hr TV Part 6 06124hr TV Part 6 062

It seemed like an interesting segment, though it felt long because I couldn’t understand much of it. After it, they went back to Miho-chan, starting with the VTR of her story (which first aired very early in the morning, and would have been missed by much of the audience).

24hr TV Part 6 063

Then the VTR turns to the Joumon Sugi (縄文杉) – the ancient Yakushima Cedar. The VTR claims an age for the tree of 7200 years, but the Japanese Wikipedia says that the dating was popularized in the news, but evidence puts the age at around 3000 years old. Either way, it’s lived through a lot.

24hr TV Part 6 06424hr TV Part 6 065

We go back to following Miho-chan’s actual progress:

24hr TV Part 6 06624hr TV Part 6 067

After that, Morisanchuu gave a blimp update, accompanied by a VTR explaining the images being used and the plan for the blimp:

24hr TV Part 6 06824hr TV Part 6 06924hr TV Part 6 07024hr TV Part 6 071

Kensuke-san finally reached the point where he could hand off the sash to Kennosuke-kun, and Kennosuke promptly started his leg of the marathon at 8:14.

24hr TV Part 6 07224hr TV Part 6 07324hr TV Part 6 074

Next, we got another record-breaking attempt involving 16000 tiny kites strung together for a total length of 3 km.

24hr TV Part 6 07524hr TV Part 6 076

Each kite has someone’s dream written on it, including famous figures . . .

24hr TV Part 6 07724hr TV Part 6 078

. . . and elementary school kids who Matsumoto-kun visited.

24hr TV Part 6 07924hr TV Part 6 08024hr TV Part 6 08124hr TV Part 6 082

The kids will be helping the string the kites together, too, along with assorted supporters.

24hr TV Part 6 08324hr TV Part 6 08424hr TV Part 6 08524hr TV Part 6 086

Will they be able to break the record?

The hosts check in with Kennosuke-kun, who appears to be doing well . . .

24hr TV Part 6 087

. . . then after a break, they went to a VTR of the sad story of entertainer Takeuchi Yuuji-san, who passed away from illness years ago.

24hr TV Part 6 08824hr TV Part 6 089

Taka and Toshi visit his three kids and wife.

24hr TV Part 6 09024hr TV Part 6 09124hr TV Part 6 092

Needless to say, this was another tearjerker. Tokumitsu-san, who was watching the VTR, was affected as intended:

24hr TV Part 6 093

Takeuchi-san’s family was on stage after the VTR, and the kids heard letters written to them from their father for the first time. So, if you didn’t tear up during the VTR, they’ll do their best here. I have to say that Ichigo-kun, Takeuchi’s son, was valiant in his attempt to keep from crying, though he was too choked up to speak.

24hr TV Part 6 09424hr TV Part 6 09524hr TV Part 6 09624hr TV Part 6 097

And if all that didn’t get to you, there was the song for the Takeuchi family – “Sen no Kaze ni Natte” sung by Akikawa Masafumi-san (秋川雅史). Its lyrics are based on an English poem, which you can read here. It is, once again, one of my favorite Japanese songs.

24hr TV Part 6 09824hr TV Part 6 099

After 9:00, Tani Kanon-chan and another girl I didn’t catch the name of join the hosts . . .

24hr TV Part 6 100

. . . and it’s time for Sakurai-san’s Dart Trip to Minamichita-machi (南知多町) in Aichi prefecture.

24hr TV Part 6 10124hr TV Part 6 102

From the start, he’s thinking of food:

24hr TV Part 6 103

In the notes I took while watching this live using KeyholeTV, I wrote “9:00 Sakurai on location stuffing his face.” Was that really all he did, or was I just in a bad mood for some reason? You decide:

24hr TV Part 6 10424hr TV Part 6 10524hr TV Part 6 10624hr TV Part 6 10724hr TV Part 6 10824hr TV Part 6 10924hr TV Part 6 11024hr TV Part 6 111

Well, he did meet an 80 year old Arashi fan who likes Sakurai-san so much she doesn’t let go of his hand:

24hr TV Part 6 11224hr TV Part 6 11324hr TV Part 6 11424hr TV Part 6 115

There were other encounters, including this kid who loves Tokyo Disneyland and has been there ten times:

24hr TV Part 6 116

And a fellow in need of a tee-shirt:

24hr TV Part 6 11724hr TV Part 6 118

Oh, and the obligatory old person who watches Arashi all the time, but doesn’t recognize Sakurai-san:

24hr TV Part 6 119

With the end of that Dart Trip, Kennosuke-kun handed the sash off to his younger brother. I must say that he looked like he could have run many miles more, but I guess his parents wanted to be careful with their children’s health.

24hr TV Part 6 120

Time for another human interest story, this one involving the sister of newscaster Ishii-san who had following malady:

24hr TV Part 6 121

Which ended up being:

24hr TV Part 6 122

Assuming I’m getting the right translations for the kanji, she started off with scoliosis, but it eventually had muscular dystrophy.

24hr TV Part 6 123

This . . . is going to be another tough story, isn’t it?

24hr TV Part 6 124

It lasted until 9:30, at which point we went back to Miho-chan for a second . . .

24hr TV Part 6 125

. . . then the blimp workers . . .

24hr TV Part 6 126

. . . then the youngest marathon runner . . .

24hr TV Part 6 127

. . . we get a VTR about a team of male gymnasts performing to Morning Musume’s “Love Machine” . . .

24hr TV Part 6 128

. . . and we finally stop jumping around from minute-to-minute, with Morning Musume performing their hit medley, starting with “Love Machine”:

24hr TV Part 6 12924hr TV Part 6 130

And I really like the early Morning Musume hits because they’re so musically quirky and straightforwardly energetic. There’s something honest about them. That said, they disappointed me by not doing my favorite Morning Musume song – “The Peace!” (ザ☆ピ〜ス! Za Pīsu!), which is a remarkable and insane bit of musical composition – though they performed its B-side “Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru” (でっかい宇宙に愛がある). “The Peace!” isn’t really the kind of song that fits this telethon, so I understand why they didn’t go there.

24hr TV Part 6 131

By the way, Tani Kanon-chan and the other girl joined in the performance:

24hr TV Part 6 132

Next up was Ninomiya-kun’s Dart Trip to Mitane-machi (三種町) in Akita Prefecture.

24hr TV Part 6 13424hr TV Part 6 135

He spends a long time talking to this lady:

24hr TV Part 6 136

Then he gets an entire kindergarten to pour out of their rooms:

24hr TV Part 6 13724hr TV Part 6 138

Well, they sure know who he is.

24hr TV Part 6 13924hr TV Part 6 140

He continues to find people who recognize him immediately.

24hr TV Part 6 14124hr TV Part 6 142

Nino-kun’s Dart Trip felt like the shortest of them, though I didn’t time it. We were back to the relay marathon in a flash, and Hokuto-san received the sash from her youngest son. Hokuto-san has to run the rest of the way to the Budokan. Unfortunately, they didn’t indicate how much distance each member of the family covered.

24hr TV Part 6 14324hr TV Part 6 144

More medalists arrive at the Budokan . . .

24hr TV Part 6 145

. . . and the next segment is the story of Hazama Kanpei-san (間寛平), one of the hosts, and the first marathon runner for the 24-hour TV telethon, attempting 150 km in 1992.

24hr TV Part 6 14624hr TV Part 6 147

He has since run many extreme distance marathons, including an incredible 600 km from Kobe to Tokyo in 1995 – the year of the Kobe Earthquake.

24hr TV Part 6 148

In 2011, he took on a 41,040 km Earth marathon.

24hr TV Part 6 149

But this isn’t just about Kanpei-san (incredible as he is), but also some of the people close to him who faced tragedies. So, yeah, it’s another one of those segments. They must really like to cry in the morning.

24hr TV Part 6 15024hr TV Part 6 15124hr TV Part 6 152

At 10:19 a.m., we turned to the story of the Fukushima Hula Girls . . .

24hr TV Part 6 153

. . . recalling what happened to their hometown:

24hr TV Part 6 15424hr TV Part 6 155

They’ve performed across the country:

24hr TV Part 6 156

We get details about the dances, and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this segment lost me a few minutes into it. Then the Hula Girls performed on the Budokan stage.

24hr TV Part 6 157

After a bit of a detour, we checked in on how the 16,000 kite challenge was coming along.

24hr TV Part 6 158

This looks impossibly hard. I mean, they have to figure out a way to get a kilometers-long string of these kites aloft. I have no idea how the original record was set, but there must have been some serious thermal lift and wind involved.

24hr TV Part 6 159

Following that was an Olympic VTR:

24hr TV Part 6 16024hr TV Part 6 161

Then Nissan had what looked like an infomercial . . .

24hr TV Part 6 16224hr TV Part 6 163

. . . but we can forgive them for it because they handed Ohno-san a huge Nissan key:

24hr TV Part 6 16424hr TV Part 6 165

I have no idea what that was all about, but we got it over with quickly enough. They took a look at how the kites were flying, then tried to contact Miho-chan on Yakushima, but couldn’t get through – possibly because of the weather.

With some extra time to kill, the Arashi members had a quick chance to chat before going back to the kites, where they had over 500 flying:

24hr TV Part 6 166

Oomasa Aya-san, Morning Musume, and others started singing while we watched Hokuto-san running.

24hr TV Part 6 16724hr TV Part 6 16824hr TV Part 6 169

As a finale to this part of the telethon, we were treated to a famous song medley from monomane singer Aramaki Youko-san (荒牧 陽子).

24hr TV Part 6 170

The songs were eighties-ish and a bit dated from my point of view. My favorite song in the sequence was Misora Hibari’s “Makkana Taiyou” (真赤な太陽), but Aramaki-san unfortunately did a horrible job of the vocals. The medalists had fun with the melody anyway:

24hr TV Part 6 171

Also familiar was MISIA’s “Everything”:

24hr TV Part 6 172

With that, the hosts did another check on the marathon, the kites, and Yakushima, and that was it for Part 6. It ended at around 11:10 a.m.

It was a very long part of the show, and also quite slow. The best parts were the Dart Trips and the musical portions, but other than that it was either tedious or depressing. Fortunately, they had better stuff planned for later in the marathon.