The number one single this past week was “Aoppana” (あおっぱな) from Kanjani8 (関ジャニ∞), selling 208,039 in its first week. That’s on the weak side for Kanjani8, though they’ve had a lot of releases recently and might be exhausting the market. Let’s see if “Aoppana” manages 250,000 in the coming weeks.

With the curious name “24karats TRIBE OF GOLD”, the new single by EXILE TRIBE took #2 with 154,042. As expected, this is stronger than other recently released EXILE-related singles, probably due to its use as the theme song to the drama “GTO.”

AKB48‘s “Gingham Check” took #3, adding 53,860 for a two-week total of 1,235,826. That’s a fairly poor second week – under the 5% level – after an already lackluster first week.

“The OVER” from UVERworld was in at #13, with 8,971 copies sold and a total of 70,203 over two weeks. That’s a nice second week, but I don’t think it will get this single past 100,000 before it drops out of the top 30.

NMB48‘s “Virginity” was at #16, but since it dropped below #30 last week, I lost track of its sales numbers.

Kis-My-Ft2’s “WANNA BEEE!!!/Shake It Up” added 7,296 at #18, for a total of 335,487.

In albums, Kobukuro‘s “All Singles Best 2” compilation sold a remarkable 395,457 at number one, and might have a shot at double platinum (500,000).

“Love Place” from Nishino Kana-san (西野カナ) was at #2, and with 167,712 copies sold, it could have been at number one in an average week.

KARA’s “KARA Collection” sold 47,553 at #3.

AKB48’s “1830m” found itself at #4, selling 17,728 for a total of 992,742 – still stubbornly shy of 1,000,000.

Last but not least, Kuwata Keisuke-san stayed in at #9 (I only track the top ten for albums), now with a total of 719,338.