A flood of new releases pushed some of the gold-level players out of the top 30 singles this week. Let’s see which of them made the cut:

At the top, of course, was “Gingham Check” from AKB48, selling 1,181,966 copies. This is way below the 1.6 million their previous single managed, which follows the pattern of their sister groups NMB48 and Nogizaka46, also releasing in recent weeks to weaker sales. I guess it’s a seasonal thing? It’s tempting to call a single that sells over a million copies a disappointment, but since “Gingham Check” sold more than double the rest of the top 30 combined, I think I’ll let it slide.

At number 2 was UVERworld with “The OVER,” with 61,232 sold. I don’t have any numbers to compare this to, which leaves the default – seeing if it breaks gold. UVERworld’s album sales consistently break 100,000, but their fans might not be as enthusiastic about singles. We’ll see.

Nogizaka46’s “Hashire! Bicycle” was at #8 with 18,744 new sales for a total of 205,407 in its second week. That was almost exactly a 10% second week, so no problem there.

In its third week, Kis-My-Ft2’s “WANNA BEEE!!! / Shake It Up” was at #13, now with a total of 328,191.

Super Junior took #19 with “Sexy, Free & Single,” which sold 9,081 in its second week for a total of 118,902.

And that’s it. Among the groups knocked out of the top 30 were Perfume, NEWS, NMB48, and SMAP – practically a Music Station episode.

In albums, CNBLUE took the top spot with “CODE NAME BLUE”, selling 45,151.

That was just enough to keep AKB48 from taking the top spot three weeks in a row. “1830m” took #2 instead, selling 40,282, with the running total now 975,014.

Kuwata Keisuke held in there at #7, with “I Love You – now & forever -” managing a sales total of 711,206.