This time on HamaKisu (濱キス), Hamaguchi Masaru-san instructs the members of Kis-My-Ft2 in what he is most famous for – surviving by taking advantage of the bounty of the sea. Oh, and the shouting of “totta do-!” (獲ったどー! – caught it!) when they make a catch.

Totta-do! 1Totta-do! 2

The difficulty level on this challenge merits the full five stars, and it involves five steps. Let’s hope this means Hamaguchi-san really puts the idols to the test.

The Challenge 1The Challenge 2

The show begins with Hamaguchi-san talking to Tamamori-kun and Miyata-kun, who previously took on the challenge of surviving with minimal resources. Their participation in that challenge was not, however, why he had taken them aside:

Just Tamamori and Miyata 1Just Tamamori and Miyata 2

It’s actually because they’re starting out first, which means they get to spend extra time with Kasuga-san:

Kasuga 1Kasuga 2Kasuga 3

Ah, what a treat. The last time Kasuga-san was on – I think it was the very first episode of HamaKisu I covered – he proved to be a top-notch diver, able to glide elegantly underwater for multiple lengths of the pool without coming up for air. I guess he couldn’t miss the chance to show off those skills again.

Step one was information gathering (情報収集 – jouhou shuushuu), wherein Tamamori-kun peeked in to a building, was called “kawai-rashii” (cute-ish), then shut the door, stunned.

Step One 1Step One 2Step One 3Step One 4Step One 5

By the way, the length of his yellow shirt in relation to his extremely short jacket was really distracting this time. Thankfully, they’ll be changing out of those uniforms soon enough. Anyway, what did he see?

Shell Divers 1Shell Divers 2

Oh . . . what’s this all about? Well, Kasuga-san calls them the goddesses of the sea (海の女神 – umi no megami). I wonder how they’ll live up to that lofty title?

Shell Divers 3

Well, they’re woman shell divers (海女 – ama), and they have the information that the Kis-My-Ft2 members need, including what to look for in this area and how to go about getting it.

Shell Divers 4

The next step is to make a spectacular entrance after dressing in the hut (as a clip of Hamaguchi-san demonstrates):

Step Two 1Step Two 2

The Kis-My-Ft2 members totally fail at this the first time around, so they get told off by the two pros, and get a second try. This time, Hamaguchi-san goes first as a model:

Hamaguchi 1Hamaguchi 2

And then the other two follow:

Miyata 1Miyata 2

But the real genius is Kasuga-san, who manages to squeeze all of his gags in.

Kasuga Puts It All Together 1Kasuga Puts It All Together 2

Tamamori-kun and Miyata-kun were suitably impressed and honored to see all of those gags in person. I’m not fond of gag comedians, but since I know Kasuga-san is capable of being funny without them, I don’t mind him getting them all out of the way here.

Kasuga Puts It All Together 3

The team launches for their first foray, led by one of the shell divers – Isako-san.

Venturing Out 1Venturing Out 2

The third step was to learn free diving, since it turns out that it’s hard to plunge down underwater, and especially hard to do so efficiently. To practice, they have to retrieve rings from the sea floor:

Step Three 2Step Three 3Step Three 4

After that, we get a list of possible catches, and how difficult they are to retrieve.

Stuff to Eat

Step four is to get some food. It’s really hard to spot stuff when it camouflages itself so well:

Tough to Find

And there are rules about size. If the creature hasn’t grown to the right size yet, it has to be returned to the sea.

Size Requirements

Will Tamamori-kun and Miyata-kun be able to shout “totta do-!”?

Finally, the last stage is to prepare the food, and it’s there that Tamamori and Miyata meet up with the rest of Kis-My-Ft2.

Meeting the Rest 1Meeting the Rest 2Meeting the Rest 3

Now, the seven members are going to be split into two teams, and as usual with the survival challenges, it’s all about which team puts on more weight (or loses the least).

Two Teams

After revealing the catch of the day . . .

The CatchThe Catch 2

. . . they do the weight-in (I’m not sure what the outfits are all about – are those official shell diver garb, or something?) . . .

Weigh-In 1Weigh-In 2

. . . then get cooking and eating.

Cooking and Eating 1Cooking and Eating 2Cooking and Eating 3Cooking and Eating 4

Next time on Kis-My-Ft2, the group goes out in their two teams in an attempt to gain some weight. That should be fun, but there was a short-coming of this episode which will likely carry through to the next one. You see, it’s very hard to tell people apart when they’re in wetsuits, and especially when they’re underwater. Sometimes they would have the person’s picture on the side, but they were inconsistent about this. With seven members to track, it might be a bit hard to figure out what’s happening to whom. Even with tolerable video quality, the underwater shots can be tough to follow.

We’ll see how it goes. It’s still an excellent challenge in a continuing streak of daunting tasks faced by this group of idols. As long as they keep it up, I’m a happy viewer.