This week’s number one single was “Hashire! Bicycle” (走れ! Bicycle) from Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46), with 186,613 copies sold, which is an improvement on the first week performance of their previous single “Oide Shampoo,” though still far from the sales that we should expect from the “official rival” of AKB48.

At number two was “Sexy, Free & Single” from Super Junior, selling 109,821. This is a significant drop from their previous Japanese single release – “Opera” – which sold 159,789 in its first week (back in May). I have to say, the title of the single seems so desperate that I’m sort of glad it didn’t perform well. Apologies to Super Junior fans, but my gut reaction is that song titles like this merit punishment.

Kis-My-Ft2’s “Wanna Beeee!!!/Shake It Up” was at #6 in its second week, reaching a total of 315,242 sales. Second week sales were above my standard benchmark of 10%.

Perfume also beat the 10% mark in the second week of “Spending all my time” sales, now totaling 94,587 at #12. I would be surprised if it doesn’t pass 100,000 before dropping out of the top 30.

The 三代目 J Soul Brothers single “O~Zero~” made #15, and the 7,290 fresh sales gave it a three-week total of 124,385.

NEWS‘s “Chankapaana” held #22 with total of 291,238 copies sold.

Right behind them, at #23, was NMB48‘s “Virginity” in its third week, selling an additional 4,740 for a 333,097 total. After its first week, this single has totally fizzled out.

SMAP‘s “Moment” took #28 in week four, scoring a total of 172,191 so far.

A lot of familiar names stacked the album chart this week, led by AKB48’s “1830m,” which sold 64,111 copies in its second week, yielding a total of 934,732, quickly approaching seven digits.

At number two, AAA’s “777~Triple Seven~” sold 54,040. This is at the high-end for them, and may end up being their best-selling album.

TOKIO‘s “17” was at #5 behind Dragon Ash‘s “Loud & Peace” and Sukima Switch‘s “Doubles Best”, and the 22,106 copies sold should probably be considered a disappointment since their fans should favor albums. I don’t have past sales figures for TOKIO, though.

Kuwata Keisuke-san‘s “I Love You – now & forever -” was right behind at #6, now with 700,762 sold.

SMAP came in at #8 with “Gift of SMAP” breaking the platinum level with 251,216.

Finally, Hamasaki Ayumi-san’s “A Summer Best” held #9 as her second and third week sales were higher than the first week sales hinted, bringing the album’s total to 119,508.