Like the previous episode of HamaKisu (濱キス), this was a recap episode, this time featuring the infamous senbei-eating challenge where the Kis-My-Ft2 members consumed 1000 rice crackers (and these are not flimsy little things, folks) in forty-two hours. Highlights from the episodes covering that challenge were condensed into this half-hour show.

1000 Senbei

Frankly, while the challenge was difficult for the members, it wasn’t very exciting to watch the first time. This episode points out 21 lessons (教訓 – kyoukun) the Kis-My-Ft2 members learned during the course of the challenge, and includes some reflections from Kitayama-kun. The best thing I can say about the episode is that it ended with a preview of next week’s HamaKisu, which thankfully had new material – and looks like a lot of fun, too.

Recapping the Challenge 1Recapping the Challenge 2

I suppose we might as well run through a few of the lessons they learned from eating senbei. The first one was that they should all pick a standard variety of senbei for their first taste:

Lesson 1

Each lesson gets one, two, or three stars for usefulness (役立ち – yakudachi), and this one received two stars.

We get some reflections from Kitayama-kun, who says that senbei gave the sense of an afternoon snack, but the experience turned out to be hell:

Kitayama Reflects 1Kitayama Reflects 2

The third lesson was that five to six senbei is enough to fill your stomach (a one-star revelation, though I think it’s very important):

Lesson 3

That gives you an idea what they were up against, since they each had to eat around 140 senbei – filling their stomachs about twenty-five times in 42 hours.

The fourth lesson was that the biggest enemy to eating lots of senbei is your jaw hurting:

Lesson 4

Skipping over a few one-star lessons, number seven has to do with what happens to the cunning type who tries to get away with eating the flimsy senbei:

Lesson 7

I’m not sure what the dark room scenes with Kitayama-kun were supposed to accomplish . . .

More Kitayama 1More Kitayama 2

. . . since the expressions on the Kis-My-Ft2 members during the actual experience said it all:

KMF2 Expressions 1KMF2 Expressions 2KMF2 Expressions 3KMF2 Expressions 4

So did lesson ten – the weariness of the flesh eats into (or undermines) the spirit:

Lesson 10

At the start of day 2, we get lesson eleven, which rates three stars and states “select your methods in order to achieve your goals” (or something like that).

Lesson 11

Maybe they should just break open The Art of War and find some useful quotes. Anyway, I think you get the picture. The half-hour was all about Kis-My-Ft2 looking like this:

Ragged KMF2 1Ragged KMF2 2Ragged KMF2 3

Distorting their faces by chewing on one side (a three-star lesson):

The Jaw Distortion Lesson 1The Jaw Distortion Lesson 2

And gaining victory by force of will.

Sheer Force of WillCracker After CrackerSenbei After Senbei. . . After Senbei . . .. . . After Senbei

In the end, we learn that adversity can even take the form of a rice cracker.

AdversityAdversity 3Adversity 4Adversity 5

With that, the recap episodes are over, and next week we can look forward to something new. In particular, karaoke:

Next Week 1Next Week 2Next Week 3

Now that looks like it’ll be fun to watch. I hope they don’t rush through it. A karaoke challenge is worth at least two episodes.

Every series has to do best-of or re-run episodes every now and then, and with Kis-My-Ft2 promoting their new single and doing the Kisumai Busaiku!? special, I don’t think there’s any mystery about what they needed the time for.