For details on the 24-hr TV telethon, please refer to the post on Part 1 here. Part 5 began at daybreak on August 26th. Here are the links to Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

A YYeTs version of the entire telethon is available on D-Addicts, though in seven parts rather than the Youku ten. I haven’t downloaded the D-Addicts copies, but judging from the timing it seems like parts 1,2, and 3 are in the first YYeTs part, part 4 corresponds to YYeTs part 2, this review to part 3, and its one-to-one until my part 8 and 9, which should both be in the D-Addicts part 6.

24hr TV Part 5 001

It’s 5:30 a.m., and the telethon hosts say “good morning” to Japan. Since Ohno-san and Matsumoto-kun stayed up late with the Shakeburi 007 crowd, they seem to be resting up a bit before joining the rest of Arashi, so we just have Sakurai-san, Aiba-kun, and Ninomiya-kun, joined by the NTV announcers, Yonesuke-san (ヨネスケ) and Shibata Rie-san (柴田理恵).

24hr TV Part 5 00224hr TV Part 5 003

After a recap of the beginning of the Kensuke-Hokuto family marathon run . . .

24hr TV Part 5 00424hr TV Part 5 00524hr TV Part 5 006

. . . we get a status update about Kensuke-san, who has run through the night with a few recovery breaks in between.

24hr TV Part 5 00724hr TV Part 5 008

Yonesuke-san and Shibata-san read letters to Kensuke-san.

24hr TV Part 5 009

Then the comedy duo Peace (ピース) introduce a recap of all the late night record-breaking attempts and their results.

24hr TV Part 5 01024hr TV Part 5 01124hr TV Part 5 01224hr TV Part 5 013

The morning weather report was delivered by monomane (impression) stars. First, Korokke-san (コロッケ) imitated Takeda Tetsuya-san (Kinpachi-sensei).

24hr TV Part 5 01424hr TV Part 5 015

Next, Haraguchi Akimasa-san (原口あきまさ) did his usual Sanma impression. Fukuda Ayano-san (福田 彩乃) did the impression we saw from her in the August 30th episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan hereAyase Haruka-san’s character Tachibana Saki from “Jin.”

24hr TV Part 5 01624hr TV Part 5 017

Hanaka Yoshiaki-san did Aikawa Sho-san:

24hr TV Part 5 01824hr TV Part 5 019

Then Kannazuki-san (神奈月) imitated Hara Tatsunori-san:

24hr TV Part 5 020

Korokke-san returned for Mikawa Kenichi-san (美川憲一):

24hr TV Part 5 021

Haraguchi-san with Takada Junji-san (高田純次):

24hr TV Part 5 022

Hanaka-san doing Nankai Candies’ Yama-chan and Kannazuki-san doing Inoue-san:

24hr TV Part 5 023

And finally, with Tokyo’s weather, Fukuda-san imitated Rola (ローラ) and Korokke-san did his Kitajima Saburo:

24hr TV Part 5 024

After that, we got previews of some of the upcoming segments, then caught up with Miyagawa Daisuke-san, who’s on location to support high-schooler Fujii Miho-chan in her trek up Yakushima. Despite having lost her right leg, Miho-chan intends to make the climb relying solely on her own strength.

24hr TV Part 5 02524hr TV Part 5 026

We get a full account of Miho-chan’s story, including the fact that she was born without the leg . . .

24hr TV Part 5 02724hr TV Part 5 028

. . . and that she manages an amazing high jump:

24hr TV Part 5 02924hr TV Part 5 030

The main take-away from the video is that, despite the difficulty, life goes on for Miho-chan, and she tries her best to lead a normal life and to challenge herself.

24hr TV Part 5 031

Miho-chan went through some training to be able to make this climb:

24hr TV Part 5 03224hr TV Part 5 033

And Aiba-kun visited to wish her all the best, and to give her a “Ganba” wristband – with the message stitched on there by Aiba-kun himself.

24hr TV Part 5 03424hr TV Part 5 03524hr TV Part 5 036

Here are the details of her route, including some images to give you an idea how difficult it is – especially since the weather’s not cooperating:

24hr TV Part 5 03724hr TV Part 5 03824hr TV Part 5 03924hr TV Part 5 04024hr TV Part 5 041

And at 6:06, she’s off. Will she make it?

24hr TV Part 5 042

After a break, we get some interesting people with interesting skills. For instance, announcer Ishida-san finds this fellow:

24hr TV Part 5 043

He plays a leaf while sitting (maybe poised would be a better word) on a bottle. Looks difficult and painful, doesn’t it?

24hr TV Part 5 04424hr TV Part 5 045

He’s 67 years old. The note at the bottom of the screen comically says good kids shouldn’t imitate him.

24hr TV Part 5 046

The question we have to wonder is, why does he do it? Unfortunately, I don’t know if they asked, and if they did, I wouldn’t have understood it anyway. He plays the theme from “The Godfather” on the leaf.

24hr TV Part 5 047

Then, in Hokkaido, we turn to announcer Matsushita-san, who meets elementary-schoolers who have a remarkable collection of dance awards:

24hr TV Part 5 04824hr TV Part 5 04924hr TV Part 5 050

And here they are, ready to impress at the ages of nine and ten:

24hr TV Part 5 051

Their skill is remarkable (though I think I’ve seen better from kids of a similar age), and there’s no way screenshots are going to capture it.

24hr TV Part 5 05224hr TV Part 5 053

Then we have the opposite end of the kiddie spectrum – an elementary school masked wrestler:

24hr TV Part 5 05424hr TV Part 5 05524hr TV Part 5 05624hr TV Part 5 057

What is the home life of such a kid like?

24hr TV Part 5 05824hr TV Part 5 059

But really, this is just . . . well, pro-wrestling is not my sort of thing, so I’ll just take a pass on this one.

24hr TV Part 5 060

We go back to the guy on the bottle, who has a second song – Arashi’s “One Love”:

24hr TV Part 5 061

Back in studio, they talk to the young dancers.

24hr TV Part 5 062

If you thought all that was crazy, wait till you see this:

24hr TV Part 5 06324hr TV Part 5 06424hr TV Part 5 065

Wait, here’s more:

24hr TV Part 5 06624hr TV Part 5 067

That’s right, this seventy-four year old guy has what amounts to an overgrown vacuum cleaner in reverse strapped to his back, and he thinks he can fly on his bicycle like in the movie E.T.

24hr TV Part 5 06824hr TV Part 5 069

He failed physics, but hey, he’s past seventy, so we can cut him some slack. He does some stretching before his attempt, and it’s nice to see that, at his age, the knees are still in good shape.

24hr TV Part 5 070

Unfortunately, I doubt he got past twenty miles an hour and, without any kind of airfoil to give him lift, he needed a lot more thrust than he had, and it needed to be pointed downward or diagonally if he really wanted to take off, not horizontally.

24hr TV Part 5 071

Anyway, let’s get even older, with an eighty-two year old woman who is going to challenge the 80 meter hurdles:

24hr TV Part 5 07224hr TV Part 5 07324hr TV Part 5 074

Can she get under the Japanese record for eighty-and-above – 31.66 seconds?

24hr TV Part 5 075

Isn’t that brilliant? Back to the young, how about an eleven year old with a voice of gold and piano skills to boot?

24hr TV Part 5 07624hr TV Part 5 077

Her singing voice is truly beautiful, and I would never tire of listening to it regardless of anything else, but did I mention that she’s blind?

24hr TV Part 5 07824hr TV Part 5 079

She performs “Amazing Grace,” though when she sang the English lyrics, she did it with a Southern accent. Still, it was much better pronunciation than I normally hear from Japanese. She clearly has excellent ears.

24hr TV Part 5 08024hr TV Part 5 081

Others have been able to learn the piano despite being blind, so that wasn’t so surprising. The fact that she has such vocal talent at eleven years of age, though, is phenomenal.

Finally, we go back to the marathon runners, as it is almost time for Kensuke-san to hand the sash over to the next runner.

24hr TV Part 5 082

Kensuke-san looks like he can barely move his legs as he approaches.

24hr TV Part 5 083

The Arashi members, Yonesuke-san, and Shibata-san read more messages to the Kensuke-Hokuto family.

24hr TV Part 5 08424hr TV Part 5 08524hr TV Part 5 086

With that, this part of the telethon ends at 6:45 a.m. As you can see, even in the wee hours of the morning, they’ve got all sorts of stuff lined-up to entertain the audience, from the funny to the bizarre and surreal to the sublime. On to Part 6!