The top single this week was “WANNA BEEEE ! ! ! / Shake It Up” from Kis-My-Ft2, which sold 284,731 in its début week. Since I like the songs (Shake It Up especially) and the dramas that they’re associated with, I’m hoping for strong weeks to come.

Perfume was at #2 with “Spending all my time” selling 84,607. Perfume sells very close to 100,000 copies on their singles time after time, and I expect this one will be right in-line with that in coming weeks. Their fanbase tends to prefer their albums, which consistently break platinum.

The 三代目 J Soul Brothers single “O~Zero~” took #8 in its second week, with a solid 15,859 sold to bring the total to 117,095.

Behind them was NMB48‘s “Virginity”, which did not do so well in its second week, selling only 13,152, which is less than 5% of its first week sales, for a total of 328,357. Since its first week sales were already behind what they managed in their last single, this has to be a mild disappointment.

In its third week, SMAP‘s “Moment” was at #15 with 8,123 sold, now totaling 168,761.

NEWS’ “Chankapaana” was right behind them, popping up after being much lower last week, for a running total of 286,475 copies sold.

Mizuki Nana is approaching gold certification with her “Bright Stream” at #19 scoring total sales of 93,688 so far.

Eight Rangers/Kanjani8 continued in the rankings at #21, with the total for “ER” growing to 363,947.

Finally, “kEEP oN.” from V6 held in there at #29, with a total of 60,072.

In albums, AKB48‘s “1830m” took number one as expected, selling 870,621, which will definitely surpass sales of their previous album, and therefore become their best-selling album to date.

Kuwata Keisuke-san is still going strong, as his “I Love You -now & forever-” got back up to #2, now selling 684,457 total. I wonder if his staying power in the rankings might mean that he ultimately sells more than AKB48? It’s a long shot, but that’s why it’s be interesting to see.

At number three, SMAP’s “Gift of SMAP” sold a respectable 26,546, pushing them closer to platinum with a total of 236,953.

Hamasaki Ayumi-san broke gold with a very strong second week, as “A Summer Best” sold 22,709 copies for a total of 106,072.

Lots of big names in the rankings these days. Is it a summer thing?