These are the notable single and album releases for the next month (in other words, releases from groups that I recognize). My apologies if your favorite artist is not included – please mention the artist and title in a comment and I’ll update the list if it’s someone I should have included.

More complete listings are available on merchant websites (I use CD Japan’s list). For my part, I think there’s some value in also having a shortlist (especially for my own reference), so I’ll stick with this format.

September 5th

Kanjani8 – Aoppana


Kobukuro – All Singles Best 2

Cute – Aitai Aitai Aitaina

Aqua Timez – Because You Are You

September 11th

Tackey & Tsubasa – TEN

September 12th

KAT-TUN – Fumetsu no Scrum

Morning Musume – Colorful Character

Perfume – Perfume Global Compilation “Love the World”

T.M. Revolution – T.M.R. Live Revolution 11-12 – Cloud Nine –

SCANDAL – Pin Heel Surfer

Bump of Chicken – firefly

Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Landmark

September 19th

SKE48 – Kiss Datte Hidarikiki

SKE48 – Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai (First Album)

Porno Graffitti – Kage Boushi

Superfly – Force (5th Anniversary Edition)

Dragon Ash – Run to the Sun / Walk with Dreams

September 26th

Fukuyama Masaharu – Beautiful Life / Game

Momoiro Clover – Ikuze! Kaito Shojo

Sukima Switch – Sukima Switch Tour 2012 “musium”

SCANDAL – Queens are trumps – Kirihuda wa Queen

October 3rd

Domoto Koichi – Gravity

Sexy Zone – Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu

I’m interested to see how Kanjani8 do with a regular single after the success of their Eight Rangers single. Did they win some new fans through that unusual tact, or was it a novelty that quickly wears off? I must say though, they’ve had the busiest release schedule in Johnny’s in the past few months. I’m looking for platinum in the first week.

EXILE TRIBE’s single might be surprisingly strong, since it’s the theme for the top drama of the season, GTO. EXILE singles usually hover around 100,000, but I expect this one to do better.

Tackey & Tsubasa’s TEN is scheduled on an off-day, probably to make sure that it will be number one for at least that day. It’s not a particularly auspicious date to pick, though.

I wonder how KAT-TUN will do. Their last single was a disappointment in terms of sales, and I want them to stay in the mix with their peers, not to mention their own averages.

There are a surprising number of Bump of Chicken songs in my work playlist, even though I can’t say the group’s name out loud without laughing. Will this one join the list?

What’s with SKE48 releasing an album and single in the same week? I thought the AKB family was better at spreading releases around. Are they hoping that their fans have the budget to buy both at once? Well, I guess we’ll find out whether that strategy works. Since it’s their first album, I’d guess that the single is the one that might have depressed sales if the strategy fails.

Fukuyama-san’s fans are mostly in the album-buying demographic, so there’s no telling how this single will do. It could struggle to score 100,000, or it could break 300,000. It’s funny that one of my favorite songs from him – “Tokyo ni mo Attanda” – was one of his weaker selling singles. Go figure.

Domoto Koichi-san’s release is an album, so we can expect Johnny’s to top both the single and album charts to start October.

I think the members of Sexy Zone are quite talented and look forward to their work, but I still haven’t come to terms with the group’s name (which is not their fault, of course, and really a handicap imposed on them by their agency). So, I’m not happy with the name of the single, and even more apprehensive about the new unit “Sexy Boyz” which contributes a song to it. Yes, it’s totally shallow to get hung up on a name, but it’s just a really, really inappropriate name for kids that young. It won’t stop me from hoping that Sexy Zone has success with their single, but I’ll simultaneously hope that “Sexy Boyz” is an entirely temporary thing just for this single.